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[Archived] Mark Hughes - Good Choice ?

Ste B

Are you happy with the Mark Hughes appointment  

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  1. 1. Are you happy with the Mark Hughes appointment

    • Yes - He was my first choice
    • Yes
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    • I wanted Grooby

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Out of the choice of managers that were names in the media and on here, I’d have to say that he was the first choice for me.

However I would like to see the list of the thirty “top class” who applied for the job at Rovers.

Overall, I’m glad Hughes is the one that has been picked. A young manager, who will want to prove himself.

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One very happy season ticket holder here.

I didnt want Dowie or Strachan.

I reckon Hughes will be a breath of fresh air at Ewood, and the players seemed united in wanting him which can't be a bad thing.

I'm looking forward to a new era at Ewood.


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I hoped for Strachan or Hughes and I suppose Dowie would have been OK. Very happy the club have moved decisively and appointed the man they appear to have targetted. Hughes showed plenty of passion when he played for Rovers, I hope he's going to bring that same passion to the manager's job.

Looking forward to Saturday for the first time in months smile.gifsmile.gif

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I'm very happy with the decision as he was one of my first choices for the job. He has done very well with Wales and being an ex-player he knows the club well and what the supporters expect. A manager with Premiership experience is hard to come by, but one who was also a good manager and not like Glenn Hoddle or George Graham is even more rare, so I think Hughes has alot of potential and could do a good job.

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Very pleased. He's got work on his hands no mistake but he's just about the fella i would have chosen first. tinykit.gif

Edit. Im impressed by JW and how the powers that be have handled this. Professional, decisive and handled with dignity. Highlights the bedlum which surrounds most managerial changes at other clubs for the amateurs they are.

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Of all the names mentioned Hughes was my choice but nobody knows when they appoint really how they are going to do. Its always a chance whoever a club appoints - Brian Kidd did look a good choice but was'nt but intelligence is a great asset for a manager and Mark Hughes has that and the ability to attract players as well as having respect from his fellow professionals so the signs are good anyway. Good Luck to him and whoever he brings with him.

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Very happy. His appointment alone will lift the fans on Saturday. He won't have much time to change what the players do on the pitch tactics wise, but I'm sure they'll perform as they'll be playing for their places, unlike last week when no one seemed to be bothered as no manager was likely to turn up and drop them.

The board and JW have to be commended for a forward move. Now the players have to start the season albeit 5 games late.

A few of the players played with him so that will be good news as it will give them something to go by, and him someone to talk too in the early period. I can see major improvements in Rovers soon. He was, IMO, one of the dirtiest, niggliest players I've ever seen, but so different off the pitch. He seems to be a Sven motivator type but with a good enough name to attract players on. I seem to remember Beckham/Posh talking really highly of him (not that it matters to many on here) as a person who helped them "through the bad times".

Who will he bring as his assistant?

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By some distance my third choice out of the main 3 behind Strachan and Dowie . Very much in the "wait and see" camp ; I've still a bad feeling about this Rovers team and just wonder if Hughes can motivate them enough . One thing's for certain - he can only improve on the recent rubbish we've seen.

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very please with the news-just hope he lives up the billing!

Just hope he lives up to the billing

Aye carumba

What is that meant to mean? Why do you feel the need to even think this sort of guff, let alone post it. Its a clean sheet, a new manager and everyone is excited about the possibilities and you feel to add a pessimistic caviat like some sort of 90 year old. Course we all hope he does a good job. Pathetic.

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1st choice would have been Dowie, out of all the others to me he was by a mile clearly the second best option so pretty happy. Overjoyed we did'nt go for Reid or some other depreesingly poor option.

He can't possibly be as tactically poor as Souness, glad he's gone roll on the good times.

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