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  2. I meant from Chaddys point of view in regards to defending Mowbray by only bringing up potential refereeing mistakes that went against us.
  3. Is there one? Again to be fair to Mowbray in he did say if we had got a second it would have been harsh on Stoke. I think that with comments like he's hardly.touting a hard luck story is he? I would like him replaced too but let's.keep it straight.eh.
  4. So if we don't? Would that be a good sign he's lost it?
  5. Oh hello Mashed, where the feck have you been hiding? ToMo in for a bit of seriously warranted stick and up you pop, yet again, funny that, don't you think? Now that you're here, what's your view on Tony's relationship with Neil Warnock and that 'Colin' has a covert player agency, fronted by someone else? Not allowed I know but allegedly true nonetheless. Do you think it may possibly have something to do with why we've signed so many 'Boro cast offs? Who also, with the odd exception of Downing, struggle to have strung half a dozen games played collectively in the First Team, be
  6. Yeah you’d never try to wind anyone up would you 🤣
  7. Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel - Best Years Of Our Lives
  8. Good read that. Thanks @swansnews Well not everyone on Twitter wants to build a statue to our Legend That's a positive
  9. How can a manager who came in with the admittedly difficult task of trying to keep a club up be considered to have done a good job that season if we went down?!
  10. Mercer, you have mention a tipping point scenario so many times I've lost count, you been better off going on the ITV show instead. You keep looking at things as short term instead looking in the long term and benefit of the club. A proper scouting and recruitment departments which we havent had since Allardyce time at the club. Players have improved and we have players who would bring in money to club like Armstrong, Dack, Kaminski, Travis. He got 22 points from 15 games. He did a good job that season. And it was Coyle fault we went down. His defensive signings we
  11. Would love to see Hughes come back. He had a point to prove the first time he managed us and he would again this time. Worked well on a budget. Organised the team well. It's fantasy stuff really.
  12. I know he irritates me when he's constantly picked up by the stump mic. It should be muted when he comes up to the wicket, they can still record so pick up his OZ style politeness in case he goes too far.
  13. I think the next manager should be a guy on the up or a proven track record of delivering.. Adkins / Hughes etc are managers on a decline.. sorry to keep harping on about him but the Barnsley manager has worked wonders with what is essentially a league 1 team, has them playing good football, a proper identity... Pearson again proven track record, would put a rocket up back sides although may upset the cart a little?!
  14. Well done U.K. If that is true we have put the most money into the WHO fund then it deserves recognition, especially considering the current trending topic about Britain is our callous approach to others. Global Britain.
  15. So far they've kept financing the club. As sure as tomorrow is Tuesday, a tipping point will come - seen it too many times in business. So, what has the investment in infrastructure brought us? Players good enough to get us promoted, no. An improved league position, no. Improved players who we sell for big money, no. So what is the point? A client of mine had sales outstripping his manufacturing capacity so he invested in new manufacturing plant. He lowered his unit production costs, fulfilled the demand for his product and substantially improved his unit and overall profitability.
  16. Mowbray's initial target was to keep us up. That's what he was appointed to do, that was the task he was given when he got the job. I am confident that he didn't get the job based on his ability to get us out of League One or because he told them we were doomed but he would sort it out in years to come. He got it because he told them he would keep us in the Championship and it was all hands to the pump in doing that. It seems one of the reasons he got the gig was because he agreed to work with existing coaching staff in Lowe, Dunn and Benson (always a bad sign that a club would impose coa
  17. Hughes would be shocked at the differences between now and when he was here. I don't think he'd come back personally but I'd love to see it. He'd sort out that defence for a start.
  18. It totally undermines any defence of Mowbray to totally dismiss the relegation. Obviously Coyle was worse than Mowbray and carries much more blame but no one has ever tried to defend Coyle because we all know how bad he was. But there is no use extrapolating 15 results at the end of the season, quite a few against teams with nothing to play for to try and calculate where we might have finished. His first task was to keep us up, a difficult task, and he failed. It is as black and white as that. Equally, I feel that Mercer is undermining his points by dismissing the fact that Mowbray got u
  19. And you never wanted him sacked...in fact you supported the dingle appointment....and you call cook saying you don't want a knuckle dragger managing the team...you did before..
  20. Not really, the opposite really. Unless someone was suggesting they all play...now that would be living in the past ,no? Saying that...🤔
  21. Yesterday
  22. Exactly right. 3 terrific pacemen, hard wickets, plenty of bounce----all seem to demoralise our batsmen no matter how well they have done in the lead-up to an Ashes series. Also bowlers like Broad and Anderson, who are outstanding in England lack penetration over there. You have to be very quick or not bother. As I write Sharma out for 7----Cummins!
  23. Hang on Gav, you’re making a whole lot of wrong assumptions here. Firstly, I never thought for one minute that I was being bullied. You used that word, certainly not me. I wasn’t “forced to work 7 days against my will” either. I worked a lot of overtime all my life because that was expected in the job I was doing. I accepted that in the main - as did everyone else, but that didn’t mean I enjoyed a foreman who didn’t work one single minute of overtime himself, bollocking those who didn’t work every hour he demanded. The point about that, is that there was no legal protection agai
  24. The owners have kept paying the bills and despite your numerous claims of your phase of 'tipping point' they keep financing the club. Plenty of good and its investment for now and the future going forward. It's not just about the short term but long term. Firstly Michael O'Neill had a lot more time there to turn it around. Warnock took over Boro who werent in the bottom 3 when he took over. When Mowbray took over here we had 15 games to go and he got 22 points. The problem was Coyle and his awful record here. Mowbray delivered what his objective was. Promotion was
  25. A change of ownership was the trigger firstly
  26. Look at comments made when Mowbray took the job. He was offered the job that Wednesday morning after Coyle sacking on Tuesday. Now unless you have evidence otherwise then we were stick to what we know as fact
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