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**Poll - Rovers Cult Heroes.**



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  1. 1. **Poll - Rovers Cult Heroes.**

    • Bryan Douglas
    • Ronnie Clayton
    • Mark Atkins
    • Chris Price
    • Colin Hendry
    • David Speedie
    • Noel Brotherston
    • Simon Garner
    • Killer Keeley
    • Duncan Mckenzie
    • Shearer
    • Kevin Gallacher
    • Roger Jones
    • Derek Fazackerley
    • Scott Sellars

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Having a browse on the BBC website due to being unable to get to sleep I noticed that Football Focus will be running a new feature in the coming season about cult heroes of each club. They are looking for three players from each club who "had that something special - whether it was cheeky charisma, a player who made the crowd buzz or just his sartorial style! These players won't necessarily be your all-time greats but the ones you remember with a smile."

It seems they are looking for players no longer at the club but for whom fans still hold fond memories. After receiving the nominations they'll feature them on a show and have a website vote to decide on the favourite. To send in your choices follow the link at the bottom of this post which has their email address and more details.

Before then, my three choices. While even knows how great Shearer was I can't really see him as being a cult figure. Every single Rovers fan (or even any non-Rovers fan) knew he was awesome when at Rovers so I've chosen three popular players albeit not quite in the Shearer league. Mind you, Shearer's performances for put him in a one-man league so there's no disgrace about that.

1. Scott Sellars

Scott was the type of winger who seemed to slink through defences like a ballet dancer rather than ever relying on brute force. At times he seemed to glide down the left wing yet despite seeming an almost fragile creature he could take what was dished out to him if need be. While not always the most consistent of players, when on form he could rule games. Certainly during the late eighties/early nineties he often provided the inspiration for the team and (in my opinion) was easily the most skilfull player we had. One of Kenny's worst decisions was to let him go in 92 when promoted as Scott proved when he later excelled for Newcastle in the top flight. Sellars was actually called up to an England squad (shades of Jansen) was forced to pull out due to injury and never quite managed to get as close again.

Scott still apparently holds a soft spot Rovers and was seen at the Millenium Stadium for our League Cup win.

2. Mark Atkins

Super Atko would never win any prizes for natural talent but was always near the head of the queue when it came to effort and desire. Signed by Don Mackay from Scunthorpe for a mere £40,000 in 1988, he remained at the club for seven years and left with a Premiership Medal. A versatile player, he played as right back and centre back before moving into midfield. Committed, energetic and faithful, he is the type of player who fans could never suggest they don't earn their money or show any fight. The best and worst moments of his Rovers career both came against Liverpool. An excellent goal from the edge of the area thundered in against them at Ewood in the title season and, less happily, that own goal in the last minute against a Dalglish-managed 'pool in the FA Cup. In 1994/94 he got his medal by starting 30 league games before moving to Wolves for £1million, so even made the club a profit. Last I heard he was at a non-league club.

3. Chris Price

The best right back I've seen for Rovers, dashing baldy Price had two stints at Ewood although the second didn't last long. Price was another in the line of committed energetic players and was signed from Hereford but he also had a speciality, the pitch-long dribbles down the right hand side. Price was at his best in 1987/88 when we went on a 23-match unbeaten run in the league, a record that still stands. Despite all those games unbeaten I actually remember the game which ended the run, away to Stoke at their then home the Victoria Ground. Despite going behind Price never gave up and scored a typical speculative goal after a trademark surging run forward. Despite the loss, Price was awesome. The end of the season saw him move to promoted Villa where he certainly had his moments although a return to Rovers in the first season back in the top flight ended early and he moved on to Portsmouth. This did not detract from the happy memories of his first spell.

Anyway...that's my choice. No doubt others will have their own thoughts regarding cult heroes. To find out more about the feature click on the link below.

Cult Heroes

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I'd have to go with Charles Manson, David Koresh and Jim Jones, myself.

Thankfully none of them played in blue and white halves!

Good shout FLB.

Noel Brotherston, Simon Garner and Killer Keeley for me.

Last one more deadly than the three Amercan mentoned.

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cult heroes of each club. They are looking for three players from each club who "had that something special

Down the years Rovers have had star players, a lot of them going on to be internationals which could form a role of honour, able to step in to any premier league team, but to me the cult heros are those that when the ball got near to them you expected something special, the ones that had you antisipating something special from.

Glen Keeley, not the most gifted of players but oh the gasps of anguish when he went in for the ball. He got the ball 9 times out of ten, And 5 times out of 10 he also got the man. Yet I wouldnt have called him a dirty player, he was just a no frills player, determined to give his all, if not always controlled.

Those chants at every corner when he charged up the field like some rampant rhino. Keeley Keeeley smile.gif He never took any prisoners and the saying was that the club fed him raw meat before each game.

Duncan Mckensie(spell check) One of the most gifted and athletic players in my years of watching Rovers. Always expected the unexpexted from him. on his day he was magic and could create things from nothing, unfortunately he could also go missing for whole games. I think his biggest weakness being he enjoyed playing football and wanted to entertain forgetting that there were another 10 team mates on the field.

Noel BrotherstonOld fashioned winger, crazy hair style laugh.gif who used to get to the bye line and whip the ball into the middle. Always exciting when he was on a run with his dribbling inside the full back, whether he would have had the same impact at a higher level we will never know.

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Aside from his all time scoring record for the club, all the boxes for cheeky charisma etc would be ticked for the legend that is Simon Garner. Such characters may never be seen again at the top level(s) of football in Britain. Unless that is a revolutionary new sports conditioning diet emerges, based on Mild and Ciggies. Still sad he didn't make at least one game in the Premiership.

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Dwight Yorke.... Oops I thought it said Cu........., never mind!!!!

I'd probably have to go for Simon Garner, Colin Hendry, and MArk Atkins. Shearer is probably one of the best players we have had but never really became a cult figure with the fans.

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David Speedie – My first memories at Ewood was of him, so it has to be him. I will always remember his goal in the play off semi final against Derby.

Colin Hendry – A true legend in my opinion. Hendry was a player who played with real passion and commitment, I was fortunate to meet him about seven years ago, although he probably won’t remember me, it’s something I’ll remember for a long time, very nice person.

Stuart Ripley – May not be everyone’s choice, but I thought he was a very under-rated player. Never got a real chance to show what he could do for England, remember him getting taken off due to a hamstring injury. A good winger who I always enjoyed watching, never complained, always got on with it.

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Not that I'd call him one of my heros but a Rovers player whose name has been chanted far and wide even at cricket.

Not because of his footballing abilities more the lack of ability of hitting the target.

Oxford Dictionary. BEAMOOOOOOOO ...to do a beamo......MISS BY A MILE ohmy.gif

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