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BRFCS Forum Rules

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BRFCS has been used as a forum for over 20 years. Throughout this time we have had numerous different sets of rules and moderation teams, below are our latest rules. Please note that these rules are changed/updated regularly by the team. 

1) Links to Streams

We’d love to be able to offer Rovers games live on BRFCS.com. Unfortunately we can’t - in fact if we are seen to be allowing streams to be shared we can be sued. With that in mind, please do not ask for, or share any streams to Rovers games on the Forum. 

2) Personal Attacks

We are - in the vast majority - all Rovers fans on this website. We do not accept personal attacks on other members. We do however actively encourage discussion, agreement and disagreement, but we expect all members to both agree and disagree respectfully. Personal Attacks will always face a warning.

3) Swearing

BRFCS allows its members to swear, but context is important. We do not allow swearing at other members or their views. This sometimes causes confusion - so we have put some examples below:

Rovers where shite today, we didn’t deserve any points - acceptable.

The Manager played the wrong formation today, he should take the fucking blame - acceptable

I thought the opposition player celebrating in front of the Blackburn End was wrong. He’s a prick - acceptable

@K-Hod is a fucking clown. He’s no idea what he’s talking about - unacceptable.

You’re always chatting shit on here @K-Hod - unacceptable.

4) Trolling and Baiting

One of our biggest problems currently is trolling and baiting. We’ve defined these below:


To antagonise others online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant or offensive comments or other disruptive comments. To harass, criticise or antagonise one person especially by disparaging or mocking their statements. 


Intentionally making other posters angry / reactive by saying or doing things especially to annoy them. 

5) Racism, Sexism, Other

This should go without saying but unfortunately there has been occasions of this. There are no warnings or second chances - whether its stereotyping, innuendo or a flat out “ism”, it will face an immediate, permanent ban  

6) Use of BRFCS content elsewhere

The emergence of Social Media has seen BRFCS posters content being used on other platforms, often alongside negativity. If you choose to share and comment on BRFCS posts on alternative platforms, especially those where posters do not have the right of reply, you will be permanently banned from BRFCS.

7) Hiding Posts

The moderation team hide posts by members for numerous reasons, including but not limited to your post quotes another post which has been hidden.

Please do not send threads off topic asking why your posts have been hidden, or even worse, start a new thread asking about hidden posts. If you have any questions on this please private message the moderation team or use the Ask Admin section.

We cannot edit your posts - that means if you post a superb message, but the final sentences includes something that breaks the rules, we have no choice but to hide the entire post.


Warning System

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need moderators or warnings. Unfortunately, we do.

We have 6 different warnings which are used at moderators discretion. Whilst each warning has a bigger ban duration, that doesn’t mean that they’re sequential, sometimes bans are issued without any previous warning. The below details each warning moderators have available to them:

1) ‘The Yellow Card’ - a 12 hour ban.

2) ‘2 match ban’ - a 48 hour ban.

3) 5 day ban

4) 1 month ban

5) 3 month ban

6) Permanent ban.

Please note you must acknowledge a ban before the countdown starts on its duration. For example, if you have a 12 hour ban but never acknowledge the warning, you will be banned until you acknowledge the warning. 


Contacting BRFCS Ownership

BRFCS.com is owned by Northern Horde Limited. 

BRFCS is the one-stop shop for the busy Blackburn Rovers Fan who needs the latest match information and statistics, the reverence and satire of the world-famous ‘4,000 Holes’ fanzine plus access to the biggest and best Blackburn Rovers fans’ forum all in one handy location. The site also hosts the renowned “BRFCS podcast” including archive interviews with former Players, Managers and Rovers supporting Celebrities.

BRFCS.com recommends that any user and/or viewer of the BRFCS forum makes themselves aware of the ‘report’ function. This function is the quickest way to have content on BRFCS.com looked at by the BRFCS moderation team. As a volunteer led team, moderation can take anywhere between 1 and 12 hours to be actioned. If you would prefer, you can contact the moderation team via private message - but this must be alongside an active report on the forum. The moderation team are labelled on the Forum and led by @K-Hod as lead moderator. 

Any further questions regarding the BRFCS Forum should be emailed to admin@brfcs.com. Emails are dealt with by the ownership and usually within 24 hours. 

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