O'Brien...? Oh Dear...

Wednesday, 1 February 2023

The EFL have not accepted the registration for the Nottingham Forest midfielder to join Rovers on loan.

The deal would also see a potential £10 million switch if Rovers win promotion, making it the BIGGEST transfer this season.

Now Rovers will explain why their paperwork included one part that arrived late and hope that the EFL board will accept the explanation.

Rovers have until 9am on Friday to state their case and the EFL will then consider the case.

The main hold up in talks was over the potential ‘next stage’ of the transfer when Rovers would pay Forest and the player would get a new contract.

This may be used to explain why there was a delay in the late deal.

The EFL need to be absolutely sure that regulations have been followed as rival clubs will be watching.

There have been threatened legal cases in the past and if O’Brien played a part in promotion the details of his transfer could become open to scrutiny.


Story courtesy of Alan Nixon @reluctantnicko



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