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  1. Tried normal login and Facebook same error 🤯. Emailed them yesterday but still not heard back
  2. Anyone else tried to sign up for the fa player to watch the game? Tried several times to sign up and get this error 🤯. Anyone know if they show it live on YouTube?
  3. In and out of the team but missed a few games due to an injury.
  4. Remember Maglores loan ends on Saturday I beleive so I guess Tonys thinking is let Carter go out and get some experince and have Maglore on the bench and training with the 1st team and see where he is after his experience on loan? I have preferred Maglore to Carter to what I have seen so far.
  5. Playing the Tugay aka Holtby role from what I could make out 😳
  6. Man Utd are trying to loan out Phil Jones and apparently willing to pay most of his wages. Gotta be worth an enquiry at least?
  7. I thought players asking the ref to book and or send players off was supposed to be a yellow card?
  8. Jesus!, you know it is a soft pen and red card when the BBC stick up for us!
  9. I think it proved yesterday and whilst we lose something going forward surely we are better having Nyambe play centre back and have round peg in a square hole at RB. Who would you play there? I think the options currently are Buckley, Downing and apparently Johnson has played there a few times or Pike I have heard good things about him but should we give him a chance now? I dont think Carter is ready to play centre back. What would you do presuming Williams is not ready?
  10. Lets just hope he is still Slim! and has been keeping himself fit!
  11. It is very strange seeing Olivia out with her mates on the show and the the following day seeing one of those mates at my gym the following day! See her there all the time! This weeks highlights Brad likes to be called Daddy ?
  12. Not a bad Season! Won the Prem and The Champions League and thrashed good teams in The Semi and Final! I am now cash rich and just signed the player that has been the Golden Boot winner 3 years running! Lenihan and Travis are still first choice starters and Arma and Dack regular subs. Nyambe still plays the odd game! Tosin is also a regular sub. Anyone else had any major success with players that Play for Rovers?
  13. Please dont same that name on this board ???
  14. Just tell the missus it is a reality show and you are sorted ?
  15. So whos going to be watching? ?‍♂️#guilty
  16. Talking of Oil Tankers I was speaking to an old school oil tanker earlier this week Per Mertesacker!
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