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Rovers v Derby - 6pm, Friday 16th

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Both goals lived a charmed life second half.

That was a penalty for them at the end. Ref bottled it though, maybe still second guessing his judgement on Arma going down a bit earlier.

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Says a lot about Derby that they not only lost to us, but let us come from a goal behind to do so. They join a pretty pathetic club there! It's happened like, 2 or 3 times at most during Mowbray's tenure? Certainly doesn't bode well for them and suggests theres a good chance they'll be one of the three teams dropping out of the division this season. 

I've never been worried about us going down as the teams below us are awful as well, but it's nice to inch closer to almost certain safety. The sooner this season is over with the better. 

Up to the lofty heights of 14th. Mowbray might even dare look at the table briefly tonight. 2 wins in 16, the xG King is back in business.  

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Not great, littered with mistakes, a win though and thanks to Kaminski.

Pen at the end? I think we would have thought so if it had been the other way round.  Mind you they dodged a possible red card as well.

Can we terminate this season now.

I put the win down to horse shit.

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