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  2. Abandoned clothing- thank goodness
  3. Second controlled explosion to take place in the area.
  4. Listening to a Chelsea fan on Talkshite it appears John Terry invented Penicillin whilst climbing Everest, shagging Ms Bridge and rescuing little kittens from tall trees all at the same time. A multi-talented god and due a Knighthood if not a Sainthood. And I thought, silly me , that he was just a jumped up txxt with his brains in his shorts. TBF one jouno on Talksport did rip into him. What a xxxxing liberty!
  5. Today
  6. Doctor at MRI treating patients with injuries consistent with a nail bomb.
  7. 19 dead apparently
  8. 19 confirmed dead 50 injured. GMP treating incident as terrorist for time being.
  9. Just go to then. Stupid post.
  10. Hearing some bad things folks. But I want to hear some confirmed information.
  11. .........tweet, tweet, blue birds a singing in the purple sky......
  12. Yesterday
  13. The Huddersfield behaviour did directly contribute to our relegation. The war is won by winning the smaller battles. TM had got us back to having a chance. Huddersfield then fecked that up in 1 game. People can dress it up to suit their own agendas but this is what actually happened. The bog standard reply is a season is decided over 46 games. Well this one broke the mould. It wasn 't. I think Huddersfield will beat Reading who are not much. It's fate. Good luck to the Hudds fans but feck you Wangker.
  14. Pity they didn't do this when they first took over instead of simply believing everything Anderson told them. Deloitte's first point might have been "You've got some wonderfully talented staff there-----keep them."
  15. Chris O'Grady on a free could be worth a shout
  16. You can be positive if you like but that doesn't mean Venkys will be. That's the reality others are trying to deal with.
  17. @David_Leavitt Horrible scumbag !

  18. Daily Mail has to close comments on its own article as propaganda backfires: DM Article Summation with several 'hidden' comments
  19. Some indications that the explosion might have been part of the act (a huge balloon bursting), or a blown speaker, with people stampeding out in a panic.
  20. People have they own decisions to make. If people dont like my views or hate me then ignore me I couldnt give a toss anymore. It doesnt affect me anymore. I live life has the glass half full then half empty. Surely thats your problem not mine tho. Nobody force you to read my posts. If you want to angry and negative then be so but I refused to be like that. After what Ive been through in the past 6 months and Ive remained strong and positive and now things are looking up and very positive.
  21. Duggie was coming back from a broken leg then and there were ignorent supporters who pronounced him "finished." Most were happy to let him get over it though tbf.
  22. From Greater Manchester police Police statement on incident at Manchester Arena A number of fatalities and other injured
  23. Its because we have hired crap managers.
  24. Just heard, hope it's not serious.
  25. Hope that everyone is safe. Looking on Twitter, it's disgraceful to see some people tweeting fake news and pictures. You really have to fact-check news on social media!
  26. Nobody hates him. We just find his excessive optimism in the face of all evidence to the contrary frustrating, especially when almost every knock back has him performing if not a u turn a definite wriggle.
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