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Yet again that formation at the start doesn't work against workman like teams.

Yet again team only gets going when we are losing and it takes conceding goals before he gets attacking subs on.

Good come back, good effort from BB this really is going to be his season if he's allowed to get on with it.

We are an attacking side, we have decent attack minded players and we've nothing to lose so get them attacking from the off. Sick of keep saying this season after season.

Stuff the possession stats tactics.

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4 minutes ago, WIR Second Coming said:

Without being too pessimistic, I'd say we will be in trouble very soon if we lose any of Rothwell, Buckley, Brezza-Diaz or Lenihan.

Armstrong, meh - already gone in his head.

I think Armstrong is saying let me go with how he's played this preseason,time to just get what we can for him and hopefully get some of the fee to get a couple of players in.

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Didn't watch it but sounded like a typical Mowbray game, start one system, it fails, change some players and the formation and we look a lot better but never enough to win the game and always chasing it.

Not the first time he's tried and failed to implement a back 3. Basically wasted pre season trying this only to go back to 4-3-3 at the very end.

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4 minutes ago, SIMON GARNERS 194 said:

Good to come back like that and goals to boost Breretons confidence.

As for some of our fans singing 'Mowbray give us a wave'.....fook right off!!😠

A wave goodbye 👋 , that would be alright.

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