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  1. I made a vow to not watch or listen to anything related to the abomination that is ‘The Hundred’ and it has helped my rage levels immensely. By the same token I’ve not read or watched/listened to anything coming out of the mouth of this fella all pre season, here’s hoping I can keep it up until he finally departs.
  2. It’s looking ominous. The fact when it was brought up in the Fans Forum, the response was just ‘no update’. No commitment to the site as it stands or a mea culpa of any sort.
  3. I’d say it’s deeper than that. I’ll use my dad as an example, he’s always been a glass half empty type, saw Venky’s as an existential threat almost straight away. I can remember him post that West Ham game at Ewood in the snow very early on under Kean saying the ‘club is in danger here’. Walking up Bolton Road after Wigan saying ‘I’ll never see us in the PL again’. Post Brentford, ‘there won’t be a Rovers in a decade’s time’ So, you’d imagine such a fella would be aghast with what’s happened over the past couple of years? Not a bit of it, now he seems to just accepted that we are now a non event of a football club, he had a go at the fans for not buying STs, he won’t have a word said against Mowbray. He’s not alone, most of my away match crew are of the same mind. These owners have done far more harm than just driving thousands away, they’ve lowered expectations and standards across the board - and it’s why Brockhall will eventually be flogged off with minimal protest.
  4. Without doubt Mark. For a club with our catchment area and rapidly changing demographics in the town we just couldn’t afford a decade like this. We’ll never get back to where we were in the late 2000s. They’ve wrecked the fanbase beyond repair.
  5. That message from ‘Dack’ via email is so shoddy. Even the ‘handwriting style’ font can’t save it. Rushed out in panic with a week to go, shades of ‘the £10k raffle’. Such an embarrassingly poor operation down there these days.
  6. Thought we were on ‘a journey’, ‘a slow build’, ‘the owners had to be told to slow down’ ?
  7. ‘Supporters need to welcome back The Venkeys’ Hmmm, I’m sensing a bit of WUM-ery here.
  8. So is that fewer sold than Burnley, PNE, Blackpool, Bolton, Wigan and just a couple of thousand more than the mighty Accy and Morecambe? A disastrous decade nearly summed up.
  9. IMO, the adverts on the forum are now less invasive, as they are stacked at the bottom of the page instead of those pop ups (seems to be less of those?).
  10. According to Birdy it’s re-opening in September.
  11. Bit like when folk try and claim Stanley (third team to come out of Accrington as late as 1968) as being ‘Founder Members’
  12. It’s a politicians answer. Kick the can down the road and everything that is to be ‘looked into’ will be forgotten by the next meeting as there will be a new agenda with the season underway. Just a sham of a ‘forum’.
  13. Sure I read STs were late on sale and/or well down in numbers sold? Ergo, like us, ST sales drop, so do crowds.
  14. Always nice to see new contributors. 😁
  15. Ok, still, a bit ‘negative’, of you, no?
  16. Weren’t you on the Mowbray thread the other day calling the set up ‘gutless and embarrassing’ ?
  17. Should we be keeping an eye on the Ribble Valley Council planning section?
  18. And that’s all I want, we *actually* didn’t have a pot to piss in through much of the 80s, but it was a club you were so proud to support. They did everything they could to put the most competitive team possible on to the pitch. In contrast, this present set up is a disgrace from top to bottom.
  19. It’s simply the content/social media manager on ‘the socials’ earning his corn, all about the ‘reach’ and ‘impressions’. So this has been a perfect campaign, right up the street of the FM/FIFA/insta generation.
  20. Really interesting piece. Hope he’s finding a bit of peace and contentment back home. On a side note, he’s not wrong, is he : "The higher up you go the more that gets coached into you. Don't lose the ball, don't run with the ball. Pass and move, pass and move. I was a winger who liked to run with it so that sort of stuff gets knocked out of you. You start to lose what got you there in the first place. "Did I ever enjoy it? Not really. I never came off the pitch thinking I had really enjoyed it. It is all tactical. Even now, when you watch a game of football, it is all tactics. We keep it for 10 minutes, you keep it for 10 minutes. Very few teams go for the jugular.”
  21. TM and Venus with their feet well under the table, 4 year (FOUR) deal for Pears, big wages for Ayala, Downing etc etc. The Teesside gravy train rolls ever on to Ewood.
  22. I know a fair few older folk who didn’t even know they were on sale until I told them. The marketing for your biggest revenue generator (TV rights aside) has to consist of more than a couple of emails, surely?
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