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  1. Evidence? Or more hysterical nonsense?
  2. The Trafford, Sale Altrincham Tram line is very popular but property gets pricier as you go towards Alty.
  3. Liked Fauda. Just finished it.
  4. You made it a rule? Not very PC!
  5. If that is true is it a Conservative fault?
  6. Re fish Good negotiation ploy. We are out with a very good overall deal . Let's look forward.
  7. Yep it is! you are right, but I dont like it!
  8. What a stupid page. People need to grow up. But they cant.
  9. Good conversation this. Let's not get too aggressive, I am a leaver but know it's not a easy path. We have left. Post Barnier the EU seem ok with the deal. We will still trade (obviously) so we should wait and see. My view is that we will prosper. But you are all right, in a democrasy there is always the opportunity of another referendum.
  10. That's where we disagree . Happy New Year!
  11. Agreed. Just don't thinks there is any appetite for another referendum. Especially as we are to prosper with our new relationship!
  12. Because there is no way a campaign could possibly win to re-enter the EU. By the way I wasn't trying to be rude. Cheers
  13. You'll get nowhere! We're out and that's it! Let's move on . But good luck to you and Happy New Year!🍾
  14. Agreed! Happy New Year to all!
  15. Well done Phillipl. Disagree with most of your posts but that's politics and you certainly have passion for your beliefs and The Rovers, Good luck for that! Happy and prosperous New Year to you and all on BRFCS. And thanks to the mods for keeping the site going!
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