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[Archived] Souness Goes To Newcastle


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another "Who else other than Gerald "Sodding" Houllier DON'T you want as manager of BRFC?"

His twin brother.

All evil Frenchmen have an even more dastardly twin brother, who invariably has a gay name.

Lucien Houllier, something like that. I don't want him a million miles near Ewood.

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Are you listening sky sports news! The geordie fans are hating the decision and the blackburn fans are pleased hes gone in most of the emails read out. Also Strachan seems to be the fans choice of a replacement, which also seems mirrored on here. A geordie fan email just read, what is Fred Shepperd thinking, Souness' is tactically poor and his signings second rate. Sounds like he has the backing of the geordie fans doesnt it. In a way i feel sorry for him, i feel one reason for leaving is he knew he was in for the sack and is saving his pride, apart from being quids in. I wonder what Bothroyd and Pedersen think of the situation, and if they'd have signed if they know this would happen.

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Wow i'm shocked. Can we at least have some compensation? Lol.

Anyway time to pick a new manager. Sir Bob would be good but that would be short term, what is he? eighty?

Heres a name for you... Mike Newell. Former Rovers striker and doing a great job at Luton. He also got Hartlepool promoted but unfairly didn not have his contract extended. At Luton the record this season is P7 W6 D1. They're 5 points ahead of anyone!

But I guess the premiership demands big name managers. Who knows even Alan Shearer could be the manager (i doubt it) .

I wish souness success in the job although i cant see him being in it for long as newcastle expect success and they just dont have the team to do that. Who knows one day we could be shouting sounesses blue and white army once more.

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Deinitely the best outcome all round. Getting $1m for Souness sort of makes up for getting nothing for Andy Cole. Good for Souness to leave us in a better position than he found us, and I think good for NUFC if the tales of the lack of training discipline are even half true - breaking Dyers kneecap in the first training session should focus a few minds.

While the timimg looks bad on GS, I don't think even he expected such a high profile job to become available after 4 games, so I think he bought and sold players in good faith. No surprise that he's going though; he's never hidden his ego, and I think he still has a chip on his shoulder about his perceived failure at Liverpool, which could never be erased no matter what he achieved at Ewood.

History would suggest that his travelling entourage of Murray, Saunders and Boersma will soon be leaving also; meaning a clean slate behind the scenes assuming TP finally opts for the pipe and slippers.

Players who should be nervous of a new regime will no doubt include Emerton, Reid, Amoruso, Pedro the Donkey and Neill. Todd probably hasn't stopped laughing.

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From a geordie message board

Lee B

Shepherd has lost the plot completely!!!!

We sack a manager that has achieved 10 times what Souness has achieved and recruit someone who just managed to avoid relegation last year! This is a progressive step??

Tony B

"Catastrophy. 48 years of suffering for that lot - what an Earth for? They'll never win anything, they'll never command respect. Shepherd is a complete fool and there's no way of getting shot of him. No more. Seymours, Westwoods, Rutherfords, McKeags, Halls and Shepherds. Like a history of cartoon buffoons out of Brass. One thing in common - absolutely no understanding of what it takes to run a successful football club."

Steven M

"Absolute disgrace. Boycott Blackburn game immediately."

Jamie L

Sacking a manager and replacing him with one who is two places below him in the league. His record in 2004 is played 24 - won 6!

Alan R

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For some reason I'm not really upset about this. I thank GS for what he has acheived with our club but I feel we need a change.

As the club are on a tight budget we should go for Strachan, at least then we could re-use Soueys training tops and stuff, GS replacing GS.

Thanks for the memories Souey.

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It's been intimated in this thread, but does anyone think that GS might have seen the writing on the wall and done the right thing for the Rovers?

He could have stayed and been given the flick and copped a healthy bonus for being kicked out.

For what he did for the Blues, I'd like to think he's thought, "I've taken them as far as I can. I'll go"

As it is, we seem to have scored some compensation,and not paid out his contract.

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My feelings would appear to mirror a lot of others on here this morning. Souness deserves great credit, and much thanks, for creating the 'new' Rovers - from mid-Div 1 to the achievements of the last few years.

I'm shocked at the news but, despite being a Souness supporter even through the last 12 months, I'm still not gutted. It has seemed increasingly clear that he has had little idea how to tackle the problems that have surfaced, specifically how to turnaround the team's results.

It's also incredibly frustrating, as already mentioned, that Cole left because the two of them couldn't work together.

More importantly now are

who do we replace him with?

Strachan is my choice, although my hunch would be for Mark Hughes, especially after seeing a feature on Wales at the weekend that stated that he has been considering his position after failing to reach Euro 2004

can we stop Souness poaching our best players?

I don't think he will take Brad - simply because he inherits Given and Harper.

Ferguson and Stead are the most likely departees. In a way it's a sad indictment that I cannot add more names to that list.

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Rumour mill has it that Gerard Houlier is the favourite to take over.....

I hope to God not :/

Mark Hughes should be the replacement man for the job imo.

Big thanks though to Souness to getting us back up in the top flight etc etc but like some many other have said here I think the time had come for new blood to take over the hot seat.

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Dear Mr Souness,

Thank you very much for all that you have done for Blackburn Rovers FC these past few years. I will be forever grateful to you for returning us to the Premier League and for that magical day in Cardiff.....which will live with me forever.

It is such a shame that you have felt it time to leave.....although I have to say that I am not too bothered, due to the fact that you suddenly seem to have developed terrible brain damage in the tactical region?

Anyway.....Good luck in your new job at Newcastle and I hope you will enjoy managing your team in the old first division

Best Wishes


PS....how good is Saturday going to be...I can't wait to be sat in St James taking the michael.....the Geordies are fooking livid !!!

LOL x 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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absolutely stunned as a pro souness supporter or WAS a sounes supporter.

How can anyone take him now as he has constantly stated he is happy at Rovers ? All the previous speculation about a move to Spurs and what does he do? ferks off up north !

I cannot believe Rovers will let him remain in charge until the next match (if that is what happens).

My suggestion for a manager has to be either Strachan or Graham on short term only.

Souness you have disgusted me, first you get tid of the dead wood, turn round a sinking ship, bring in some real quality players, show your mettle by fighting our so called big stars, rid the club of them and then bugger off yourself.

How long do you think it will be until you fall out with Shearer an co ? Just how long do you think you will be in employment at a club where the chairman knows nothing about football but only about prostitutes and call girls ?

You replacing sir Bob is a joke to the fans of that club, your already on a loser and now youve lost the support of a club that adored you.

pi££ off and dont come back

Betrayal of the highest order.

A note for JW, when he comes knocking for Fergie and Stead give him the short shrift bullet - in the head.

Now the Rovers players really do have something to prove on Saturday, stuff the geordie mothers and ram it straight back down his scottish throat. mad.gif

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I feel shocked but because I had faith in Souness keeping us up. However I will wait to see who we bring in before I get upset / excited about this.

Strachan would be my choice, but I have a strange feeling Steve McMahon may be in with a shout. Anyone but Hoddle or that Houlier.

My main concern is players leaving. If Souness comes in for Stead, Ferguson etc we have to get top dollar for them.

As with most, thanks for the memories Greame and good luck thumbs-up.gif

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