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SINCE 1996
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PLAYER WATCH v Blackpool

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PLAYER WATCH v Blackpool

Each incident in the match was rated on the following scale:


+4 Excellent play

+3 Very good play

+2 Nice/good play

+1 Decent play

  0 Routine stuff

 -1 Sloppy play

 -2 Disappointing/poor play

 -3 Very poor play

 -4 Terrible play

 -5 Own goal

The ratings for each player were then combined to produce a measure of the players overall contribution to the match.



Key incidents per player = coloured stars              Overall contribution = number

Kaminski              ****  ****     3                                 

Magloire (80)       ******  ********     -9      

Carter                   **************  *******     11 

Ayala                     **********************  ****     37          

Pickering               ******************  ***     19    

Travis                      **************  *****     14 

Rothwell (88)         *******  **********     -10   

Buckley                   **************  *****     16 

Dolan                       *********  ***     13 

Diaz                          *************  ******     18

Gallagher (42)          ***  **     1 


Edun (42)                  ***********  *****     9 


Khadra (80)               ***  *     7    


Butterworth (88)      *     2     


Highlights and Lowlights

A justification for the main incidents above.

02  The Blackpool forward beats Travis and Buckley too easily midway in our half but Rothwell and Magloire combine to retrieve the ball on the edge of the box. Buckley puts in a couple of good passes but the last one catches Diaz offside.

03  A long ball comes into the box and Ayala heads away but not far enough, it falls into that central area of our own half where the midfield is often absent. Magloire is way out of position and as Blackpool attack, Ayala holds off, leaving a big gap allowing Lavery to get a shot away. Carter blocks but it bounces up in the air and agonisingly down and into the net. Soft goal, no one was defending the right hand side of the pitch! 

09  More weak tackling on the edge of our box by Travis and Buckley. Fortunately the Blackpool man puts the ball into touch.

11  Pretty passing around the Blackpool box but it doesn’t look threatening, then Travis is fouled 25m out and central. Pickering puts the free-kick well over the bar.

15  Nice inter-passing from our own half into the Blackpool box…….Magloire to Buckley to Dolan to Rothwell to Buckley but his cross is blocked out for a corner. Rothwell’s corner bends into touch before it reaches Ayala…..who’s powerful header is parried by the goalie.

17  Rothwell picks up the ball midway in Blackpool’s half. He carries it forward and let’s loose from 25m but it’s deflected wide for a corner. Blackpool head the corner clear.

18  Good long ball down the wing to Lavery but Ayala muscles him off, like a true pro, on the edge of the box. Oh! Looks like Lavery is injured….not Ayala’s fault.

23  This is bad. Magloire is on the halfway line, we have a throw-in on the far side.. Blackpool win possession and the ball comes Magloire’s way. He’s drawn too far forward….but Rothwell is stood next to the danger man Anderson...But when Anderson sprints forward, chasing the ball, Rothwell lets him go!  Magloire, who has much further to run, catches Anderson but he’s beaten too easily and the cross comes over.

Carter was watching Madine but he had two men to cover and chose the wrong one. Pickering was pointing to various attackers but ended up marking no one. Madine’s header is brilliantly saved by Kaminski but Yates dives in to head home the rebound from 1m. 

29  Magloire mis-controls and Blackpool attack and he’s out of position. Fortunately Madine, in the D, messes up and it goes for a goal-kick.

30  Dolan wins a corner. Rothwell’s effort is poor, low to the near post and it’s a goal-kick.

32  Long goal-kick by Kaminski, Gallagher makes no attempt to get off the ground and hence loses the contest.

33  Dolan wins another corner. Oh, for goodness sake! Rothwell AGAIN arcs the ball straight into touch. You bring all the big guns up...and it’s all a waste of time!

34  I’ve got to point this out…..on 34.54……..Magloire is all alone in his right hand quarter of the pitch…….no one anywhere near him…….and Blackpool have the ball on his side of the pitch! Whatever system we’re playing…..it’s rubbish. Eventually Gallagher arrives and Blackpool pass it backwards. Phew! Finally Rothwell makes a good defensive tackle and wins a free-kick.

36  Poor mis-control by Gallagher almost sets up a Blackpool attack. Now Blackpool are passing it around, fully relaxed and confident. We’re being out-played in every area.

Here we go. Keogh has just run 40m down the centre of the park with no sign of a challenge! A cross comes in from the Blackpool right, over Kaminski’s head and Ayala, under pressure gets a touch, almost on the line, I’m not sure if it was going in!

