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[Archived] Souness' Quotes

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I have hostility towards Souness for the way he has carried himself over the last 18 months. Mistakes he's made, players he has lost us, things he has said and ultimately contradicted through his own actions.

Yes we had good times, but in the end he let us down.

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I`ve got my 33 year old son to keep me calm when I go home...My glass of red wine will taste even better tonight...I going to have bath in pound coins later on with Mr and Mrs Lady Luck...And then give them a punch on the nose, but it`s how they react to that...

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They came with a game plan (of course, only pub teams and Rovers don't have a game plan before they kick off)

They came with one goal in mind, to stop us playing football.

That ref was minging

(Off Camera) [ Newcastle's Equivalent of ... ] Wendy 's gonna rip me to shreads after that bag of #### perfmance, you go and talk to her instead Deano.

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"I'd love to go out in January and spend £10m on a defender, but I cant, so we'll just have to carry on shittin' with the arsehole we've got."

That'll be you then, Graeme.


What about... "I've had too many miserable Saturday nights and Sunday Mornings - too many ruined weekends - I don't want to go through that again - hopefully the Arsenal job will come up in a few weeks time for me before I get sacked."

Or.... "Shearer may have banged 35 goals for me and it's only February but I've dropped him as it looks like he's getting 'the big head on' "

Or.... to the ref after the Newcastle game at Ewood, when we beat them with out first penalty since God know's how long "I didn't know you were a Blackburn fan."

Or... "we may have just lost 7-0 to Crystal Palace at home but my players can't wait to get out there for our next game, it can't come quick enough" - "But it's against Arsenal wor Graeme man?" - "Oh FFS. Deano!"

...all down to bad luck...

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KSB, you really are in Desperation Country now, eh? I mean, what on earth can you bitch and moan about now that Souness is gone? Starting threads slating the man after you got your wish is pretty pathetic. I guess optimism would have been too much to ask.


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