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  1. Frightening thought isn't it. A soulless 20k concrete bowl in the middle of fecking nowhere just off the M65...our very own 'Breezeblock' OH JOY!
  2. It's rather odd isn't it. Are these the same people who verbally attacked the protesters when it was clear as day that wrong was being done to the Club they support?.Do they mistakenly see any questioning of the Club as an attack on its infrastructure...why? Are these same people like that in life in general,do they believe everything they are told,are they afraid to question what they maybe see as higher authority? How can any Rovers fan not want to know the real score on this evolving story.Strange society we are living in these days.
  3. I think we are going to hammer them 4-0. The Tomo Rollercoaster™ will come to a halt and begin it's ascent....the anticipation is simply mouth watering. Mark my words Padawan... The Mowbray flag will fly once more. 🤩
  4. I applaud your heartfelt request darrenrover but fear it will fall on deaf Ears. With over £200 Million invested,this should have been so so much better for ALL concerned.
  5. My worst fears coming to fruition,a complete dumbing down of standards and expectations throughout the Club...once lost there is very little chance of comeback to 'what we once were'. Looking through this veil of stability that has shrouded our Club these last few years,there was always a sneaking feeling something possibly underhand was going on.We maybe are about to see that veil drop and our fears realized. Make no mistake it's happening,right here,right now.
  6. I have decided I will be putting my nuts through a rusty washing Mangle on the night...should be a lot more fun.
  7. Truly pathetic this. Another weekend ruined...stop the ride,I want to get off.
  8. Only made a statement on the upkeep/state of Ewood when fans kicked up a fuss..they are consistent on communications! Hmmm...Housing Estate or Chicken Processing Plant?
  9. Need a statement from the club asap regarding this.Don't trust this lot one iota.
  10. Bloody well better than what we are getting atm...including a Manager who looks and sounds like he gives a toss.l like most on here want to start believing in the Club again. Dare we challenge the footballing behemoths of Swansea,Bournemouth et al...JHC!!
  11. Will the Mowbray Rollercoaster ™ start on its ascent up or continue its downward decent?....roll that Dice. Just don't have a ferkin clue what to expect anymore tbh.
  12. Apparently Klopps Mother passed away last week and the poor fella was unable to attend her funeral...he must be devastated,damn sure I'd be.
  13. Still can't get over how bad we looked at the back last night..was like watching the Keystone Cops.Kaminski looked like he had no belief in those in front of him.
  14. Has he not gone yet?...I can't wait to see and listen to a new manager in charge. I want to start believing in this Club again.
  15. This simply cannot be used as an excuse NOT to have him removed.Decisive action needed now while we still have a sniff of top six.
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