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  1. BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight doing an item on fishing in Cornwall now. One fishermen claimed he was getting 6p a kilo for some fish. All agree fish prices have plummeted. All blaming Brexit and don't believe these are teething problems. All say they were underprepared by the government. Essential listening on demand for anyone interested in fish. That's you Gav!
  2. Doesn't mean what he says isn't true though does it?
  3. Just because you endlessly repeat this does not make it true. You seem to be copying Trump's tactics wit the "stolen election."
  4. The polls are still favourable to them so I guess they feel that don't have to bother. If a poll were held today they would probably get back in with a reduced majority. That's why the electoral system isn't changing any time soon. It will only ever change with a Labour government and the support of the Libs/SNP...
  5. They are the only 2 she mentioned but there are lots! How about old ,inadequate overcrowded housing, how about employment conditions where people keep working when they sick or they don't get paid, how about people failing to be tested because they can't afford to isolate, how about a higher minimum wage, how about the 2 children max barrier to welfare families of 3 or more chilldren and much, much more? These are the things her government has caused but she doesn't mention any of them, only a couple of things that are, in her mind anyway, nothing to do with government.
  6. Oh right! We won't need a left-back then? Good news about the pitch but I didn't realise it was going to be rooted out as an excuse everytime we need something else. If we can only tackle Rovers' problems one at a time, we're going nowhere are we?
  7. Re Harry Pickering, as I read it they want £600000 for him and we have offered £400000 and quite likely he'll go somewhere else. I've never seen him so I don't know how good he is or not but if Rovers think he's a good'un and he's only 21 and he plays in a position where we need somebody, why are we baulking at £200000? Its small change these days. Can't the owners see that they will make money from him one way or another---either the preferred way where he helps us get promotion or resale later on? Dumb.
  8. You relented and reordered the Guardian then Gav?!
  9. And pigs will fly. Just about the last person in Britain who hasn't realised this government lies through its teeth.
  10. Vauxhall's remaining 2 UK plants are very vulnerable as well.
  11. Uk manufacturers demanding that the government invest hugely in a UK battery research and production programme. Which is another way of saying "we need a big bung."
  12. Therese Coffey's interview with Piers Morgan was another train wreck in the history of the worst Cabinet in living memory. You couldn't blame Morgan for any of it. When she realised she'd put her foot in it she just accused him of being insulting and hung up! Bit of irony in her blaming obesity as a factor for Britain having the worst death rate in the world! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/13840346/piers-morgan-gmb-interview-ends-mp-therese-coffey/
  13. Ok Gav I'll leave it there. Have a Google though at The EHRC----there's good reason to doubt its even-handedness in these matters. For a start Its explanation that there was no point in examining the issue when the Tory Party was looking into its own misdemeaners reads very thin to me. And also don't forget the the EHRC's budget has been slashed by Tory governments from £71M under Labour to £17M now. Its lost staff and is much less able to hold transgressors to account.
  14. So it is! They all merge in my head after a while. I was wondering why you never praise Starmer for his efforts in combatting anti-Semitism in the Labour Party when you were so continuously critical of Corbyn. And,(I'd quite forgotten), what's your reaction to Baroness Warsi's accusations about widespread Islamophobia in the Tory party and their failure to address it. No progress since 2019?
  15. Its always 6 except at the start of the season. Its possible that we will finish top half this season, instead of our usual 11th-12th with a few more points than last season. At which point, some will laud the progress we are making and argue that TM deserves another year( or 3).
  16. Why's he written his homework on his arm?!
  17. I thought Nyambe was really good and Douglas was much better than he has been. Given that Brathwaite played well and Lenihan did and Kaminsky was on top form it wasn't really surprising that we kept a clean sheet. If they all play like that for the rest of the season there'll be many more. Interesting that they didn't need any time to settle in as a centre-back partnership.
  18. I doubt Johnson's deal had much to do with it. Its Nissans most productive plant in the whole world---2 fingers to those Tory MP's who said British workers were the most idle in the world! That plus a big government bung would have been enough.
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