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Tugay Retires


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As reported on the fans message board forum this morning at 9.55am. Blackburn Rovers midfielder Tugay has announced his retirement from international football following Turkey's failure to qualify for next summer's Euro 2004 finals in Portugal.

It is reported that Tugay  decided to retire from his international career in order to concentrate on playing for Blackburn.

Tugay is quoted on Sky Sport to have said.

"I am enjoying my time at Blackburn Rovers and have decided to retire from international football to help prolong my Premiership career."

"This is the happiest period of my football life and I'm looking forward to the future."

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It is really a pity for me, as a Turkish football fan, to hear that Tugay decided to retire from the national team. But then again every player has to make this decision somewhere in time. The good thing about Tugay's case is,  he definitely did his best under Turkish jersey for the last 15 years or so. He played at all levels of the national team since he was 14. He has 92 caps with the national team. In short, he is one of the most prominent players of Turkish football of all times. That's an unquestionnable fact.

But then comes a questionnable one...

Last week, the Latvia game. It was surely a sad evening for Turks. But the most cruel part took part near the final whistle. Tugay was substituted by another player. While he was leaving the field, the national jersey in other words, the disappointed crowd whistled him. I can hardly tell you the shame I felt. This mid-thirty man, who served his national team over long years, applaused the whistling crowd calmly. A noble goodbye from a real gentlemen and a big shame for a nation.

I am glad that Tugay is quite happy in Blackburn and I guess he will end his career in UK. That's something making me relieve a bit. I am sure, when the time comes, he will be shown a friendly goodbye from British football supporters.

Please do it not only for he undoubtfully deserves this, but for making us smile as well.

And a last word for Tugay; helal olsun sana !!!

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