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Good and Bad really.


TND - thank god for the likes of you, Tash, Ewood Pork etc for keeping a little friction on this message board. Friction gives a little edge, stimulates a good natter (that is after all why we all come on here). God knows even I can accept the "loose perm, handlebar muzzy and cheerio to those hub caps" jibes, even from all the mill town carrot crunchers up there.



This row however has to stop. Paul's a top bloke and doesn't deserve all this aggro. The board's supposed to be a bit of a laugh not a mud slinging exercise. Your posts are always a good read and sometimes a bluddy good laugh, but this saga is tired and pointless.

A.S. hopeful ?

Get back to having a viewpoint a little to the right of Genghis Khan, and I'll be a happy burglar in my errr hmmm shell suit.

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Finally, remember Thenodrog, when refered to as a lunatic, "anyone who is remotely interesting is mad in someway or another."    :)

You are quite right Modi.  I'm not so much mad as bloody livid!

I may be controversial,  I may be abrasive, blunt, aggresive, I may be accused if sarcasm and using heavy irony, I may be lots of things but I rarely insult anybody directly EXCEPT in retaliation, which was the case on here, both with Paul McGarry and Jim.

I'm sure that you have read theguidelines on more than one occasion (in fact you might well have written them) but please peruse them again and tell me on what grounds and why Paul issued yet another yellow.  Nowhere in those guidelines is there any reference to questioning the impartiallity of the mods......also read em again and tell me why the initiators of the personal insults got off scott free.  The continuing silence of Jim (who should, if he had anything about him, have cleared all this up by issuing an apology) speaks volumes about his character does it not?  But then again he must be tainted by working in an industry that apologises for absolutely nothing without there being threat of legal action.    

When you have done all that then please investigate the second yellow card and you will find that yet again the perpetrators of personal insults as well as posters palpably guilty of breaking those board guidelines seem able to get off scott free of any disciplinary measures.

Maybe then you may detect a certain bias from this boards equivalent of Graham Barbour.

I am not particularly in favour of this board being heavily censored but I am in favour of it being fair and even handed in it's treatment of all members.

I don't want to seem like I'm ducking an issue, but I'm not in any position of note on this board, I'm just a member like you.  My current status as 'news/editor' was purely a means to allow me to have direct access to various Mods during the run up to the get together as I was helping organise things.

I didn't have any hand in writing the guidelines, nor am I massively aware of what they say, because I've not read them in their entirety; I just assume that what I do on the board is within the parameters, otherwise I'd be yellow carded.

So the on-going debate between you and some of the Mods really isn't any of my concern, other than the fact I'd like us all to get along.   Not always agreeing - but at least respecting everyone else.  It's nearly new year, can we all try?  I'll even forgive Jim for telling me to 'bugger off' as he did a few weeks back.  (See he has a go at everyone.)

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I didn't have any hand in writing the guidelines, nor am I massively aware of what they say.

Where as I did and I am. However they were based mainly on ones used on other online forums I participate in combined with common sense and knocked together in an hour or so.

So if anyone has any suggestions either email/PM me or one of the other admins and we'll discuss the merits of possible changes. We are always happen to listen to suggestions, however we'd prefer them submitted constructivly, not bitched about in public.

This ends the public service annoucnement, I'm off back down the pub.

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Hmmmm.  Thenodross claims he only insults in retaliation to me and Jim.   Wrong as usual.  I only describe his unending barrage of abuse and insults of people different than him by its proper term - bigotry.  You get the insults in first Thenoo and don't just reserve them for an individual or two.  Rather you make them against whole peoples or races.  That's a red card offence in my book, so count yourself lucky.
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oohh missus !!

haven't been posting much and meant to stop but this is such a crackin' good read i can hardly pass.

quote flopmod -

"we are trying to keep some kind of semblence of order on this board, to prevent it turning into something like the official message board, which means that we dont take to having abuse aimed anyone."

the only thing that seperates this board from the official board is the toleration of eccentricity whether that is of diverse socio-political views or intellect. don't advertise your stupidity by blatantly missing the point with unfailing regularity.my kids have just watched their xmas video present of "own goals & gaffs - the premiership". are you the frank sinclair of the messageboard??

paul - you are a thoroughly decent bloke but i wonder why you put yourself through the self imposed stress your fairness here exposes you to.

quote one or the other of the bigals -

"The moderators decision is final.

