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  2. I know Louie has been training with the first team lately, have to wonder if maybe that's playing on his mind so he's trying to over-do things and making mistakes in the process? If so he needs to sort out that mentality cos he definitely has the ability to make it as long as he keeps his head on straight.
  3. It will be the tractor version of our Crooke...just comes on here and publishes it. Hope he makes a contribution to the running of the board...
  4. Fair enough. Thanks for sharing. How long will the complete refurbishment take?
  5. He wasnt lucky at all to get the job IMO. He fitted what they want at that time. Wilder big money signings havent work. But the job he has done there as been wonderful and he deserve a chance to bring them back up.
  6. Well I wouldnt have signed him as we have a couple of young keepers already in the squad/under 23's.
  7. Going back to the season... Rovers need to win the next two, and hope everybody ahead of us on the table goes nowhere, for us to move into a playoff place. Honestly, we could win our next three; we’ve won 7 of our last 9 possible points, I could easily see us winning 7 of the next 9. Heady days, indeed, for our Rovers. COYB!
  8. Tony and Tesco down to B&Q next week for a few bags of sand, fertiliser and a few bags of turfline should do the trick. Stick the 2m in the pension pot. Benno makes the brews, brings the wheelbarrow and runs to the bookies for the lads like.
  9. This is always us. Look back at league tables over the past few months and also the finishing tables for the last 2 seasons...we lose as many as we win. So much so I'm getting suspicious
  10. EU falling out with AZ. Sluggish roll out of the vaccine. Disgruntled eu members....oh dear...trouble at mill....
  11. That gave me a smile. I think Dominion will have a good case too and hopefully nail RG. That and an incitement charge will do nicely. If RG has a cupboard that should be opened too.
  12. Sorry no, just watched the highlights, and that was utterly criminal from Branthwaite. Might honestly be one of the worst tackles (if you call it that?) I've ever seen delivered from someone in a Rovers shirt. I am the biggest fan in the world of old school hard tackles, but you don't raise your boot in the air like that, ever. No I don't think it was purposefully malicious, but something has gone very wrong in his training if he hasn't been told that is never acceptable no matter what. And then to be honest Everton have to answer for that.
  13. And there it is. The same link I provided yesterday https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/may/12/equalities-watchdog-drops-plan-for-tory-islamophobia-inquiry You provide the facts over and over again and it still doesn't penetrate
  14. Yesterday
  15. Vauxhall's remaining 2 UK plants are very vulnerable as well.
  16. Uk manufacturers demanding that the government invest hugely in a UK battery research and production programme. Which is another way of saying "we need a big bung."
  17. Therese Coffey's interview with Piers Morgan was another train wreck in the history of the worst Cabinet in living memory. You couldn't blame Morgan for any of it. When she realised she'd put her foot in it she just accused him of being insulting and hung up! Bit of irony in her blaming obesity as a factor for Britain having the worst death rate in the world! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/13840346/piers-morgan-gmb-interview-ends-mp-therese-coffey/
  18. Ok Gav I'll leave it there. Have a Google though at The EHRC----there's good reason to doubt its even-handedness in these matters. For a start Its explanation that there was no point in examining the issue when the Tory Party was looking into its own misdemeaners reads very thin to me. And also don't forget the the EHRC's budget has been slashed by Tory governments from £71M under Labour to £17M now. Its lost staff and is much less able to hold transgressors to account.
  19. We have a 40% win record this time round which doesn't sound bad, but the problem is that up until yesterday we'd lost as many as we'd won hence the reason we're languishing some way outside the play offs.
  20. Pep Guardiola: "Sam Allardyce Is a Genius"
  21. That's great news and tends to confirm the view of some that the owners always provide money when asked. There's only one missing ingredient!
  22. I agree with you but clearly there are many posters on here who are judging him on results and suggesting he is a poor manager but a 43% win record is not a bad defence.
  23. Interesting editorial. I like how they view themselves as the voice of the fans, especially in a season when there are none.
  24. She’s fully recovered thankfully Rev 👍
  25. I'm not sure if I was posting in the right thread either! On Kier, I've been very impressed with his no nonsense approach to anti-Semitism, Long Bailey was sacked and quite right too, he also settled the court cases for unfair dismissal and bullying linked to Corbyn and his cronies, he can't do much more than that, drawing a line under the whole sorry episode. On Islamophobia, I saw an interview with Caroline Waters from EHRC, she was on the daily politics show the day the report into Labour came out. When asked why they hadn't investigated the Tories, her answer was they didn't hav
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