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  1. Each to their own, but I think you are setting yourself up to be disappointed... We're probably the fifth or sixth best team in it, stand a small but decent chance of nicking it. Whats the point in pretending we have a better chance than we do? It's an act of self harm!
  2. This sort of thinking is totally mad. We're in the easier half of the draw, but still have a couple of teams of similar quality to us in our side of the draw (Germany, Netherlands). Then in the final we are likely to play a team who look stronger than us (France or Belgium). Just basic stats means we have a 10-20% chance winning at absolute best. How anyone can think we should win it defies logic.
  3. It's only worth changing the manager if we can appoint someone better. Just changing the manager for the sake of it doesn't get us anywhere. If we get narrowly shaded by the Germans I'm sure Southgate would keep his job. If we get battered he'll be under pressure. Problem for England is we've tried all sorts over the last 55 years, none of them have really looked convincing. Maybe Venables. Loads of people wanted Robson sacked before Italia 90. Id just stick with Southgate, no harm in trying a longer term option as long as he keeps beating who we expect to beat. Germany is
  4. Yes I think basically he's been told to play almost like a third CB, and Shaw given licence to come forward. When we played against Czech we seemed to change between a back four and back three quite a lot to beat the Czech press and pass around them and it worked well. Southgate gets a lot of abuse but he's tactically innovative. I think the Germans are a bit worried about our tight defence, solid game and counter attacking style being a difficult proposition for them. Makes a change to usual German confidence!
  5. Personally I sort of agree with your side but I reckon theres more chance of Elvis turning up to referee the game than us playing only one holding player. Rice or Henderson will definitely play alongside Philips. We've played two holders against Scotland and Czechs - we're definitely going to do it against Germany! Similarly Walker will definitely play at right back for defensive reasons. Southgate has got a massive decision on the attacking mids. Sterling is definitely playing. But the other two spots could be any of Mount, Foden, Saka and Grealish. Personally I thought Saka was bri
  6. Southgates thinking, which I agree with, will be this is a shaky Germany side who will give you chances to score. They are not defensively solid. England on the other hand are. So if we keep our shape and work hard we will get opportunities, we don't need to chase the game. Similar really to how France played them in the opening game. It's not really about fearing Germany, it's more about what will be effective.
  7. I think Southgate has been playing a smart game. I reckon he knows what he's doing. He's going to play defensively, that's obvious. I don't think the Germans will like it, they annihilated Portugal (who were very gung ho) on the counter, so I don't think we will be seeking to emulate that.
  8. The big things beating Germany, we've never beaten one of the big nations in knockout (if you ignore Spain on penalties in '96) since 1966... If we manage that anything else is a bonus.
  9. Yeah they look all over the show. It's a 50-50 game. What's incredible is the side of the draw, the way things have worked out all the other big teams (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium) we can't play till the final. You say what you like about Southgate but he's a jammy manager.
  10. Same true of France, they ground out 2018 despite having the best squad by miles, and look keen to do the same this year. Teams can win through creative attacking football though, it's disingenuous to say you can't.... Germany 2014, Spain 2008-2012, Brazil 2002 were all very attacking.
  11. Yes, I also thought Calvert-Lewin should get some minutes. He's our plan B, is full of running and pressing, quality in the air. He's bound to make an appearance when we are chasing a game. It's a shame he's yet to get his boots dirty. Also hes sort of person you want on for the last half hour to inject some energy and raise the tempo which we sorely needed. Rashford is more of the same as we have and not really looked that effective for a long time for England. Kane looks dead on his feet... Agree he's pretty much undroppable though.
  12. Can't really agree with that to be honest, we're way too defensively compact. When we get beat it will be by a goal or two.
  13. Against Germany or Portugal I think we have a 50-50 chance. France more like 20%. With the defensive way we play it's got to be pretty likely we end up in penalty shootout.
