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  1. I’m fairly certain this has SOMETHING to do with the amount of rain. Doesnt get away from the obvious. The pitch has been terrible all season. Even against Wycombe, it was cutting up. Not seen a league pitch this bad since the late 90s. Feel sorry for the ground staff who clearly have no chance. There needs to be a massive re-think. Saw a video yesterday of Leicester’s new training complex. That is how you invest in a football club.
  2. He’s not denying all knowledge. He’s being selective with the truth, presumably to not reveal why we tried to sign a LB when we already have two on the books.
  3. With Dack and Travis returning, the priority is not central midfield. Certainly can’t justify spending a seven figure fee to add another option. It’s hard enough to pick a midfield as it is. Centre back is far more important.
  4. We don’t need another midfielder. There are many reasons to want Mowbray to go. This is not one of them. I’d argue that signing whiteman over a defender would be a far more legitimate reason for sacking him.
  5. When did we last sell a decent player? Of all the accusations to throw at Mowbray or Venkys, you can’t argue that they’ve shown willingness to sell our best players at the first opportunity. If Armstrong goes for good money to a prem team, so be it. It happens to all Championship clubs. I don’t want him to go and I’d be concerned where the money might end up, but I wouldn’t blame the club IF the offer is right. Hopefully we’ll hold on to him until the summer at least.
  6. Would have thought CB was the priority, not LB. As our first bid has been rejected, I assume it’s still unlikely that Pickering will sign but at least there’s some money about.
  7. She’s done the right thing and if it convinces one more person to take the vaccine, it’s worthwhile. Suggesting that she’s done anything more than what’s expected of her is where I disagree. Don’t want to drag this off topic so I won’t comment further.
  8. She’s done what she should have been expected to do. Nothing more. It’s 2021. For many people, myself included, the actions of the monarchy hold very little, if any relevance. You clearly feel otherwise which is fair enough.
  9. Proper leadership?! She’s done the minimum expected of her. Nothing wrong with that but stop suggesting that it’s anything more than it is.
  10. If Mowbray is the man I hope he is, he’ll walk. Forget all the nonsense about body language and comments in the press. That’s irrelevant. It’s all about results. Expectations were high going into this season and we’ve gone nowhere. I genuinely worry who’ll be brought in to replace him but the time might now be right to take the gamble.
  11. So what if we’re a bigger club? It’s not about how much bigger we are, it’s that we have, supposedly, far superior players that should have won that game. Our cup history is irrelevant. Right now, we’re no better than a league one team based on today.
  12. Well done. Tell you what, I’m now going to start chanting for our next manager to be sacked. And when that day comes, I’ll be on here to say I told you so..
  13. Get over it. History or no history, we’re no better than they are at the moment and have achieved next to nothing for a decade. Boasting that we were a big deal in 1891 isn’t much of a consolation right now.
  14. Doncaster. A new low. Never looked remotely good enough. Still unable to beat a team when they sit deep. No plan B, creativity, conviction or composure. We’re clearly not good enough to outplay teams when they have 11 men so let’s stop pretending that we can. I can’t remember us looking so shaky at the back in years. I’ve never hated watching us play so much as I have over the last 3 months. It’s utter torture. Get rid of Buckley. No idea what he’s meant to bring. The pitch is a disgrace.
  15. Kaminski’s has had injuries. A rare game to rotate so need to make the most of it. I’m surprised Mowbray didn’t go further. Worried about Lenihan and Johnson starting. One of them goes down and we’re in even bigger trouble.
  16. Don’t want to see a first team defender anywhere near the starting line up. If we lose Lenihan to injury we’re in a world of trouble. Rest the obvious candidates and see what Dolan can do with a first start in a while.
  17. Embarrassed to be British. Sickening to see our country fall to the hands of Farage. Brexiteers can have their day. I hoped we were better than this.
  18. It was terrible. Got plenty of time for Neil Yardley and even Warren. He’s not a natural commentator but brings passion to it. I’ve mostly disliked whenever they’ve put someone else in. Cunningham was the notable exception. At least have someone with personality.
  19. The issue for me is that the defence for Brexit has been an outdated notion of sovereignty and the argument that things won’t be AS BAD as the ‘remainers’ are suggesting. No mention of any tangible benefits. Hardly a compelling argument.
  20. Embarrassing to see a side shut up shop from the 6th minute. They got the result but acted like a lower league cup opponent. Very strange. Too blunt in attack and not sure about taking our biggest aerial threat off for another diminutive attacker. We’re not going up so it is what it is. Such a cheap goal to concede but when you only have one fit CB I guess it’s not surprising. Bottom line, we can’t keep conceding and expect to get back into games. We’re not solid enough and too often find ourselves with a mountain to climb. We also need a plan B going forward.
  21. I think issues like how Mowbray reacts on the sidelines or enthusiastic he is in pre match interviews is completely overblown. There are far, far bigger issues. Last night quietly demonstrated our strength in depth. Bringing Holtby, Downing and Trybull off the bench. I can’t imagine many sides in this division can do that. The 5-sub rule might start to really benefit us over Christmas. Concerned by Douglas. Offering nothing more than Bell at present.
  22. Awful performance but got the result. We won’t go much further if we keep having to rely on stealing games in stoppage time. Although it’s pleasing to see us get results after going behind. Other than Elliott, Kaminski, Nyambe and Armstrong, I honestly don’t care if any of the others are dropped for the weekend. The pitch looks shocking. A throwback to the mid 90s. Shame the team in blue and white couldn’t do the same..
  23. Nothing unlucky about it. It’s no coincidence that we’ve lost to Bournemouth, Watford, Bristol City, Norwich etc. We’re not good enough to compete at that end of the table. We beat the bad teams and lose to the good ones, where does that put us. More specifically, did Norwich ever look like giving us the chances that we gifted to them? No. Not solid enough full stop and no plan B in attack.
  24. We’re just not good enough for a sustained promotion push. Look at that sides we beat and the sides that beat us. Today epitomises it. Played quite well at times but not enough in the final third and too unreliable at the back. No plan B if Armstrong isn’t firing.
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