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  1. I would be more than surprised if we got £30 million for Armstrong. In fact I think it's pie in the sky talk and putting that price on him because West ham bid 30 million for someone else. Watkins went to Villa for around that amount and he is a far more rounded and complete player than Armstrong. If ofered that, we absolutely have to accept it. Especially in today's market.
  2. Absolutely not. Look at their careers Ward and Greer were two of the worst centre halves I have ever seen
  3. Although you said in the other thread this season is over. So you surely got to take that money then? While it's being offered
  4. The thoughts of that are too good to be true. There's no way he's coming back
  5. If he was sold , which would be disappointing to lose the top scorer , I would be hoping at least £20 million would be reinvest this window. Difficult to see that happening though
  6. You don't see why we can't sign good defenders who aren't in their last legs? Ya I agree with you there, but we don't, hence why I suggested him. I'm not saying he's better than Ruben Diaz or Van Djik. Yes he was a regular, but how many Derby games would people, including yourself,have watched beyond highlights? Be honest. I would prefer a short term fix of a proper defender, rather than resorting back to Johnson in February, which is inevitably going to happen. Anyway, as I said above, he had joined Huddersfield, so let's see how he goes there.
  7. Ya, it's so unfortunate what happened there. Hopefully he bounces back
  8. He has a lot to offer though, in spite of his technical limitations. We just have too many injury prone defenders. How good they are is pretty irrelevant, because they never seem to get going. Williams and Ayala the worst. I would imagine a lot of managers wouldn't bother with them because of that. Hopefully Wharton doesn't fall into that category.
  9. Keogh and his 3 different personalities sign for Huddersfield 🤣 So conversation over I suppose
  10. Schindler and Sarr would arguably make our side with everybody fit. Although I do agree that Ayala is good, it's just there appears to be a major issue there with how many games he will play. I would actually say Keogh is a bit of a donkey on the ball alright, but he brings an awful lot to the table defensively and that's why he has had the career he has had.
  11. Well his strengths are definitely his leadership/organisational qualities. He's not Baresi when it comes to technical ability. What is it we need only exactly the qualities he has though? Bit of strange snobbish attitude from some fans on this I think. Let's see how he goes at Huddersfield. Who as I mentioned, have better centre halves than us currently. He's certainly not going there to sit on the bench. He said he wants to get back in the Ireland squad and if he does, it will be one of Lenihan and Williams who drops out of the squad (if they are even worthy of getting in what is a ver
  12. I couldn't find any link to him anywhere. Sounds like he is decent though.
  13. Ya, fact. Around 7pm. If the rain in Lancashire is as bad as it has been here and with the state of the pitch the last day, I would say the groundsaff will be earning their wages to get it playable.
  14. No, unfortunately not. Looks like he is off to Huddersfield and we probably won't bring another centre half in.
  15. Ah that reliable source. See my post above He's good enough for Huddersfield anyway by the sounds of it, who already have better centre halves than us.
  16. While at Derby, he was named player of the year twice, fans player of the year once ,players player of the year 3 times and got in the championship team of the season once. Got into the play offs with them 3 times. The majority of which time he was captain. So therefore I find some of these comments odd and pretty ill informed. He also won the player of the year award at Carlisle, Bristol city and Coventry at least once while he played with them.
  17. I really don't get the error prone stuff, but not to sound smart, but ye really wouldn't have watched him very much, would you? There is a reason why he wins POTY so often and it's cos he's really not error prone. He's actually very steady. Anyway, I'm not saying he's the best out there, but he's available for a reasonable enough amount , has experience at this level, high level experience and the reality is we will probably end up with nobody. I think til the end of the season, he would be the absolute finest. We could have Johnson back there in February,ya know what I mean?
  18. He's twice the centre half Lenihan is. Even at 34 I'd say, after that injury.
  19. Have you heard me comment on Lenihan and Williams? I wouldn't say I give any favour. I have just seen plenty of Keogh and I have to say I was impressed. My mates would say I am the most critical about the Irish football team and players out of all of us 😂 So it's funny that people here think I'm biased. Ya, unreal. Testament to his character to get back to the championship after that, at his age, via league 1. Many players wouldn't have.
  20. Nyambe pushed Johnson for their goal. Like, why? It's not the first time I have seen our players push each other going up for stuff. It's just a lack of cohesion. I know clown pants was a gobshite, but didn't he get the group out doing team binding and stuff like that? We always seem so close to the payers dropping their heads and not fighting for each other. Any little setback or something goes against us and boom, there it is. I don't think Mowbrays attitude with his favourites and some being untouchable helps. The team spirit on the field seems very fragile.
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