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Jordan Is Going To Celtic


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I have just recieved an email from Tom Finn saying that he has got me a ticket.

I would just like to thank the people who emailed him and who took time to try and sort this matter out for me.

I think i owe a few people a pint at Arsenal.

Thanks again Jordan

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Nice one!

Like I said if you can argue a case where you definately deserve it, as yours was the club have to be reasonable, probably be a good seat as well if it was one they held back for corperate ( I guess this is the case)

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:rover: how did you manage to get a ticket circo???????

Following my e-mails to John Williams and Tom Finn I was notified by the club that a ticket had been returned and it was mine if I wanted it. Restricted view.

Also recieved a mail from Tom Finn today confirming that I have the ticket and stating that the club understands the frustrations of regular away followers who have not got a ticket for Celtic and are committed to reviewing ticket distribution arrangements for such matches to ensure a fairer system of distribution.

You had any luck getting one yet Waggy?

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