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Manchester City


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This is the second season that City have been playing at the ex-Commonwealth games stadium. To call it "a hole" is technically correct as the playing surface is a long way down from the surrounding ground level. It's a fantastic stadium.

It is actually in a part of east Manchester called Bradford, which is about as confusing as a part of Blackburn being called Salford.

Bradford was once an area of heavy industry and terraced housing in the "Coronation Street" style but most of it has gone. Unfortunately replaced by a load of 1960s and 1970s housing. There's still a lot to be done, but the efforts of Manchester City Council and others are gradually chipping away at the rot and deprivation. The area is still a bit rough though.

There are things to do. Paul can go and have a ride round the national cycling velodrome which is across the road. There is also the National Squash Centre (the sport, nothing to do with soft drinks or flattening things) an indoor tennis centre and an athletics track. On a less positive note there is one of the north west's biggest abbatoirs within blood-spurting distance.

The stadium is easy to find as it prettty much dominates the skyline and it's only about 10-15 minutes walk from the centre of Manchester. If you can tell east from west, head to the former and you'll get there OK.

Entry is via a swipe card, just like the ST at Ewood. Waft it close to a detector/reader and it lets you in. Smoking is allowed in the concourse, but not once you are seated. The men's loos are OK, don't know about the other set. I suppose the only negative comment I could make was that last year the police tried to make Ian, Bjarte and me walk halfway to Ashton Under Lyne after the match.

By Train

The closest station is Ashburys which is on the line from Piccadilly to all points east and our lovely white rose neighbours in Yorkshire. However there is little point in getting a train to there because by the time you have waited for your connection at Piccadilly you could have walked it.

From the south and west you will probably arrive at Piccadilly. Start walking east & follow the crowds. You could always try walking along the footpath of the Ashton canal which goes past both Piccadilly and the stadium.

From the north (Blackburn) and east you will probably arrive at Manchester Victoria. Head off to the left of the CIS Tower (the tall one) and keep it on your right hand side and walk up Miller Street and then carry on in a straight line past the legendary "Band On The Wall," cross Oldham Road until you meet the crowds walking eastwards (to your left.)

By Coach

The newly revamped Chorlton Street Coach Station is close to Piccadilly Station so just down wander to the train station (downhill past The Churchill pub) and follow the instructions above.

By Car

The City Of Manchester Stadium is at the junction of the A 662 Ashton New Road and the A6010 Alan Turing Way. Due to pressure from the residents of the area around the stadium, Manchester City Council, has imposed a "restricted parking zone" which applies on match days. You park, you get towed away to the compound in Miles Platting where you will have to wade through industrial waste while being threatened by rabid alsations before some mouth-breather allows you to reclaim your car for £100 or something. Similarly if you risk parking at the massive Asda/Wal-Mart next door you will get clamped/towed.

Park up somewhere safer and walk.

Or park near a Metro station, go to to Piccadilly and take it from there.


click on the route map

or catch a bus using this journey planner

Journey planner

The COMS' postcode is M11 3FF.

For Disabled With A Car

I've e-mailed City's disabled supporters club contact for details but (as yet) have had no reply.

By Local Bus

Go to Piccadilly Gardens and ask. You'll probably not need to, as you will be able to follow all the City fans.

Alternatively you can look here to find out where to catch a bus to the COMS

buses to the COMS

The buses take cash and give change. As with all bus drivers if you haven't got change and have to hand then a fiver or a tenner they will roll their eyes and give you your change in

copper which will match your weight.

By Canal

From Yorkshire, the Ashton and Rochdale canals go pretty darn close, with the former only within spitting distance. From Blackburn, join the Leeds & Liverpool next to the Infirmary, south to Preston, across the Ribble estuary, down to Wigan, join the Bridgewater to Manchester then head east. You'll be there in no time at all if you set off the week before.


If you arrive at Victoria go past the CIS building, up Miller Street and then turn left onto Rochdale Road, You will very soon come to "The Beer House." on your left. A bit further along Rochdale Road, also on your left, you will come to "The Marble Arch." Both are known for their spendid ranges of ales, beers, stouts and lagers.The latter is famous for its sloping floor which makes you think you are as ###### as a fart after only a couple of pints. It is worth a visit as it was boarded up and left to rot in the 1950s. It was restored in the 1980s and when the plywood and chipboard was taken away there was a perfectly preserved Victorian pub. A trick that Paul Daniels would be proud of.

If you arrive at Piccadilly I suggest you try the "Bull's Head" which is across London Road from the station (next door to the old fire station, which has some mighty statues of bare & pneumatic ladies on the architecture.) An alternartive could be the hard to find "Jolly Angler" on Ducie Street close to Piccadilly Station. Worth the hunt, if you want a fine pint of real ale (Hydes) in a basic pub. Don't bother if you want a bottle of gassy lager with a slice of lemon stuck down the neck, strobe lights and a juke box.

Of course there are many pubs in the centre of Manchester. These four are just my favourites. Pubs between the centre of Manchester and the stadium may be no-go areas so tread gently.

Web links to Manchester pubs

ex-student's ramblings


("all venues" choose "pubs", "all areas" choose "city centre")

Scottyweb? Good Lord, it can't be?

also useful if you want to learn about a pink pylon.

a select few more

Massive thanks go out to Colin for writing this Entry

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Very little to add to that excellent (if a little surreal at times) entry from Colin, possibly only that in a recent years a grwoing number of Rovers fans have been found drinking on Deansgate (using the Moon On The Under Water, a massive Wetherspoons at the top of Deansgate, as a starting point) before and after the match.

Also. the bus on the way back happens to stop outside the Dry Bar, which as well as being a great bar was also once owned by factory records and is where Sean Ryder (alledgedly) tried to shoot Tony Wilson.

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"The Moon Under Water" to be Mr Fuss-Pot.

That's the one, ta.

"Surreal?" I never mentioned the haddock once.

Ok, prehaps not sureal, but how many ground guides can boast directions by canal ! Or the location of the nearest abbotior ?

Anyway, thanks again Colin.

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