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[Archived] Bobby Robson Relieved Of His Duties

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Darn it. I just dreamt I saw Shearer about to get out of a car oustide Ewood. Then I dreamt that his mobile went off and, OK, I was lip reading, but I'm sure he said "Yeah, I'd love to do it, I'll be back in two and a half hours".

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Skysports reporting that Bobby Robson has been let go by Newcastle. The poor start to the season is probably what is behind the decision. This could be good for us, when we go and play them. What does this do for the Shearer link though?

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Managerless teams always play well - null points at St James's next weekend means we will have gleaned a magnificent two points out of 15.

Looking on the bright side, however, Souness must be a candidate for the Newcastle job because Shepherd is daft enough to appoint him, and with the Rangers post possibly on offer as well with the impending departure of McLeish, Souness could be out of Ewood before the end of September.

There is hope for Rovers yet.

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Managerless teams always play well

Yep, Southampton were great after Sturrock's sacking weren't they?

If Houllier takes over then our chances of beating them will increase...it does make the Shearer transfer a little less likely though...

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THIS IS A PLOT !!  ph34r.gif

I dreamt last night (again) that we are awarded a dodgy corner sometime in April. So cheer up - it might not all be one way traffic this season.

what a conincedence because I had a dream about April last night, now she was a good stripper

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In the heart of Newcastle, standing proudly some 130 feet in the air - Earl Grey, the famous tea enthusiast and social reformer who was responsible for abolishing slavery in the British Empire - keeps a watchful eye over the proceedings in the city. (PICTURED HERE)

I suspect that if Grey was still alive and actually able to cast a gaze across the city to St James' Park, he would be disgusted, like every decent football fan, with the disgraceful goings on at the club this season.

It first started on the opening day of the campaign.

A petulant spoilt brat named Keiron Dyer arrogantly informed his Manager that he wasn't willing to play on the right hand side of midfield against Middlesbrough. Later on - when offered the captain's armband, Dyer contemptuously tossed it aside, treating the armband with disdain.

He epitomises the new breed of 'Brat Pack' footballers - arrogant, self-centred and a disgrace to the game.

Dyer is apparently nicknamed "Bling" by team mates - for his frequent boasts that he earns 60 grand a week.

Just a few days after his refusal to play against Boro, there popped up another slimeball from under the Newcastle woodwork.

Craig Bellamy had the audacity and arrogance to undermine his Manager even more by vowing to quit the club if Rooney is signed.

Part of the trouble at St James' Park was that too many players thought they could run the team, instead of leaving it to the Manager.

Working conditions may have improved for people since the time before Earl Grey abolished slavery, but the way in which players now want to run the show and boast of earning 60 grand a week is sickening.

Under the dreadlocked Ruud Gullit, the club, having finished in the bottom half of the table twice under his management, had all the signs of heading for relegation under the Dutchman's regime.

Bobby completely turned the club's playing performances around, and in the last three seasons the club has finished 5th, 4th and 3rd in the Premiership, as well as reaching the semi-final of the UEFA cup last season.

All rather different to life under Mr Gullit.

If this had to be Sir Bobby's final season, then the least he deserved was a bit of dignity and the chance to make a proper farewell at the end of the season to the club he loves so much.

Due to Freddie Shepherd's arrogance and large ego - which matches the size of his girth - Sir Bobby has disgracefully been booted out of the blub after just 4 games of the season. Newcastle are traditional slow starters. A couple of seasons ago they got off to a dreadful start, but still managed to finish in the Top 4.

In their statement today, the club said:

"After a disappointing start to the Premier League season, the directors of Newcastle United have informed Sir Bobby Robson that they have decided he is to be replaced as team manager."

What a heartless b*stard Freddie Shepherd is.

An appalling way to treat a real gentleman of the game.

Bobby lives, breathes and eats football, and will be devastated by his sacking.

Even at 71, there are few harder working managers in the game than Robson. The son of a Durham coal miner, Bobby was brought up on traditional working values.

In his spare time, he does a large amount of fundraising for local hospitals after he was succesfully treated for cancer.

Football can be a cruel game at times, and Robson has been unlucky on quite a few occasions. The penalty shootout with Germany in 1990 obviously springs to mind, while at Ipswich under Bobby's management, the club were runners up in the League twice, in 1981 and 1982.

Ipswich were particularly unfortunate in 1981. They played some of the most attractive football of the season that year, and if they had beaten Middlesbrough on the final day of the season, the title would have gone to Portman Road rather than Villa Park.

Ipswich did win the UEFA Cup though in 1981 - which ensured legendary status for Robson in the town. It's inconceivable that the Suffolk club will ever again win another European trophy.

Freddie Shepherd's arrogance was perhaps best summed up in the unguarded comments he made about Newcastle fans - laughing and boasting about ripping off Toon supporters.

I recently described Peter Kenyon as a leech on the shoulders of the beautiful game. Shepherd is another one. He sickens me.

I started off this post by mentioning a particular statue. Sir Bobby of course, has also been sculptured in stone.

There's a fine statue of Bobby in Ipswich which you can see PICTURED HERE

Robson will be remembered in the game long after the odious Shepherd has gone.

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