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uefa cup predictions


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If Agathe is playing though we won't beat him for speed unless on counter-attack, hopefully Celtic don't sit back or we will have to hope for some good interplay from the forwards.

Gillespie could shred Alan Thompson if he gets a chance though.

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We need to play two flying wingers to get past their 5-man midfield - which is where Duff will play to his strength. Gillespie too might have a big game, or Thompson if he's playing (and I would personally select him first). Living in Scotland, I've seen Celtic a few times this season, and if we can get behind them with some old-fashioned crosses we could do well. But this means our LB/RB will have to keep on their toes. I'm just wondering if Souey will switch to a 5-man midfield to match them, for example

Duff  Flitty  Tugay  Dunn  Gillespie

Anyway, I've read so many of these opinions - roll on 8:05pm tonight...

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