Greatest Ever Team
Eddie Latheron

SIMON GARNERS 194 - Edwin Gladstone Latheron was born in Grangetown,North East England and joined Blackburn Rovers in 1906 almost by accident.He was discovered when visiting Blackburn to play for Grangetown against Blackburn Crosshill in an FA amatuer cup tie.Rovers had originally gone to watch another player but it was Latheron who caught their eye and Rovers paid 25 to bring him to Ewood!

A skilful inside forward who,despite his lack of height, was good in the air he possessed fantastic ball control coupled with a fine shot on him.... he quickly established himself as a fans favourite with the Blackburn public.A prolific goalscorer himself, he was claimed never to be a selfish player and always prepared to do the 'fetching and carrying' for other team mates.

Without question a driving force(alongside Crompton) behind the all conquering pre war Rovers Championship sides of 1912 and 1914 he was capped twice by England and represented the football League.

At the height of his powers Eddie played his last game for Rovers on March 17th 1917.Five days later he went to fight for Queen and Country in the trenches of France and tragically just seven months later he was killed by a German shell.He left a widow and a young child.....he was just 28.

Played league football for Rovers between 1906-1915, made a total of 282 appearances in all competitions and scored an impressive 104 goals.

Al - Even I am far too young to have seen Eddie Latheron and even my Dad, who still goes to every home match, says he can't remember him.
However both my Grandads, who sadly are now deceased, used to rave about him. From what they said he was a genuine box to box midfielder who would tackle, pick the ball up in defence and bring it tirelessly forward to give it to a forward or have a go at goal himself. Apparently he had a good goalscoring record in his own right.
All hearsay I'm afraid but it's the best I can do lads and lasses.

bazza - My father was born in 1902 and watched the two championship-winning sides etc. and always raved about Eddie Latheron. Dad died in 1965.

My father-in-law who is now 80 told me recently that when he was a boy in the early thirties, he came home one saturday from Ewood and his grandad said "How did Latheron play?" Of course Latheron had died in World War I. Silly old goat.

bob fleming - My other midfielder will be Eddie Latheron - I thank SG194's piece on page one of this thread for that. He won two league titles and he only cost 25. (That's the equivalent of 47.63 in today's money - show's how times have changed).

philipl - Latheron the lynchpin of the Championship winning sides before the first War.