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  2. My theory is this: Celtic happy to see the back of him and don't offer him a new deal after he spent the last season on loan at Hibs. Repeated references to disciplinary issues. Hibs want to sign him, now managed by his pal Neil Lennon, however are stuck in the Scottish Championship and can't afford him. Stokes needs a contract somewhere and a club to pay his wage. Along comes old friend Owen Coyle who moves in similar circles to those above. Come along to Blackburn. As long as he doesn't cost a fee then Venkys will happily agree to a 3 year deal of £15k a week. I'm still convinced he'll end up back with Lennon at Hibs before the summer is up. I think that's been his preference from the start and it would have happened earlier had Coyle not lined him up on a fat long contract here.
  3. I don't have the foggiest of what you are talking about. It's been a long day. Another riddle maybe another night I might have abit more success with another. Night.
  4. Don't worry, everyone else will follow it OK.
  5. N'Zonzi went to Juventus for 23M(?), I see Modeste is off to China for 30M! We got 2.5M for both! Further evidence of the sound business management Venkys will provide in their all-out fight to get us back to the Premiership!
  6. Eh? Is this some sort of riddle I'm supposed to decipher.
  7. Joined Ipswich last week.
  8. I'm replying to your post 6 minutes ago in which you did exactly what you now say you're not going to do!
  9. My feeling is for Joe garner to be the finisher possibly? Is he 'nippy'..? Got a bit of the devil about him, speedie style..
  10. Yes he should be Yep all sorted Agree Graham is staying. He said this after the last game of last season I think we play 4-2-3-1/4-4-1-1 formation. But we need a plan B which could 4-4-2 or 3-5-2.
  11. Nobody can really expect world class journalism in this day and age of declining sales, but a quick online glance at material served up by sports reporters for other football clubs and it is clear that the Telegraph is lagging well behind in quality and quantity. The Bolton News, owned by the same company that owns the Telegraph, offers vastly superior coverage of Wanderers and their reporter Marc Iles seems to have his finger on the pulse there.
  12. Yes we have been relegated but being unhappy about the situation will not instantly get us back promoted. In my life everybody gets a fair crack of the whip as from next season it's a clean slate all round as I've already said. I'm not going to be involved in he/she said this he/she said that. I'm going to support my team & watch a game of football plain & simple the way I like it with no hostility or animosity to anybody.
  13. God some people just love to be miserable.
  14. I'm not sure why anyone should be "happy",we have been relegated FFS! Hasn't stopped people celebrating like its promotion though, because they think that finally, after 7 years, we will win more games than we lose and they can walk away from Ewood with a smile on their faces. On that logic we should hope for further relegation because we will surely win even more games in Div 4! Splashing the cash!!! Wait and see who goes, we will never prosper under Venkys.
  15. I was there, should have been deadly silent with tension, but the atmosphere was amazing that evening. Flowers and the fans got us over the line. I never made anfield due to working til dinnertime that day, but in my opinion, I saw the game that won the league.
  16. Cheers. I'm skeptical but who knows. If anything, something that should have been done years ago...
  17. Different worlds. One post says how other off field issue will see that the £750k won't go to paying off £2.5m debt and they need to make £400k per season to break even!
  18. Views on Dack and Blackburn
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  20. Gonna miss them 😢 @themaccabees

  21. And he deserved it, we would have had Zidanne were it not for that bloke.
  22. Stupid performance. Still think one is going in when you watch it back
  23. Andy Todd kicking Christophe Dugarry up the arse. He deserved it and pretty much every Rovers fan wanted to do it.
  24. Let's just hope Dack can handle to expectation levels of being the big signing and coming to a much bigger club in stature and living away from his familiar presumably laid back low expectation surroundings.
  25. Friedel man Utd 2-1 with MGP goals. He was immense that day at OT
  26. Flowers V Newcastle! Won us the league!
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