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v Blackpool (a) - 2/10/21

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This is a test of the Venky's attitude towards This Once-Great Club Of Ours.

Like his style of football or loathe it, BFS was sacked within 48 hours of a defeat in the Premier League.

Will Venky's have the bottle to tell Mowbray not to pack his suitcase for a trip to India; but sack him and all his cronies, and start the process of replacing him within 48 hours of today's final whistle?

I'd go for Michael Flynn, who resigned from Newport during the week, and give him a season and a half to prove himself.

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What the heck did I just watch? We have an absolutely enormous gaping hole in the middle of the pitch and it looks like we’re playing Brazil.

Never seen Tony this angry and who can blame him, I can’t name one single rovers player who had a decent half.

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We've gone 4-4-2. An abysmal first half. It feels like the bigger the away following, the more pathetic the performance served up. It seems to have happened often over the past few years. Mowbray has nowhere to hide today at least.

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4 minutes ago, joey_big_nose said:

Magloire cannot come out second half.

Sorry mate but if he's comfortable with his sexuality who are you to tell him when he can go public with it.

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Just now, yankfan said:

Could have played 100 min that half and wouldn’t have threatened the black pool goal. 

To be fair we should have scored right at the end, stone cold tap in. Dolans looked decent.

If we get one back then game on.

Got to take Magloire off, its clear he hasn't got any confidence in himself let alone the confidence of his team mates.

Really terrible defensive options on the bench. I would say maybe we bring Johnson on and go 3412 to try and matchup


          Carter.    Ayala.   Johnson

Buckley.    Travis.    Edun.    Pickering


                  Dolan.    Brereton.  

Such a makeshift side.

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