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  2. old darwen blue


    I’ve mentioned this before as perfect whenever we play that inferiority complex riddled shower from up the road but nonetheless it would sound great at full volume for when we come out onto the pitch to play whoever.
  3. Wing Wizard Windy Miller

    Transfer Window - Rumours, Stories and Discussion

    Sounds a bit of a Kent! Avoid.
  4. That does surprise me! Hes a quick, direct winger so he ticks a lot of boxes in that we dont have anything similar. So I can understand to an extent. There are a lot of big question marks however. He would be on loan so we need to make sure we also sign some more permanent signings. Need at least one permanant winger and forward to come in. Bristol City were fined for not playing him as @Tom pointed out so what if its the same here? There are big question marks about his attitude which goes against Mowbrays insistence on not taking on anyone who could upset the dresssing room. His time at Bristol City was a disaster, he was terrible. His time at Freiburg was equally poor. Hes never consistently impressed anywhere so its a big gamble. If he does sign I will be underwhelmed, I am glad he will bring pace and directness as an option but there are many potential issues. That said, its just a rumour so I will wait and see.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Interesting read, there was one comment from a Barnsley fan stating something a long the lines of it was like playing with 10 men for the middle part of the season when Kent lost form. Big questions over his attitude and application. I'd much rather us bring Chapman back on loan with a view too a perm than go for Kent. When you've not got much to spend the least you want is application and desire when you can't afford pure quality, this kid sounds like he's got issues.
  7. If McGoldrick can stay fit he will be a great signing for Sheff U. One of the most technically gifted players in this league, his injury record is atrocious though so a big gamble for them.
  8. I would avoid Kent and take the risk on Chapman
  9. He was good the previous season at Barnsley.Maybe his confidence took a hit when things didn't work out for him in Germany in the first half of last season and he took that form with him when he joined Bristol.Would rather a permanent like Chapman or Maddison but I don't think Kent on loan is the worst signing in the world,he is quick and has a trick or two but going off his stats wouldn't be counting on him scoring many goals
  10. Think I’d rather have Chapman on a permanent than Clark Kent on loan if it’s an either or thing. Bristol fans seemed unsure about him. When I say unsure if you search twitter they are pretty unanimous in their opinion if him - and it isn’t good. Lets hope he’s improved! edit - more worryingly it sounds like Bristol were fined by Liverpool for not playing him enough, a nice read about him here on a Bristol forum https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/194456-ryan-kent/
  11. Very happy with this if it happens
  12. Possible that TM didn't feel he was physically up to a full 90 minutes?
  13. If the post came across as being in anyway patronising, it certainly wasn't intended to be and I've no idea why anyone would take it that way other than in your case for the purpose of launching yet another gratuitous insult. There's nothing whatsoever wrong with everyone being hopeful but whether we have any interest in the player remains to be seen.
  14. Nixon just tweeted that we are favourites for Kent
  15. roversfan2001


    The band being from Burnley may upset some fans if it was played at Ewood 😂
  16. IF we could get hold of Gallagher, Maddison and Armstrong i think we'd be well on our way and looking well set. Not sure we will though,
  17. Nicko story I think will be Sam Gallagher. Probably a deal has been sort and Gallagher wants come back here. Plus Sheffield united had McGoldrick on trial there tonight.
  18. Jeez, just when I thought you couldn’t get anymore patronising...
  19. Husky


  20. If we were in for Maddison and Nicko knew he couldn’t keep quiet as he knows the Posh owner may spill at any time and Nicko needs to mention them first for the notches on his bed post......aye
  21. Tom


  22. Dream world, Peterborough's new winger and Nixon's article is a clear sign that Maddison is coming to Rovers. Realistic world, we are signing some unknown on loan.
  23. Absolutely. Our routine over summer months has often been to sign a few early doors, let things drift and then squeeze some more business in at the back end in the last couple of weeks. Coyle was similar when Mulgrew, Gallagher, Williams and Emnes all turned up late on. Trouble is that they were after two big sales. Seems to be a hallmark of Venky summers.
  24. Pedro

    New Kits

    Surprise being, we'll be playing skins next season.
  25. Good post. It's about this time I would hope that if the owners are taking an interest in us as was speculated on in another thread they are on the blower asking why we haven't landed any of our main or original transfer targets. I would also hope that the message is sent back to India that We've misjudged the Championship market badly and more funding is needed if we hope to bring in players of the requisite quality. We do have history for completely re-evaluating on the eve of the season. A few years ago our business was done, then Best got injured and thankfully with the benefit of hindsight £8m was spirited up out of nowhere for Rhodes.
  26. It shows how dire things are when people are desperately clinging onto the hope that We're in for a player when the only evidence that We're in for him is that There's no evidence whatsoever We're in for him at all but it hasn't been denied either! It's a mightily impressive piece of collective straw grabbing. Let's hope everyone is correct with the deductions gained from their super sleuthing and that it's not just a case of putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with about six and a half.
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