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  2. Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko announced for 7th December, finally it is signed! How that news slipped me by I don't know.
  3. Always thought that game would be a turgid one and predicted an ugly draw as whenever I see the name Wimbledon in football that's what you automatically picture, at least those who saw the first version of them. I think any Wimbledon football team thrives on these matches it's what they live for and if they are striving for that old spirit from past days they are on the right lines given their amazing rise yet again from the bottom leagues. That result at Ewood is probably one of their best wins to date in the league in their reincarnation. They were up for it and had a plan so it didn't really surprise me although how bad Rovers seemingly were did. If as a fan I could see this coming then why weren't the team ready for this type of thing and why wasn't there a plan B ? There's always a chance you could go behind to a scrappy goal from that lot even if you don't give one away. Anyway it's done now and i'll settle for a blip every 4 or 5 games if we win most of the others I suppose.
  4. Aren't these the same fans who sing a song glorifying the death of Jack Walker? A case of double standards.
  5. DIRTY Leeds. End of discussion.
  6. The post above by JH Rover suggesting that the club seems to go to annoy virtually every single element of the support base, is pretty accurate. On Twitter a few days ago, Alan Myers praised the fact that the Shrewsbury allocation had sold out, stating that, after what the fans have had to go through over, the last few years, this is pretty amazing. He also posted that someone at the club once said to him, that this is our opportunity, not to speak to the fans. He didn't point out, who he was referring to exactly, or what particular incident, triggered it, but perhaps the stuffing has been knocked out of the fans who attend home games and given his comments, the fans who attend away games only, are fully justified. I have said this before and had sarcastic comments back, but this club will never succeed under Venkys.
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  8. I agree there is absolutely no point in having our own fans behind the Darwen End goal. In the current, soulless vacuum, they add nothing. However, it would be most unwise for the club to force the issue and "make them sit with the other fans".This would just add more negativity....if that is possible! Anyway, I am looking forward to Shrewsbury-how should it really be pronounced!- and a good sing... We want Venky's out!!!
  9. Sadly a lot of peoples favourite 2nd team and certainly a media darling. Every bit as bad as the other local red shoite imo although their version of plastic fans in the main are a bit more tolerable as are the proper ones. Both tourist clubs really these days.
  10. What a ridiculous article. The most hated club is Liverpool its not even up for debate
  11. Spearing to me strikes me as a player that was once 'highly rated' that failed to live up to that hype and has slowly accepted that he aint worth chit and will never make it at the top - so is now just happy to just stroll around at lower levels picking up his money. No ambition left in the guy so no ambition to perform.
  12. The U18's are at home to Derby this weekend. Can anybody go and watch this game? I've been to Brockholes before, to visit a friend who lives there, and just said the name of the house to the chap on the gate as he let me in. If I say I'm going to watch Rovers, will they let me through the gate?
  13. Okay my first post since the disappointment on Saturday - i forced myself not to come here as i knew what it would be like. We dont seem to be able to do at home what we do away. Teams park the bus and we are clueless at breaking them down. We are not adventurous enough and need to be far more attacking/creative. Proper wingers are called for at home, Chapman needs to start but I dont know who we have on the otherside that could do the job. Dack also needs to play i feel - off a striker?
  14. Why does everyone say bang average these days? Where did you get in from? Its cringy. And for your information the "singers" in the darwen end can hardly be heard elsewhere in the ground. Embarrassing. They should be made to sit with the other fans in either the Blackburn end or riverside instead of thinking they are special.
  15. Feels like a big week for Mowbray coming up. Away at the league leaders then a midweek home game v Rotherham and Saturday at home to Gillingham. You have to think 7 points is the minimum needed in the situation we are in.
  16. I go to the home games for the football, if I'm given something to cheer about I'll do my bit but I'm not that up for jumping about and singing on a Tuesday night after a 10 hour slog on site, mind you we haven't battered a team mid week for sometime have we? I go the away days for the day out and the football but usually the day out is coming first, I only go aways at the weekend for this reason. I doubt I'm alone in being like this. The atmosphere could obviously be better at Ewood park for plenty of reasons detailed above but I think the players should be beating what's in front of them regardless of atmosphere at our last couple of league home games.
  17. This happens at any level and if we win 4 and lose one of the next 5 I will be very happy. Hopefully lessons were learned from the first two games and the 5 after are a sign of how the season will pan out.
  18. We were 4/7 and Wimbledon were 4/1. After they scored Wimbledon were still 6/4 and evens at half time.
  19. I personally stoped buying programmes along time ago.... up until that point I alway bought one,going out of my way to try to get hold of a one even if I did not go to the game. I believe a number of things happened: I decided it was expensive, we had got to a point where it was information saturation i.e it not new news and with tv, news papers,internet, rovers player. You basically already knew what was going to be in it. before internet you would get exclusive content that would have not been mentioned elsewhere. This is what it needs. But this would involve "holding back" some news. Going back the programmes where very similar with weekly features. It was a template which then had articles placed in the correct spots ,basically updating last weeks. they had some good features. If I recall rightly, managers pre game notes/welcome the away team. Couple of pages on the opposition , player diary (I think Kevin Gallagher used to do this) ,getting to know...(different player each week,what's your favourite food, boots, who do you room with on away games etc. Then the standard fixtures results and squads. i can only really now see a space for a programme that would literally be a souvenir of the match, as mentioned the actual profit margin is tight any how, and I'm not sure how many we currently sell. I don't see many people with them on match day any more. Away programmes I have always liked to read what they have to say about us , maybe our programmes still appeal to away followings ?
  20. What I would give for the old Ewood this season. It would have been like a 12th man.
  21. Don't feel too bad. I did 5-0 at 60/1..
  22. Give the home crowd something to cheer about and they'll respond. It's not rocket science.
  23. Maybe if we had a first half where we attacked the other team. Maybe if we had Chapman and Dack getting at the other team. Maybe if we had more youngsters in and super-sub Joe ready to go at the other team. You want to try it TM and see the crowd difference.
  24. Eddie Cochrane - Twenty-Flight Rock
  25. Agreed. Many, many other clubs can manage it. Even my local Swindon Supermarine FC, Level 8 can. If they don't want to resource it properly get some journalist interns in as a project, or allow the Supporters Trust to manage the content. It can't be hard to gather together interesting facts, gossip, behind the scenes etc.
  26. Johnson desperately wants May to fire him. Then he will be a martyr AND blame everyone else when Brexit is the inevitable catastrophe. Nothing if not obvious, our Boris...
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