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  1. It's interesting to note that whenever someone posts something remotely critical of the management or the team, they will almost by default be flamed or treated like a complete recluse by a certain set of members here. The rest of the boards seem to follow suit. I may not agree with rover6's post here but I am absolutely disgusted by the outright abuse he got for actually posting it. And no mods seemed to care until Tom mentioned that the language was a bit harsh. I have to wonder. We can't be negative towards our club? We can't be critical? Why not? We want our club to do well but at the moment it's clearly not. Should we never ask questions about the players or the management? We've only played what..9/10 games? Now, that is to many to put this down to a bad start. And blaming "bad luck" is a very easy way out. If freedom of speech doesn't exist here. What is the point of a messageboard at all?
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