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[Archived] Newcastle 3-0 Blackburn Rovers

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After two difficult matches against unbeaten and seemingly unbeatable Arsenal, and then our old foes Manchester Utd we now face the task of taking 3 points from Newcastle.

Both teams have struggled to get results this season and have managers who are starting to feel the pressure.

Newcastle - Blackburn matches are always eventful, from the 1-0 bottle victory on our way to winning the title to last season 1-0 victory at the unfortunate expense of Barry Ferguson.

So we have many questions before this match. Can Rovers make it 2 wins in a row at St James's Park, which team will get their first win of the season, will Shearer score against his old club and will Rovers finally get a penalty.......................... dry.gif

Unfortunately we do not know the answers to the above, but thanks to Jamie Waller, my Newcastle supporting mate we do have some answers to the following questions, so read on and enjoy rover.gif

What effect, if any has missing out on the Champions League has affected your pre-season, in terms of buying players?

The only real effect is that we’ve resisted the opportunity to spend a lot of money building a Champions League-winning side when we don’t have Champions League football and income to back it up. Leeds’ plight is a good example what happens when your ambitions are bigger than your achievements, so I think buying quality, experienced players like Kliuvert and Carr makes good business sense.

Who is going to be your most influential player this season and why?

It has to be Shearer, as usual. No other player gives as much as he does in each game, and despite his age he’s still popping up with match-winning performances and goals. He’ll be sorely missed next season.

What are your thoughts on the players you have bought this summer?

As I said, I think they are quality, experienced players. Milner aside, the new arrivals have played top-flight football for a number of seasons, so if nothing else, they’ll bring a wealth of experience. On his day Patrick Kluivert can be a world-beater, and Nicky Butt’s won a hatful of medals, and brings with him that bite in midfield that sale of Gary Speed took away. Stephen Carr will bring some much-needed quality to the back line, and Milner will continue his development down our right wing, hopefully at the expense of Kieron Dyer.

Both teams have had a poor start to the seasons, the Blackburn fans are getting a bit disillusioned with Mr Souness and some of his tactical decisions, but the board seem committed to him staying.

Do you think that the Newcastle board are committed to Sir Bobby given that he has already been told it’s his last season or do you think his tenure as manager could be cut short if results don’t improve?

At one time I thought Sir Bobby was ‘unsackable’, such was his standing and reputation within the game. However, in the light of less-than-impressive recent results, and his insistence on buying forwards when the defence is in dire need of strengthening, you have to think that he might not be so safe if results continue to go against him. That said, I think the board will feel almost duty-bound to allow him to see out his contract, and take steps to replace him towards the end of his tenure.

What are your thoughts on Blackburn as a club?

As a football fan, I’ve always enjoyed watching Blackburn play, and was as pleased as anyone when they took the title, especially as they wrestled it away from United. These days, however, they don’t seem to carry the same feeling of family and togetherness as they once did. I’ve never been to Ewood, but television coverage still suggests it’s a friendly atmosphere and a good stage on which to play football.

What are you thoughts on our summer signings of Dickov, Matteo and De Pedro?

You could argue that these are quality, experienced professionals, similar to Newcastle. However, with the greatest of respect, these players aren’t going to win titles, and not necessarily cups. A club of Blackburn’s stature should be attracting a higher standard of player, rather than picking off the better players from relegated sides. To me, signings like these only indicate a lack of ambition on the part of the manager.

What are you thoughts on Souness? Committed and passionate or just a moaning Scottish big mouth?

I admire his passion and commitment, but once in a while, his niggling complaints against every bad decision become a bit too much. There’s no doubting he’s a top-class manager, but a few lessons in manager-referee relations wouldn’t go amiss.

We have exchange more than our fair share of players and managers over the past few seasons. What impact has each of the following had on Newcastle:

Shay Given

In my opinion, the most consistent Premiership ‘keeper in the last 5 years. Each season there seems to be one of two ‘keepers who stand out, but you can always put Shay third in any poll of the best in the league.

David Batty

I have a lot of time for Batty, and his impact on the team cannot be underestimated, but he will always be remembered from breaking up that potential title-winning team when we lost the 12-point lead. A true professional, though, and a surprisingly great loss when he moved on.

Alan Shearer

He was a legend before he got here, and he’s only become more legendary since. The fact that people are still calling for him to return to the national fold highlights both his ability and standing in the game. We may never see his like again.

Kenny Dalglish

This is always a bone of contention. He’s won titles, been a world-class player, but he never seemed to ‘get’ the Geordie way of playing football. He dismantled arguably the greatest attack in the country, and brought in lacklustre, second-rate players, specifically at the back. He turned Newcastle from everyone’s second team to an at-best top-10 outfit.

Which players should we watch out for, when you play us?

