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Leaving Early

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Great to hear that your Dad is OK and I hope he makes a recovery in time to see us clinch promotion! I want to see him do a Harvey Elliott before the Bournemouth game.

My son said last night that Ewood must be as good a place as any to fall ill given all the medical support that is right at hand.

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23 minutes ago, DaveyB said:

I've been watching Rovers with my dad since the late 80's, our first season tickets were in the Riverside towards the Darwen End  - Row 4, just far enough forward to ensure that you got drenched when it was raining and also so that you missed chunks of the last 5/10 minutes of every game as people filed past in front of us to get out early. It used to drive my dad mad - he would always say that he didn't understand why, especially in a close game, people would choose to leave early from something they had paid for.
In contrast then, we would always stay not just until the final whistle but beyond to clap the lads off the pitch - win, lose or draw. In fact, in over 30 years of watching Rovers, I can only remember leaving early twice, once when we lost 3-0 to Sunderland on Boxing Day - Kevin Phillips scored the third with a couple of minutes left and my dad stood up and said "Let's go", I nearly fainted with shock - and the second was this season against Fulham - we stuck it out until 0-5, but more than that was too much even for my dad.

So, leaving last night's match just after the 60th minute, on a stretcher, will have irritated him no end - in fact, when I spoke with him in the ambulance just before he was taken to hospital, he was complaining about the fact he'd missed the goal!!

Me - I'm just thankful that (hopefully) it won't be the last game I get to watch at Ewood with him. Thankful that it happened where, and when, it did - had it happened on the way to or from the ground, or at half-time, or even just after a goal had been scored, the response would probably not have been so quick. Thankful for everyone who helped, from those who echoed my desperate cries for help, those who responded so quickly and so brilliantly, those who tried to calm me down and reassure me, and those who have posted on here or on social media wishing us well.

He's doing ok - still in hospital being monitored, but conscious, breathing and desperate to get home.

And I can't wait til we're back at Ewood, watching the Rovers, and pissing off everyone around us who wants to make a quick exit by standing and clapping the lads off the park.

Tell him he was playing for us last night. ‘Boro weren’t quite at the races after the re start.

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We would probably have lost that game if it weren't for your dad. If it was a heart attack, there are plenty of us still around to talk about their own heart attacks 20+ years later, so I hope his recovery continues. 


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What a post and what a night for you and your Dad.

Thank goodness he is still with us. 🙏🏻   Well done to the Boro medical team and all the others that helped.  It was also good to hear the good side of football fans and the response from both clubs and both sets of supporters.

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Delighted to hear he’s doing ok, as others said they were battering us at the time and the stoppage helped us massively, heard of taking one for the team but that’s extreme.

Hope you are ok, must have been truly awful for you 

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Great post, Davey, and I'm really pleased to hear about the swift help - and that your dad seems ok and raring to go! 

Thank you for sharing the update as there was clearly a lot of concern at the ground and watching on TV. Not nice for an onlooker, so it must have been really awful at the time for you and those close to you, in every sense.

Very best wishes to your dad and I hope you are both back at Ewood very soon. 

From a fellow 'stay on as long after full time as you can' Rover. 

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i'm not sure if it was you but  your quick reaction was possibly a life saver also the fans reaction to attract the medics. proves that football isn't all bad. I hope your Dad has a speedy recovery.

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