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abusive dunny songs


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An utter disgrace indeed.  He hasn't even left yet and you're already preparing a hostile reception for him.  I bet he's quaking in his silver boots at the thought of a 16 year old shouting ancient forms of abuse at him.  Either grow up or write something original.
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Maybe the chant to come out with would be "Dunny for England" after some corpulent nylon-stretcher made his way down a row of seats with 20 Bovrils? Directed at him, of course.

That'll get the fans in Bryan! Come to Rovers and be abused! Fat or thin, young or old we'll take the p#*#!

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Guest simondav

Theirs no need for singin abuse at dunny, he knows that he didnt want to go,he should feel guilty enough in himself what about this for Andy Colio

"He's Big, He's Black, The Master Of Attack-Andy Cole Andy Cole" (to the the tune of Jason McAteer Song" :rover:

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I didnt think we sang songs for McAteer

"He's here, he's there, he's every <expletive deleted> where, McAteer."


"There's only one dodgy scouser."

You must have been asleep at the time.   :sleep:

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Cheeky I think you got the wrong end of the stick, I was merely pointing out the fact that people may sing such songs about him and asking for feedback to see if people would be singing abusive songs towards him, i certainly wont, although i dont agree with everything he has done, he had no real choice but to leave and is still a rover !
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Guest hughes07
Balls to Dunn he turnd his back on a club he was suppose to love cos of a tiff with are gray, he is di*k and deservers everything he gets it is pitty it was'nt sooner than the last game, i tell you another thing as well he did not want to know last season lazy fat heartless git booooo booooo dunn booooo
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