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v Peterborough Utd (a) - 15/4/22

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4 hours ago, Gav said:

I think I get off quite lightly on the social media side if things, I only read this site. Maybe that’s why I find some of the views on here over the top, if I was across all platforms it probably wouldn’t be so strange to read, but I think I’ll save  my sanity and stick to just here.

On social media people seem to have turned, but usually it's very extreme LOVE!!! or HATE!!! No inbetween.

Same as politics, pick your side and that's that, no grey areas.

The LT comments section really is batshit insane though. The police should really monitor it as it's like a dark web sleeper cell waiting to happen. It's next level shit.

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3 hours ago, AllRoverAsia said:

Yes, I also personally avoid SM and indeed the LT comments section so my view on them is based on posts from here. These days this MB. a bit from News Now and the Club website are my 'sources'. God help me!

I only read this site, it wastes enough time as it is. Plus at my age you can only take so much bad news in one day. 

When they appointed Coyle I gave it all up and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. My total interest in the club boiled down to just looking at my phone at 4-55pm on a Saturday for the scores. That was it. Unbelievable really given, wives, jobs, houses etc etc had all come and gone leaving Rovers the only constant in my life since I was ten years old.

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