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[Archived] Chelsea 4 - 0 Rovers


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--------- Friedel ---------

Neill -- Amoruso -- Short -- Gray

--------- Flitcroft ---------

Emerton -- Ferguson -- Douglas -- Djorkaeff

--------- Dickov -----------

I would imagine Premiership managers looking at line-up and rubbing their hands with glee. If we are honest, that team would struggle in the first division.

Somehow, we have to scramble for points until January and then hope that the board releases funds for at least four new players.

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Think Amo is unlikely to start for us unless injuries happen.

Tood and Short in the centre with Matteo back up.

I just look at our team and think what a load of sh*t. Think Jim is correct if there is cash we must give it to Hughes- we are a club going nowhere.

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------------  Brad  -------------

---  Neill  -  Short  -  Todd  -  Gray  ---

Bert  -    Flitcroft    -  Ferguson  -  Reid

---------- Djorkaeff ------------

----------  Stead  -------------

No wonder Rovers are in trouble we have the guy on the left playing in our team

user posted image

..although it does explain last Saturday's performance sad.gif

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Think Chealsea will be fired up after losing to Man City, but Europe could hopefully take its toll on a few players.

Saying that, what about Hughes! Wouldn't like to be on the end of a pre-match speech after the poor show at boro game.

I hope that Saturdays result will give our lads the kick up the a** they need in order to lift their heads and play with some form of teamwork.

Watched Portsmouth yesterday and the way Rednapp has them playing and passing esp is amazing considering the players they have. Barring a few (Berger, Berkovic?).

I say 2-1 rovers on Sat. Celebrations all round, get our season on track.

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Maybe those willing to pay the extotionate amount for the ticket will be willing to pay for a 'line' to ease the pain of certain defeat and line the players (Chelski) noses even more.

'Can we take a snuff for you...?'

Can we take a snuff for you...?'


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Even with a Champions League hangover, Chelski will still pose an enormous threat to us and I really can't see us getting anything out of this... unsure.gif The way our defence folds with ease doesn't bode well with the likes of Kezman, Gudjohnsen, Lampard and Duff attacking it.

Maybe this??


Reid Short Todd Gray

Emerton Ferguson Thompson Gamst-Pedersen

Gallagher Stead

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Can't help thinking we are going into Saturday's match like the 'stooge' team involved in Harlem Globetrotter exhibition games. Can we just not bother turning up and give them the 3pts...just seems a bit pointless traveling all that way for a good thumping. sad.gif

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Chelsea will be quaking in their boots what with our record down there and the fact they are on a losing run of 1 and after a hard Champions League game. Everything points to an away win.......so my prediction is s 3-0 Chelsea with Neill sent off for Rovers.

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There is a slim chance of a draw, nevermind a win.

Play some youngsters to get some experience or for the love of god play MGP or De Pedro. I know they are both probably rubbish but who knows, maybe they will pull out some of their tricks.

What am I thinking, Chelsea should just put on a 3rd striker and let the goalie sit this one out; the water bottle will do just fine in his place.

Blackburn 1 - 5 Chelsea

Freidel scores a goal on a long clearance that knocks over the water bottle.

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Message to Roman Abramovich: Слушайте здесь римско, мы приходим вниз на субботу и мы намереваемся дело. Вспугните, очень вспугните. Приходят на вас син!

Listen here Roman, we are coming down on Saturday and we mean Business. Be scared, be very scared. Come on you Blues!


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