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[Archived] Hattrick

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Ahh hattrick.

The site is down atm due to server problems but should be back up by 11:00 tomorrow (thursday).

It's a fantastic game, I've been playing since March 2002 and manage Claygate A.F.C. in England (IV.55).    I've won the league the last two seasons but have missed out on promotion in the playoffs.

Anyone else?

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Hi Guys - Questions for you

Just had a quick look.  Will it be worth me playing this if I alredy play champman.

When you sign up do you just get allocated a team at random?

It says no cost on the site - is this true

How does it differ to champman

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1. Hattrick doesn't have real life teams.   It's completely different from CM I'd think.  Definitely worth playing.

2. The allocation of a team takes about 4 days if I remember, as the GMs (Gamemasters) have to validate your application (make sure you're not trying to get a second team or anything).   You get allocated a team in the bottom two divisions.   The Hattrick league works like this:

There is a top division for each country with eight teams.

The division below that consists of four leagues of eight teams, the one below that 16 leagues, then 64 etc.

Your team will be in either the 5th of 6th division.   Most teams should be of a similar standard to yours (slightly better as they'll have played for a bit longer maybe).   However you may get allocated to a league where there are 7 other newbies.

3) There is no cost.   It is free and the developers have said many times they will not change this.   if you like it you can buy supporter for about £10 a year which gives you some fun features but no in-game advantage.

4) The game is played in real-time.   You play a league game on sunday and then a friendly/cup match (at this stage of the season it will be a friendly which you arrange yourself) during the week (usually tuesday).  Friendlies are important to give your reserves run outs and keep them in good form.   Between this you can buy players, make stadium upgrades etc.   Hence the game does not require masses of time per week.   One or two hours is plenty.   One of the main aspects of the game is training.   You can train one specific skill (I train goalkeeping for example) and those player's skills will increase.   You can then sell them and buy players for other parts of your team or keep them.  Young players train faster so people pay higher prices for 17 and 18 year olds.

Try it and see and if you need help don't be afraid to ask, it is a little confusing at first.This site here provides some good tips for newbies.  Hattrick 101, Rookie Q+A and Advice for new players should help.

Also read the rules.   They are complicated but will give you a good basic grasp of the game.

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Big A Posted on Dec. 23 2003, 14:57



When you start playing I would advise you not to go and buy loads of players until you know what you're doing.   Otherwise you'll buy a load of mugs who may look good but are pretty useless.

Cheers.  Will try and get it going over Christmas (If I can sneak off from the festivities for 5 mins)

Something I dont get though!!  If I start playing now, are you lot that already play not going to wipe the floor with me?  Would it not be like sticking a Sunday league team in the Prem?

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Hattrick is divided into levels, in England there are 6.

The top teams play in the Premier League, while middling teams like myself are further down the ladder (I'm in division 4).

You'll start in division 5 or 6 with a host of other teams who are new like yourself.

Each level consists of a number of 8 team leagues.   There is one league at the top, 4 second level leagues, 16 third level leagues, 64 foruth level leagues and so on.

To have a chance to promote you need to win your league, while the bottom four teams in a league may get relegated.

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I've created my team after my application got accepted.

I am called Timchester Rovers. I play in the Hampshire region and my team is completely rubbish! I haven't a clue who plays where or who my best player is (if i've got any that is).

Im not sure when my games are played but hopefully i will win my first one considering my team appears to be second from bottom in the league with 3pts.

Come on Timchester Rovers!!  :rover:

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Tim look at the site on the first page, it will offer you some helpful tips.

Basically: Keepers need keeper skill, defenders need defending, midfielders playmaking and stamina, wingers winging and strikers scoring.

Edit: Also read the introduction for beginners, the link is on the front page!!

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read the introduction for beginners, the link is on the front page!!

Yeah i've sorted my team out, its just a shame that i have no players with any keeping ability, defending ability, shooting ability.

Oh well, sounds like Rovers at the moment! LOL

Thanks for the advice, i will check out the introduction for beginners.

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Tim, I've just started playing this too. Fancy organising a friendly game for next Wednesday.

I've just typed ur ID number in but it says:

Ricky's Rovers has already booked a friendly and cannot be challenged

So when you've finished that one, offer me a friendly match and i'll play you!

My name on there is:

Timchester Rovers (55958)

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For those who are interested, I'm currently pushing for promotion into the Oceanian Second Division.

I'm currently a game clear on top in my Third Division Series (III.8)

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I've joined currently inherited a team full of donkeys v1.681

team is: Rise of the Pheonix (61548)

Im ready for a challenge since i have taken over i have won 1 in 4 scoring 6 and conceding 12

Signed two strikers who havent played so they need some practice

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Here's my team & details:

Team: Creme Eggs (62121)

Country: England

Region: Lancashire

Arena: Creme Eggs Arena

Language: English

Series: VI.753

If anyone wants to play me in a friendly sometime i'll be more than happy, just contact me through Hattrick.

Good luck with your teams !!!!

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