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Costly Slip Of The Pen

Friday, 3 February 2023

Blackburn’s on-off move for Lewis O’Brien was delayed by TWO crazy late hold-ups.

The Nottingham Forest midfielder’s transfer ended up as a proposed loan with a view to signing in a £10 million deal.

The move was to be made permanent and the money was due to be paid on promotion but the EFL queried this in the final half hour of the window.

Bizarrely the EFL wanted to know what would happen if Rovers were RELEGATED and asked for clarification in a new agreement to be sent over.

This formality needed to be covered in writing by Blackburn in the paperwork and was queried by the EFL - despite the obvious answer.

Blackburn’s correction did not come in by the strict 11pm deadline.

Rovers are likely to contest that there was no need for this ‘relegation clause’ to be inserted.

A further delay had been caused when Rovers filled in an agent’s agreement form to go with the transfer.

However the name of the agent was wrongly filled in. O’Brien is represented by former player Kevin Sharp but Blackburn had him down as Kevin Sharpe with a final ‘e.’

Blackburn are appealing against the rejection of the deal and will submit their case by Monday.

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