Leaving aside Shearer, players like Jenas and Milner are worth paying attention to. Young, capable, future internationals who have adapted to Premiership life with relative ease. If they stay injury-free, there’s no reason to suggest they won’t be England squad regulars in a few months.

Who do you see as our danger men?

You can never rule out Stead – he’s come from the third division to the Premiership and taken to it like a duck to water. He’s one of those players who just ooze quality. Yorke is another player who has to be watched, as his great ball control and awareness will always be a threat, especially against our back four.

Sir Bobby Robson is leaving as club manager at the end of the season along with Alan Shearer. Do you think this will have a big impact on the club and who do you see as their ideal replacements?

It’s frightening to think what will become of a team who has been led by these two giants of Geordie folklore for so long. To me, neither is directly replaceable, so we have to look at the next-best-thing. As a manager, we should be looking for people in the Steve McClaren/Steve Bruce class, whose teams are always organised and efficient, yet able to compete with the better sides in the league. As a target man, players like James Beattie are often touted as replacements, but that’s missing the point. Shearer’s not just an aerial threat; he’s a born goalscorer, a leader, a constant annoyance to the opposition, and a passionate supporter of the club he plays for. How many players in football today possess all that? Not many.

Do you think Alan Shearer has any regrets about

A: Leaving the only club he has ever won a medal

I doubt it – he freely states that he loved his time at Blackburn, and had he won trophies at Newcastle it would never have been an issue. In my opinion, he was destined to play for his home-town club, regardless of how successful he was at other clubs.

B: Signing for Newcastle and not Man U?

Maybe. The success of United may well have entered his thoughts when he looks at his trophy cabinet, but winning the league, the FA Cup and the UEFA cup this season should be enough to quash those feelings!

What are your predictions for the season for both Newcastle and Blackburn?

At present Newcastle would be happy with a top 6 finish, but there’s a lot of hard work to go in before that happens. Blackburn would be happy with a top 10 finish in my opinion – maybe those close season acquisitions will help stave off a relegation battle this term.

Your prediction for the match?

I always feel we have a chance at St James Park. Regardless of current form, I’m predicting a 2-1 win to Newcastle. Shearer will score at least one of them. Your goal will be handed to you via a typical defensive blunder.

And finally, why do Newcastle fans continuously go on about being the best fans in the world, when everyone knows that Ewood Park is home is the best support ever (Especially the Riverside) ph34r.gif

Simple - because Newcastle fans are the best fans in the world…

Thanks again to Jamie for taking part and providing some good responses thumbs-up.gif


Preview update blink.gif

Of all the matches I could choose to review!!!!

Within 24 hours of posting my preview many of the questions and answers became obsolete with the sacking of Sir Bobby Robson, then just over a week from posting the news coming from both clubs has shocked both sets of supporters.

I have returned to Jamie to update the preview:

What are your thoughts on the sacking of Sir Bobby? Do you think his dismissal was carried out in a manner befitting of Sir Bobby?

Not even close – a legend was left with a bitter taste in his mouth courtesy of another PR masterclass from Mr Shepard. Its one thing to decide to relieve your manager of his duties at the end of the season, but to announce it to the media on the eve of the season, before you even tell the man himself, is something only Freddy could manage. A sad end to a good tenure for Sir Bobby.

How do you feel about the appointment of Souness? Do you think he is the man to turn around Newcastle’s season?

Is there a man in football today who could turn us round? Poor discipline, desperately bad at the back, prima donna players - whoever was given the job was always in for a rough ride, especially given the fans’ thirst for instant success. That said, I’m prepared to give Souness a chance to prove himself. He’s never been a bad manager, but he’s never been that great. Selling Bramble would be a good start though...

Who do you see as the ideal candidate for the Blackburn job?

This is a tough question, because Blackburn are one of those clubs who have no major weaknesses, so matching them to a suitable manager is not easy. You should however be looking towards the likes of Gordon Strachan in my opinion; a no-nonsense, good young manager who could pick up where Souness left off in terms of management style.

With Shearer hanging up his boots at the end of the season, do you think Souness will be in charge in 12 months or will Shearer get the job?

I must be one of the only Newcastle supporters who can see the utter disaster in putting Shearer in charge. Legend or not, until he’s got his coaching badges and a few seasons management experience under his belt, a club of Newcastle’s stature should not even look at him, let alone consider him. In time, if he proves himself to be a promising manager, then I’ll welcome his appointment, but for the foreseeable future an experienced coach is all we should be employing. To that end, barring some almighty fall-out with the fans or the board, I expect to see Souness at the helm in 12 months.

Given the changes over the past week and a half, do you think Newcastle can get a top 6 finish?

Not until we sign two quality centre-backs and start playing like a team – simple as that. Every team in the top half displays a level of playing competence across the pitch, and has some form of togetherness that gets them difficult results – I’m talking about the Boltons and Birminghams of the league. Providing Souness can steady the ship and buy some quality defenders, a top 10 finish is not inconceivable, but top 6 may be a bridge too far this term.

