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3 hours ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

Either of the Joe Rothwell goals for me.

Yer I went for the Brentford one. 

None of the goals evoked any sort of feeling though.

I can still watch the Tugay v spurs volley on YouTube and the feeling you get watching a goal like that, from a Rovers player, never goes away.

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Wow, most of the comments so far...how can I put this politely...I find mystifying.

With the exception of the Armstrong goals - which is likely them trying to ram some Arma goals in there cos he has so many, but no eye catchers, and they involved decent approach play - and the Dolan tap-in which is probably there for its sentimental value with him scoring against the club that released him, all the rest are very good goals.

I can only assume the bitterness of how insipid this season has been in general has blinded some people.

There have been 2 or 3 seasons I think from memory, since we came down, with much worse goal of the season reels. Comparing to the Prem days is pointless.

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Some churlish comments on here. Yeah we're all fed up and want the manager gone but there are some decent goals in that selection.

When you look at them though it helps confirm how much we imploded this season after a fine early start - none of the goals seem to be after January 2021 with most of them from very early in the season!

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