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  2. I agree Rev in the sense he wasn't the only player who had a quiet game today, other than Dack Smallwood and Antonsson the rest had a relatively quiet game and we didn't play that well. However, we cannot go into the next few league games starting Nuttal up top on his own, for me from today he is quite clearly not up to leading the line on his own, I don't blame him for that because he had a lot of long balls fired at him today which clearly isn't his game. I wouldn't mind us starting two up top giving him a man to make runs behind off but on his own? Never again for me. I agree that Samuel looked really lively when he came on today, I'd start him at Oxford in midweek, it's also a disgrace that we are playing them away on a Tuesday night and anyone making the trip is an absolute hero.
  3. He had a lot of long balls pinged up at him, to which he won zero today. But even when he had balls played into him on the deck he struggled to hold it up and in all honesty he did absolutely nothing today. Touched the ball no more than a couple of times. On today's showings alone he doesn't deserve to start, but at the same time I can't sit here and say we played to his strengths. He seems the type of player who would thrive making runs behind a striker who can hold the ball up. Playing Nuttall up top on his own should never happen again, I hope Mowbray doesnt feel like he has to play him just because a lot of us thought he deserved a start. Regarding Mowbray I was disappointed he went straight down the tunnel after he had his name sung for spells in the 90 minutes today. Don't get me wrong our squad is way good enough to finish in the top two of this league but I can't help feeling it could all go wrong under Mowbray and I don't really know why that is. It just feels like something isn't quite right with this team and I can't put my finger on it.
  4. No mate, he really didn't. First goal came from an unreal through ball from Dack, second goal came from a great cross from Dack. And the third goal Dack made himself. Nuttall did absolutely nothing today he probably touched the ball twice at most.
  5. Tend to agree about Dack. Really pleased the manager is now giving him the chance to show what he can do as even when we've had stinkers I felt he was the one player with the right attithde, always buzzing about and maki ng himself available to receive the ball.
  6. Premier League Stuff

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/nov/18/kenny-dalglish-hillsborough-heysel-liverpool-blackburn A true Legend. Love the man.
  7. But we know Mowbary doesn't do same starting 11's.
  8. Seems the ones baying for Mowbary's head for not playing him are quiet today. So, did the lad have an off day? Did Mowbary play a system that did not suit him? Or Is he just not as good as everyone wants him to be and Mowbary was almost right? Has to be one if the above doesn't it?
  9. England World Cup Campaign

    I think shelvey doesn't get in as he does like to have a mental every so often, and kick the crap out of someone and shout at the ref. He has a bit too much mongrel about him.
  10. Transfers Part 3

    I saw Duff's debut against Leicester city and even though they were all a foot taller than him he had that something that made you know he was special. First ever player to score a golden goal in a FIFA tournament as well.
  11. Simon Grayson

    Grayson failed at Sunderland, and in this instant success culture one failure can rapidly become many. Look at Moyes post-Everton or Dowie. Grayson may be good at this level, but when it all goes to poo so badly, it can follow you to the next job. That's why Paul once is working for bt sport.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Tbh i think there's a lot of rubbish being spouted on here about Nuttall. You'd think no-one else had ever had a quiet game or off day. By all means replace him if he starts the next 3 or 4 and plays poorly in all of them but after 3 goals in 3 games before today, don't cast him aside after one poorish game. He was far from being alone in that respect today. If anything I thought Graham showed exactly why he shouldn't be anywhere near the side when he came on. Within seconds an opportunity for a one on one with the keeper arose for anyone with a modicum of pace but because of his lack of mobility he was unable to do anything with it. Then five minutes later he tamely miscued a really good chance straight at the keeper. Conversely Samuel looked to have rediscovered some of his early season pizazz in his brief appearance.
  14. Someone mentioned Bill Eckersley wasn't worth as much to the club as the Olsson twins.
  15. Blackburn Roverseas previews Bury (a) 18.11.17

    I thought Nuttall looked like a player released by Aberdeen after loan spells with Stanraer and Dumbarton. Playing up top away from home, even against the bottom team, requires a lot. Holding the ball up, getting us up the pitch, bringing others into the game, bullying the defenders. I didn’t see any of that. Coming on as impact sub making it 2 or even 3 up front looks more his thing right now. Early days still for him.
  16. Pushing political differences aside, he's not far out with the assessment, Corbyn has his hands tied to a certain degree well a large degree until the locksmith gets the keys cut to 10 Downing Street with JC initials etched.
  17. Antonsson has had more poor games than good for us, but today he was excellent. He can provide a goal threat from wide, and needs to step up and be consistent in Chapmans absence, jury still out at the moment. Graham has been much improved recently, terrific v Portsmouth and scoring, scored v Barnet, set up Dack v Plymouth and has by far the best link up with our best player Dack. You are a parody of yourself regarding Graham. In the summer youd have him here over a striker who scored 20 goals every season he was here, then he became your scapegoat for our poor position in the league. Then you put him in the team you chose as someone pointed out, Mowbray chose against this, and now after a 10 minute cameo at 3 nil up youve changed your mind yet again?
  18. Trying out @theTunnelBear so I can browse privately from my ISP. https://t.co/TjKL0MRaUc https://t.co/1tT6zB7jwN

  19. Dunny was in the South stand
  20. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    How? We have the game in hand over Wigan, so even if we lose it we will still be only 8 behind?
  21. 10 rupees a sentence w ⚓️
  22. Tbh some rovers obviously were in the away second half (northstand) standing at the side whilst we had a few in the main stand home area. Obviously we'd sold the north and south out! Very close to 4,000 fans easy.
  23. I've never heard anything as ridiculous in my life Cheston lied about an extra 150 fans attending? If he did say this then maybe he just made a mistake?Because for the life of me I don't see what he would have to gain about lieing about that?3606 is brilliant by our travelling faithful
  24. Sentences start with capital letters right? Very good win for lads today,Tony taking us up.
  25. The point is still valid though, the left will always vote Labour, the right Tory, its the middle ground between the 2 that tends to be the difference in winning a general election - Labour MPs think they shouldn' shift left away from those marginals where the election wins will come. At the end of the day, Corbyn can say or do whatever he wants, but he needs to win a general election to actually do anything. Tony Blair won 3 elections, the last one after Iraq. The right hate him, because he did what they say is impossible - a Labour government that ran a stable economy and a progressive manifesto - the far left hate him because he didn't follow the policies that kept them out of power for 18 years. The general public backed him.
  26. Attendance. 7159 Rovers fans(official, i.e.not including those in home supporting areas) 3606. Therefore home supporters were 3553. Away supporters outnumbered home supporters by 53. Is this an unusual happening? It must have occurred before but how often and when and where? It must be a rare occurrence.
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