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  1. Terrible decision to send off the Southampton player, football is going downhill....fast
  2. Very poor half from us. Dolan and Travis Breeeereton on at start of second half please
  3. Picture quality is shocking at the moment. Never had this issue previously.
  4. Into the valley, great song by the Skids, takes me back to some good times. TM Masquerading as a manager, earning more than a yankee dollar, living in sweet suburbia, he should be sent to live on Iona on his own. That's my Skids knowledge done, I'm sure there's more. In the words of Mr. Jobson, Goodbye Civilian, pity it's not Goodbye Tony! I'll get my coat on the way out!! Taffy's 1 Rovers 1
  5. Terrible refereeing display during first half of City v Dortmund game.
  6. I'll drive him up there for £8 million.
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