How do you see Souness and his no nonsense attitude coping with egos such as Dyer and Bellamy etc?

Not to put too fine a point on it, I hope he kicks their arses. Dyer has been allowed to act up for too long now, and Bellamy runs the risk of dying from some moaning-related disease. Sir Bobby was never much of a disciplinarian, and certain players seem to have taken advantage of that. Hopefully Souness’ tougher stance on discipline will knock those players back into line. They might even start playing to their potential, but one step at a time, eh?

Which of the current Rovers squad would you like Souness to poach in January?

Despite his age and less-than-glamorous reputation, we could do worse that to bring in Craig Short, for the simple reason that he’d bring a bit of grit and ability to our back line. This is the only part of the team that needs any real attention at this stage in my opinion, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Matt Jansen moving to the north-east some day.

Even though it appears Souness will not take change until the Monday after the game, does you match prediction of 2-1 to Newcastle still stand?

At the time of that prediction, I had the misguided belief that this was just another classic Newcastle slow start, and that eventually somebody would be beaten to get us rolling. Now it appears that there are bigger problems internally at Newcastle, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you turn up with the intention of putting one over on your old manager, despite him not being in charge yet. A draw would be a good result for us at this stage, but Newcastle being Newcastle, we’ve just as much chance of beating you 5-0 as you have of beating us by the same score line!

Again Thanks Jamie, and good luck to both Newcastle and Souness.

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I've been two years running and both times the away section has been healthy but never fully sold out.

I can quite confidently say that you won't have a problem.

Good replies from the Geordie lad and I can see from his comments on Dwight Yorke that he has a sense of humour too.

PS If you happen to get on the back row like I did two years ago, take a pair of binoculars!

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Cannot see us winning this one- the best we can hope for is a draw.

However, I have a horrible feeling the Newcastle midfield and forwards will click and this will be more like two seasons ago than last season.

Newcastle 4 Rovers 1

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my thoughts exactly Jan

could not have had a worse timing the sacking of Sir Bob dry.gif

as for the game, well I cant see Shearer signing for us before the deadline if at all, if he is still a mag then we have that to put up with, a rejuvenated nufc side,possibly a new manager - could it be Steve Bruce ?

2-0 newcastle I am afraid sad.gif

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Not sure what the score will be but we have a chance, and there will definitely be goals!!!

Going to get my ticket for it tomorrow, seems so long till the game though. Anybody coming up for it????

If Brad can have another great game we may sneak that win!!!! biggrin.gif

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Not sure what the score will be but we have a chance, and there will definitely be goals!!!

Going to get my ticket for it tomorrow, seems so long till the game though.  Anybody coming up for it????

If Brad can have another great game we may sneak that win!!!!  biggrin.gif

Im going on the train via carlisle. Hopefully we should sell out our allocation. I was looking forward to it but now Bobby has gone im dreading it. Last time this happened they beat shef wed 8-0 sad.gif

Edited by Blackpool_Rover
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Good preview, Roaming Rover... the Geordie fan seemed very complimentary of Rovers and he clearly knew his stuff.

This is a tough game for us, but before Robson's sacking I didn't think a win was out of the question... now, I don't think a win is an impossibility, but of course the Geordies will be fired up to get their already foundering season back on track. Still, that being said, I'm going for my first optimistic prediction of the season, a 1-1 draw.

Once again, much will depend upon Souness' team selection. Pedersen and Emerton on opposite flanks is a must; Stead and Dickov should stay up front; with Amo suspended, Nissa and either Short or Matteo should start in the center of defense; and Gray and Neill should round out the back four.

The question, as I see it, is central midfield. Barry is a guaranteed starter, but Souey might do well to sit Tugay down for this one. We could get away with the lightweight Tugay and Ferguson against Man U because they played the solid but hardly awe-inspiring Kleberson and Djemba-Djemba partnership. Toon, however, will surely come out with Butt and one from Jenas, Dyer, or Bowyer, and that's a central midfield that Tugs and Bazza won't be able to cope with. It's certainly possible that Souness could hand Flitty a surprise start, but personally I'd like to see Douglas given a go before Gary "Did you like my impression of the invisible man against Southampton?" Flitcroft--but then again, Newcastle away might not be the best time to give Douglas his debut at center midfield. A conundrum indeed for Souey then.

I also hope that Gally is healthy in time for Saturday's match, as I'd much prefer to see him on the bench than Yorke.

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Newcastle 2 Rovers 3

Gamst Pedersen (8)

Stead (44)

Kluivert (71)

Shearer pen (90)

Krislu, are you sure you didnt mean 2-2 as thats what your prediction says! These are the kind of games i hate. We have got 2 teams on 2 points from 4 games. Which team is going to get there first win of the season......Newcastle 3-0 - Shearer hat trick

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