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A few here for us and also a few aimed at others.

We've got Dom Matteo, you've got our Stereos!

(Sing to Liverpool and everton fans)

tune: Macarena

One Ama

Two Ama

Three Amoruso

Four Ama

Five Ama

Six Amoruso

Seven Ama

Eight Ama

Nine Amoruso

Hey Amoruso


To the song of ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’

A textile town near Manchester

Has football's greatest team

The Rovers, based at Ewood Park

Fulfil Souness's dream

They play in navy blue and white-

Or red/black when away

They score goals morning, noon and night

And make each true fan's day


hughesy dont lower the board standard to gutter mob mentality

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Thank you Alan.

Hughesy - whilst I don't like Manchester United I find that song, which I'm sure most are familiar with already, to be nothing short of a bloody disgrace. Don't lower yourself or our football club to those levels. We've never sung it, even when our rivalry was at it's highest (like that would be an excuse?) and I hope we never will do.

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Fair enough Hughesy, I don't want Ewood to be like a morgue either. We just (and I am assuming, as they ere deleted before I looked at this thread) don't need songs about Munich.

My mates Granddad was killed in the disaster and it really upsets him when he hears people singing and laughing about Munich.

Like the Amo song though smile.gif

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Has anyone on here come up with any anti steve Cotterill songs or are we going to replace Stanleys name with his -

"I met Steve Cotterill his money was spent"

After thinking about this i reckon its for the best to come up with new songs!


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A Michael Gray Song- To the Manure song for john o'shea

# When mickey goes marching down the wing Gray o Gray, When mickey goes marching down the wing Gray o Gray, When Mickey goes marching down the wing the Blackburn End will F***ing Sing coz we allllllllll know that Mickey's gunna score!#

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