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Matt Smith - Rovers fan

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Thought you’d all like this about ex-Dr Who actor and Rovers fan Matt Smith. From Noel Gallagher’s interview in the NME.

“Matt Smith can hold his own. He does tend to boot furniture over, he turns at about 3am or 4am in the morning,” said Noel.

“He does. He’s been round my house a couple of times, and he supports Blackburn Rovers, right? And a couple of times, he’s kind of just does that thing where he’ll drift off and then go “ROVERS!” and like kick a chair or summat.

I was about to have a word with him a couple of times, like ‘Mate, kick the chair again, and you know, we’re gonna have to work this out’.”

“Oh he’s turned furniture over in my house. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, not in a violent way, but kind of, you know, a bit of comedy,” he added.



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1 hour ago, booth said:

Someone should tell Noel Gallagher this is why he goes round kicking furniture.

"It's an absolute farce, a joke, it's being run by complete numpties. Great players, great team, great club and those berks have ruined it," he told 5 live's Kicking Off programme."

That could've been written yesterday (other than the great players bit. They're a bit thin on the ground these days) - not much has changed in 8 years since that interview has it!?

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15 minutes ago, oldjamfan1 said:

Pretty sure I used to play football against his dad, Dave. I think he played for Shadsworth or someone like that? 

I have a vague memory of reading of him living in Darwen Andy. I'm sure it was somewhere off Bolton Road.

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2 minutes ago, arbitro said:

I have a vague memory of reading of him living in Darwen Andy. I'm sure it was somewhere off Bolton Road.

Yeah I think he did for a while Tony. I may be getting my wires crossed here but I seem to remember Dave (his dad) playing in the same team as Paul Gallagher’s dad.


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