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  1. Yep, fair enough, nail on head. That was the one of the main reasons given for the poll results, people just don't have the stomach for another referendum. But regardless, minimal leave voters have changed their mind, a large portion of remain voters are saying let's just stick with it for now and see where we end up, I just take issue with this notion that there's a huge swell to reverse the decision.....because that's simply not the case. I'm not saying it's going swimmingly......because it's clearly not.....but you know, so far we have Q1 during a lockdown in a global pandem
  2. Does the fact that we're even mentioning such a thing - (and I'm with you btw) - not show how confident we are in our team's abilities in these situations.
  3. I don't relish being that guy, but the polls don't bear that out. In fact, even polls of remainers asked would they vote to rejoin, trend towards a negative answer. I've inadvertently given you the repost you desire. And I'd hypocritically also like to point out that Brexit chat is best done in the Brexit thread. 😜
  4. I make Germany favourites and don't hold out much hope. But the trade off compared to the other side of the draw means we've got to be happy with what's on offer. It's like a poker hand, the pot odds are massive here, we might only be holding a pair of 3's, but that wins sometimes, and the rewards look very juicy. Scrape past the Germans with a home crowd at Wembley, and we could run deep again in consecutive tournaments. That was a pipe dream 5 years ago. I'm staying positive.
  5. That's a year or so before the injury. Rumour was it was lined up for the January window, and then Dack got injured just before Xmas. Stands to reason they could have come back in for him though. We just never had it confirmed past rumours on here.
  6. Interesting story happening in South Africa in the equivalent of our Championship trying to get into the top league. As far as I can tell Royal AM finished top of league on 51pts versus 2nd place on 50 pts, and celebrated promotion. The league authorities then decided the 2nd place team's opponent in a loss back in January hadn't fielded the right amount of U23 players and retrospectively awarded the 3 pts to them, thus making them league winners, and putting Royal AM in the playoffs. Royal AM have tried to fight it in Court, been ruled against. They turned up to their first
  7. Nope, you absolutely do not. It's a free Country, and you are free to pick and choose what you post and comment on. The only thing being, you lose a lot of credibility by choosing to focus on one and ignore the other. Particularly in this instance when it's the exact same issue, and direct comparisons can be made. It could be fudged as a grey area when it was anti-Semitism v Islamophobia, as although both are forms of xenophobia, there is a distinct difference. But once we find ourselves in the realm of Islamophobia v Islamophobia, you are painting yourself into a corner
  8. How does Murphy not think that's a pen. He's stamped on his ankle. What does it matter if the ball has gone. You get off the ball penalties all the time.
  9. I will be disappointed if Grealish isn't on by 70th min. I have a suspicion Gareth might not put him on at all again.
  10. 🤣🤣 They should have said that then, 'Savage is annoying me'. But they didn't, they all cried about bias and impartiality. Gtf! Edit: I'd love to have a few pints with Savage. Would be good crack I reckon.
  11. Everyone getting all twisted other day over Robbie Savage's bias for Wales. But we all love Wrighty giving it the big un for England. 😂😂 4-0. Double standards much.
  12. My word, just had a look. He really likes the sound of his own opinion. Wish he'd get off his high horse, it's nauseating. He's basically just a member of an OCG that has turned witness protection. Just give us all the dirt you got and jog on sunshine. He truly believes everyone is hanging on his every word. Like he's re-inventing the wheel. In fact don't bother telling us the dirt Dom, just hand over your phone and fuck off! We'll sort the rest. Muppet.
  13. Not if Southgate's responsible for 2 of them. He only won 1 in 90 mins, and that was against a pretty average Sweden side. Thinking about it, when Southgate was playing in 96 we didn't win in 90 min either.
  14. Does he show proof that Hancock lied? That was the main accusation in the hearing. That the chair asked if he could verify, and he said he'd go away and look. All the mud slinging is good fun, but they need to produce a smoking gun. Where's Starmer gone with his "let the bodies pile high" witnesses? People keep insinuating they've got the goods and then produce nothing. Makes no sense. A hammer blow would probably topple this regime. I'm beginning to think no one has an ace up their sleeve.
  15. Has everyone had a bang to the head and got long term memory loss. I fear just about anyone! Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany.... Do we have a talented enough squad to beat them all? Sure. No doubt. Would I expect us to beat them in a crunch knockout match? When the pressure is on? Not confident....at all. I know where my money would be if I want to make a profit.
  16. Ha, all of a sudden could be 2-0. Football eh.
  17. Incredibly childish, but it gives me a chuckle. 🤷‍♂️
  18. So, if this footage of live bats at the Wuhan Institute in 2017 is authentic and verified, then we really do have some issues to deal with. Peter Daszack - the man responsible for securing the funding for the WIOV, the man who organised and signed off the scientist's letter in the Lancet last spring, and the man who was a major part of the WHO investigation team - has categorically stated on various occasions that no bats (dead or alive) were housed at the lab. In fact, he patronisingly (as is his style) called us all stupid for even thinking such a thing as "That's not how scienc
  19. Looks sharp doesn't he. Both been poor, but he's twice the player SG is. Should be ahead of him on the team sheet every time.
  20. Spain are the dullest team in the World to watch. Obviously, it partly the oppositions fault each time as their fear makes them sit with banks in own half. Either way, it's a crap spectacle for a neutral.
  21. 57% possession, 2-0 loss. Sounds familiar.
  22. Ah, exactly though Mike, they attack the person, not the cause. It's always pretty stuff like "Why don't they give some of their money away?" , or "Like to see them put up some refugees in their mansion!" Almost accepting the cause is just, but attacking the celeb as a champagne socialist. In this instance it's more "But...but Jaz-Z and Dr. Dre are billionaires, so this systematic racism didn't stop them did it!" Subtle difference. It attacks the message. Like 2 or 3 examples somehow proves something. Ironically, it proves the opposite. How come you only have a handful of exampl
  23. He's not talking about himself necessarily, he's referencing the tens of millions of black people that might not have been as fortunate as him. Equality for them. Did you think this was a campaign to get every black person a private jet? 🤔 I mean, so far off the top of my head we got Lewis, Jay-Z, and Oprah. Guess equality isn't too far off.......🙄 P.S. Bob Geldolf has campaigned continuously to try and end World poverty. You don't hear people shouting "Yeah, but he's not skint is he, why am I giving money to him?!"
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