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  1. From the internet :) I just did a search for something like this.

  2. The inquest is ongoing. You can read about it here.
  3. That's because it's pastrami, not corned beef! Completely off topic but that made me laugh... And yes, I hope our Ruben is better than a Reuben sandwich...
  4. I feel sorry for the guy. What he did was wrong but it sounds like he had a bit of a breakdown. Not an excuse but people do strange things under huge stress like that.
  5. How is a professional footballer who played at the highest level in recent years now bankrupt? He must have earned more money than most of us can dream of in a lifetime... Utterly daft...
  6. The only massive impact will be when he falls over in training.
  7. What a sad waste of an incredible talent. Unless he pulls his socks up very, very soon he'll be out on his ear at Wet Spam and the next we'll see of him will be a balloon sized Benni on TV as a pundit. He's a fairly intelligent guy so why is he so bloody idiotic?
  8. I don't like the porn kings, never have, but I don't think Sullivan is wrong. I can't work out how Benni thinks having a quarter of his body weight in fat is ok and not detrimental to his performance. I'd be busting a gut to be fully fit to play Sunday League!
  9. I don't normally bet but I had £5 sitting in a Bet365 account from ages ago when England weren't on TV and the only way of watching was online. Bet365 had it on if you opened an account with a fiver. Thought I'd pick 5 horses for the Grand National at 50p each way. Last of the big spenders! Cue me walking away with nearly £17! Thanks Tony McCoy, I got in at 22/1 and also picked Big Fella Thanks... Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
  10. [quote name='Basturk4England' date='08 February 2010 - 19:33 PM' timestamp='1265657585' post='878807' All pales into insignificance though when you consider we've lost one of our own and a family has lost a son/brother/father/partner. It was just so avoidable. God bless you John. Agreed. What keeps ringing through my head is how do you explain to a young lad that his dad won't be coming home because some idiot threw a bin and it hit him on the head? Such a terrible shame for the family. The arm-band thing is a good idea btw.
  11. I don't know whether this should be posted here but we might take a lesson from Stoke on how they got rid of the trouble-makers. A register was created for fans who wanted to go to away games. You'd sign up and then you'd buy tickets and have to provide the register details when buying tickets (like season ticket numbers). What that means is that the person buying the ticket under that number is then responsible for the behaviour of the person using that ticket. It would take time but the people buying tickets would soon make sure they behaved if the message gets through that racist behaviour,
  12. I can honestly say I have never been so disgusted by fellow 'fans' before. I've never known a bunch of complete and utter morons following Rovers. I'll be picking my away games very carefully from now on and sitting at the back of a stand is a complete non-option. It gets populated by fans who drink beer in the stands, smoke, stand in the gangways and abuse other Rovers fans because they think it makes them look big. I watched one p'ssed up lad literally stand there punching the wall over and over just because Keith Andrews came on. Beer plays a big part in all of this and a tragedy like this
  13. I think he burned his bridges with the fans as well. There will be a large booing noise the next time Benni turns up at Ewood to play.
  14. Disingenuous and wrong. Sam continually said that Benni was the most talented player at Rovers and he wanted to keep him. He also said that he needed to meet his targets weight wise and gym wise and never has. Benni has done HIMSELF no favours at Rovers and has manufactured this situation himself, not Sam. Benni did this. Don't blame Sam for Benni's actions. This may sound really odd but on Wednesday I got a strong feeling that the players themselves were happy that a disruptive influence had gone. They were more relaxed and it showed in the first half. How much of a disruptive influence Benn
  15. They certainly are and Philipl jumped on the bandwagon not very long ago. He hasn't changed his mind (again) yet.
  16. I think it would. I don't think it matters who the manager is with Benni. Look at his record.
  17. Lets put this into perspective for once. Benni has fallen out with his manager at Porto, Hughes at various points, Allardyce for trying to instill some discipline (which is laudable), his international coaches at least 3 times if not more and various ones of those. Is there a pattern? Of course there is. Tris saying it's because of Sam's tactics is like saying I refuse to go to work because my socks aren't black. It's not relevant. If he was a pro he would knuckle down, meet his targets and get fit. It's the only way he has of staying in the team and therefore playing in the world cup. He's t
  18. You gain a little credibility back with admitting the first statement. You've lost so much over this particular incident because you've used this to bash Allardyce when he isn't at fault. He might have upset Benni but Benni's reaction (if it a reaction) is indefensible. He gave us an option in his first season. He hasn't done since.
  19. 24 in his first year. 24 in the NEXT TWO YEARS. Then just 4 in half a season this season. Is that achieving his potential? Hughes couldn't get Benni to perfom like he did in his first season, Ince couldn't and Allardyce is now getting the blame. You really do like to use anything to Allardyce bash don't you? Benni has lived off that first season for two and a half years. He is an under-achiever and that is not Allardyce's fault, or Hughes, or Ince but it is Benni's. Tris, straight question. Has Benni behaved professionally with Rovers over this?
  20. Utterly, unprofessional from Benni. It can't be seen any other way and Tris, even you must admit that.
  21. Let him rot in the reserves for all I care. If he truly wants to play in the world-cup, he'll soon pull his finger out. Most likely thing is he'll get sold. Let him go to Turkey.
  22. This really has brought out the people with the Anti-Sam agenda. Anyone with a modicum of sense would understand that Benni has not been the model professional since the Chelsea head turning. We can all see that. I'm sure Sam can with the information he has at his finger tips. One player, like Benni, is not going to be representative of the entire playing staff and his opinon of himself will be completely different from theirs. I'm sure the rest of the playing staff can also see what Benni is like on the pitch and in training which is something we all can not see. They'll have their own opinio
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