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[Archived] England U21 V Wales U21


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Were you with the Burberry-clad lads on the back row just right of the goal in the BBE lower?

No. not me mate. Just to the right of goals,17th/18th row, seats 70-odd, looking thirsty with about 8 other thirsty looking chaps.

Never worn Burberry in my life...& proud of it! biggrin.gif

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...must`ve been thirsty people wink.gif after all , it was a Friday night & they weren`t selling beer in the ground. Must admit we left with 5mins to go, so we could get a few scoops in before the crowds. Naughty of me i know ,but it wasn`t the Rovers tinykit.gif playing. unsure.gif

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It`s a social event intit? smile.gif

Meet up with the lads, have a few jars, watch some footy, have some banter then tootle off home slightly worse for wear blink.gif

...unfortunately on that night, there was no beer & little banter (thanks to the nazi type stewarding. wink.gif

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