Sometimes moderators will make decisions that they feel are for the good of the site. This includes choosing to close a thread if they feel it can no longer be discussed in a friendly manner.

If a moderator is forced into making such a decision they wont have done it lightly. Please accept their decision even if you dont agree with it."

personally if that is how life had to be lived i would eat lots and lots of cow's intestines, drink 34 pints of mitchels (if it still existed) and commit suicide by igniting the resulting flatus.

anyone else here going to say the same if tomorrows ref sends off duffy/gives the hammers a pen for a blatant dive/pulls out a gun and shoots souey etc. etc. etc....

  .....yours is a very sad world my friend and not one i will ever live in.

tnr - you out of everyone taking it so bloody seriously. continue to enjoy youself and entertain. CHILL.

appalling goat - you really are an incorringible boaring drone. if you are going to continue your left wing fascist goose-stepping diatribe at least get yourself a sense of humour to lighten the orwellianian gloom of your posts.

wish you all (even the dones!) all the best for 2003 and hope to see a little more enjoyable fraternal bust-ups and self desructuctive ranting on this still (just :p) life enhancing site.

    ps. i love you oz. really. i truely do. i refute all contrary rumours and would willingly adopt you as my long lost son if you ever return to these dark satanic isles.

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Hmmmm.  Thenodross claims he only insults in retaliation to me and Jim.   Wrong as usual.  I only describe his unending barrage of abuse and insults of people different than him by its proper term - bigotry.  You get the insults in first Thenoo and don't just reserve them for an individual or two.  Rather you make them against whole peoples or races.  That's a red card offence in my book, so count yourself lucky.

Thenodross eh?  There you go again Paul!  You simply cannot resist being insulting can you?  Thenoo eh?

Well as you have an unblemished record and as personal insults dont seem to matter on this board anymore and you would rather that I kept them direct ......@#/? off ya sad, backsliding, bitter, twisted commy bstard!  And so as not to offend others I mean YOU personally and not the entire population of this or any other country.   If Modi decides that there is to be no more 'most controversial' awards and they replace it with 'most obnoxious tawt on the entire www' then you are a dead cert, matey.

And if you ever get into the position of moderating this board I'll either @#/? off pdq or knock you out next year in the Blues Bar.....or both!

There it's so much more enjoyable and far less time consuming, being able to post according to the current interpretation of the board guidelines.  I know from experience now that I should use the pm facility to curry support and get McGarry in bother but unlike so many others I simply dont need a 'gang' and just cannot be arsed with the politics.

ps Dear mods.. Please note.  I made sure that I did'nt use the banned 'i'* word.


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Oh God Almighty!  Oh deary deary me!  Was I really that drunk at 3 this morning after a night down town?

Paul McGarry......what can I say?  I offer my sincere apologies for dissing you last night.  That attack was uncalled for and unwarranted.  Please accept this as the act of a man under the influence of alcohol whose true feelings about you and your regular, reasoned, valid and even-handed contributions to this board cannot be expressed into mere written words all that easily!

I am also sure that my post does not do justice to the way that you are perceived by so many other members on this board and I unreservedly apologise for failing to represent their views properly too.  


There you go Jim, you should try it, a simple apology is easy-peasy and never hurt anyone.  You should try it occasionally, it might not do much for circulation but i'm sure that so much unpleasantness could be avoided and the world might be a better place for all.

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For what it is worth.

I have nothing personal against Jim, but he did manage to get up every Aussie's nose the morning after the loss to Uruguay.

He does have a rather obsessive hatred for all Australians.  Mind you he does have to work for one of them ;)

And I do appreciate it when he posts breaking news on the message board.

And as for thenodrog, I will never see eye to eye with him.  But I do consider it one of the highlights of my year on the board that I managed to get him to agree with me on one of the threads on politics :)

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I reopened this topic because one or two posters hadn't seen the results. The latest posts have caused closure.

Thenodrog, your latest, whether drunk or not, is totally unacceptable. Personal Abuse is the reason for closure, again it wont be tolerated.

I'm quite confident that I have the backing of Admin and mods on this, and hopefully, the majority of members.

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