  14. Annoying that after a great first half we were so muted in the second. Kane really doesn't look sharp. Big positives - Saka was excellent probably best anyone has played for England in this tournament, Maguire also really good. Surely Saka keeps his place? ITV suggesting Foden comes back in which would seem really strange to me.
  15. England look really impressive. Saka, Grealish and Stirling all excellent. Also Walker has defended really well, and Maguires passing has been great. Czechs restricted to only one decent chance, England should probably have got three.
  16. Teams out... Everyone saying it's 4231 but it could possibly be 343... Pickford Walker. Stones. Maguire Saka. Rice. Phillips. Shaw Stirling. Kane. Grealish.
  17. The Athletic is confident both Maguire and Grealish will start so I guess it's likely to be Pickford Trippier. Stones. Maguire. Shaw Rice. Philips Foden. Grealish. Stirling Kane Still think we would be better in a 343 personally, especially as we look very likely to play Germany in the next round, and there's no way we will be playing 4231 or 433 against them.
  18. With Mount likely to be out the question is who is going to slot into midfield and pass the ball? For all the attacking potential in the squad we are missing someone who can pass effectively forwards from deeper midfield positions. A Carrick type. Philips can maybe do that role based on his performance against Croatia, but against Scotland he was very negative.... My suspicion is if he is put under pressure he will play the simple sideways or backwards ball, Croatia just didn't pressure England. I suspect with Mount out we will just stick with Philips and Rice, but I would like
  19. To be fair to Belgium their side in the last 8 years has been phenomenal - way ahead of Turkey or whoever. But like England they haven't actually won anything or reached a final in the last 30 odd years whereas everyone else on that list has multiple times. I guess if we're saying Belgium shouldn't be on that list neither should England and that is the point I think.
  20. I've got the opposite view to be honest. We always pick the best players not the best team. France left out Cantona and Ginola for example. The priority is picking a team that works well as a group in the system. Weve always shoe horned players in and made it up as we've gone along into a tournament. One of Southgates strong points is prioritising the team imo. If we go out in the quarters and knock out Germany or Portugal on the way would be a result for me.
  21. Id love a statto out there to show a league table of world cup and euros/Copa between England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina over the last 30 years. England has to come bottom of that table I think? As you say England only beat Spain once in knockout, Argentina, Netherlands and Germany in group. Recently beat Spain again and Belgium but I'm not really sure Nations League counts. Only team that could give us run for money in rubbishness against the big guns is Belgium I think, and thats because they were terrible up until 2012ish, and
  22. As Gimores got it I will be amazed if no one else tests positive. More of a concern for Scotland than England. England can probably swap any player without hugely impacting the team, even Kane on current showings.
  23. Been listening to the bbc daily euros podcast which is really great. But I've been left a bit bemused as they keep on describing England as one of the favourites. If you take patriotic betting out if it we haven't been favourites at any stage for any sane person have we? We're way off France and now Italy have shown they are miles ahead of us, and Germany look ominous. Our qualifying/nations league performance wasn't even that strong. Been beaten by Czechs, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain in competitive games since the world cup. It's just relentless the way the media build
  24. Agree with you, but I get it's difficult for the manager. Southgate was getting a lot of criticism playing 343 earlier in qualifying. He can't win really. But that's the same for any manager, particularly international ones. But basically if I was him I would be looking at what has happened to England against Scotland, France Vs Hungary, Spain Poland, Germany Portugal and think this is a tournament that three at the back is going to do well. Why? I agree it's overlap in wide areas. Italy and Germany have absolutely tormented teams with it. I reckon Southgate will switch. In
  25. My general impression is 433 / 4231 is struggling at this tournament against back threes (similar to Rovers last season in that regard) - France, Portugal, Spain have all suffered. Italy and Germany are playing well with 343. And England got to the semis at the world cup with 352 under Southgate so it's hardly new to us. I'd change up, with the option to go back to a 433 if it's a mess. Pickford Stones Rice Mings Trippier Mount Phillips Shaw Stirling Kane Grealish We have played three at the back frequent
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