38  A good long ball down the line goes over Magloire (out of position again!) to Anderson. He crosses but Carter rushes to the near post to take the ball off Madine’s foot.

42  Gallagher off, Edun on.

43  With Rovers on the attack, Rothwell loses the ball in the centre circle and the Blackpool player, seeing Kaminski off his line, takes a long punt but it’s off target.

44  Bowler is stood right in the middle of our half with no one around him, he receives the ball and has a free run to goal. Travis and Rothwell chase forlornly. Ayala puts in a great block at the edge of the box. The ball goes high in the air and Magloire and Buckley can’t get it away. That man Ayala is back on his feet and clears up the mess! Ayala and Travis having words!

48  Lovely ball from Buckley down the line to Dolan, back to Buckley and his cross is met by Edun but he’s under pressure and it’s off target and back to Dolan. He advances into the box and plays a lovely low ball square across the box, about 2m out, but Diaz and Rothwell can’t get there! Close!


45  Dolan chases back and wins the ball in the corner but is crudely scythed down. Yellow card. Pickering takes the kick and Ayala’s header, under challenge, is straight into the keeper’s arms.

48  Some nice approach work from Pickering and Edun but Rothwell, on one of his runs, runs the ball out of play!

49  Pickering wins the ball and does well to keep it in play. His cross goes over Diaz but Magloire (where did he come from?) does well to keep it in and feed Buckley. Buckley’s cross from the right wing is inch perfect to the feet of an in-rushing Diaz who thumps it into the net. Great goal.

51  Rothwell picks up a loose ball and rushes forwards. He takes on a shot from just outside the D but it’s one of his typical scuffed efforts straight at the keeper I’m afraid.

53  Edun wins the ball in Blackpool’s half and feeds Diaz who cuts inside one defender and releases a shot from outside the D. The goalie blocks but spills the ball and dives on the rebound.

63  Edun is dispossessed (looked like a free-kick to me) just outside our box and Bowler charges down on goal but Ayala gets a touch. That was dangerous!

66  Beautiful long ball by Travis to Edun in the left corner but he’s offside!

68  Some nice football from the hosts but Pickering runs across the box to cut out the crucial ball. Ayala gets his head to the resulting corner.

69  Good ball from Travis to Buckley. His ball to Diaz isn’t perfect but Diaz gets control and fires a shot from the edge of the box but it’s deflected for a corner. Good corner from Rothwell and Ayala’s there again but it’s wide.

72  Diaz receives the ball with his back to goal and flicks a lovely ball to Dolan on the wing. He races into the box and goes down under the challenge. No penalty!

Some nice inter-passing around the Blackpool box ends with Pickering firing in a lovely cross but Diaz fouls the defender.

79  Lots of messy play in our right corner. Magloire is really exposed and Bowler has a free run on goal, Ayala challenges and it’s enough to put him off and his shot is just wide.

80  Magloire off, Khadra on.

82  Trickery from Khadra on his wing takes him past the fullback beautifully. His low square cross is air-kicked by the defender which fools Edun completely when he was in prime position!

83  The camera missed most of this. A ball from Buckley to Diaz and he’s offside.

84  Nice ball from Pickering to Diaz at the side of the box. He’s dispossessed but the Blackpool man slips anyway and Diaz feeds Edun in the box. He controls it and touches it to the side before releasing a decent shot but it’s deflected just past the post for a corner.

88  Rothwell off, Butterworth on.

90  Clever flick from a throw-in by Diaz to Khadra on the wing. He puts in an excellent  cross from the corner flag that the goalie flaps at. It falls to Butterworth but he can’t get it under control and Blackpool clear.

93 Buckley and Kaminski mess up a throw-in……….Kaminski had to panic-kick the ball out for a throw.

95  Butterworth sends a cross into the box for Ayala but his header into the goalmouth is cleared. Ayala has another go, this time Dolan back-heads the ball and the Keeper stretches backwards to save brilliantly just under the bar.

97  This lad Khadra has something about him. He gets the ball wide on the right after some nice Rovers interplay. He gets a good cross in but the defender gets there just before it reaches Diaz and it’s a corner. Ayala is out-jumped for once!

The whistle goes.  


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Posted (edited)

I must admit I was surprised by Rothwell's result but he ruined several attacking chances.....including 3 rubbish corners, 2 of which went directly into touch!

He also had a big responsibility for the first goal and later allowed a Blackpool player a free pot-shot at goal from the halfway line.

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