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  2. Music Association Game

    Ball Park Incident - Wizzard
  3. Cricket

    Re the Aussies, absolute disgraceful. Smith needs to say who the 'leaders' who took the decision are. The ICC need to take firm action here.
  4. Cricket

    Just turned on the NZ test, there is literally 200 people max in the stadium - the vast majority of them the barmy army. Is there a reason why?

    No I think BRFCS is a plot for that !
  6. Yesterday
  7. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Very strange decision to sack Alexander who are 5th in the league which is over achieving IMO this season
  8. Bradford City (home)

    Rovers 1 Bantams 1
  9. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Scunthorpe United sacked Graham Alexander. They are 5th in the league Club statement - https://t.co/6CpwDHEjAZ Assistant Manager Neil McDonald have this evening also been relieved of their duties. https://t.co/E6iosD1Cy9
  10. Bradford City (home)

    My only slight concern is that by the time we play this game it will be 19 days since we played our last game. Just hope that we haven't lost some of the sharpness we had prior to this break.
  11. World Cup 2018

    As Jim says, he scores lots of Premier League goals but until he proves it for England I'll not consider him world class. I've still not forgotten how bad he was at the last Euros.
  12. Attendances

    Well it would surely have been another 16k plus v Bradford on Good Friday even at top whack and if it was TV. Now a large gonad has been dropped after moving it with Burnley at home the same night and it shows the Police run Rovers games to their own tune surely they should have insisted it get put back to Good Friday regardless on TV to avoid a fixture clash ???? Pointless going on about crowds really when the super power that virtually runs the game continually ruins crowds for all but the biggest Prem clubs.
  13. Cricket

    I havent seen the Bancroft incident on tv only read about it. But he should be banned and Smith should be strip of the captaincy. Also who are these other senior players who agree to this? Now on England, the batting display was pathetic. I disagree with the team picked by them. Why is Bairstow batting 6 instead of 5? Malan should be batting at 3 and Root 4. Livingstone should be playing at 6 if Stokes could bowl. Ali shouldnt be playing. Why isnt Wood and Leach not playing? Extra pace of Wood would be good on this pitch.
  14. Bradford City (home)

    I think we can safely say this is a must-win game!

    To think humankind has been advancing for thousands of years to be capable of reaching those dizzy heights! I honestly don't think that's what God had in mind for us! Is the Daily Mail a plot to turn brains into soup?
  16. World Cup 2018

    Scoring alot of goals in the Premier League doesn't make Kane "world class"
  17. Bradford City (home)

    I can't go for 3 at the back as you depict: Bell has shown he's currently lost as a wingback on the occasions he's played there, Evans and Smallwood offer nothing as a pairing in an attacking sense and with 3 at the back, Charlie would struggle to venture forward and spray the ball about. I'd like the front 3 though! I'd go: Raya Travis Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Conway Bennett Smallwood Dack Graham Armstrong

    Pardon me for my apparent ignorance. How many people view the site nowadays (non-members included)? I’d be interested to know. Can anyone provide up to date stats?
  19. World Cup 2018

    Er kane is pretty close to world class..in the top 5 strikers in the world

    I shall ask Neil Arthur what he thinks...

    Lewis Carroll would have been hard pushed to have bettered the last few pages. Mad Hatters tea-party in full swing. Shrews will have a field day reading these ravings. Still nevermind , it's bloody confusing in 3rd or is it 2nd place.....
  22. World Cup 2018

    I would say Kane is world class. Greece won the Euros and the they had no world class players
  23. World Cup 2018

    All of them are good players - none are out of the top drawer or "world class". An therein lies the explanation of why England will always fail
  24. World Cup 2018

    Decent? You are having a laugh. It was really good competence performance. I don't know how you can have a go at Southgate after that performance when all players that started understood their role, played well and proved that they can play in 3-4-1-2 formation despite your argument they cant. didn't look fluent enough going forward? is this joke or something? I disagree on the lack of depth in the England squad. Also disagree on Dier who would the 2nd name on my teamsheet after Harry Kane who would be my captain and vice captain(Dier). What problems at Centre back? Look at the depth we have. I will name these players, starting who my back 3 would be:- Dier, Stones, Maguire, Jones, Gomez, Smalling, Cahill, Mawson, Tarwolski. Plus Walker look good enough as centre back in a 3 man team. Midfield:- Henderson played well yesterday and probably played himself into the starting 11. Wilshere is a must if fit. Oxlade Chamberlain is playing well in centre midfield for Liverpool. I would take Lewis Cook who is form for Bournemouth. Ali is playing poor for Spurs atm and last night was awful. probably played himself out of the starting line up. Plus Sterling, Lingard and Lallana. Strikers:- Kane, Rashford and Vardy are automatic choices for 3 of the 4 spots. the other spot is wide open and whether you want to take a extra defender and use Dier as midfielder, or take extra centre midfielder(Livermore) and use Sterling as a striker which is very tempting at the minute, Or take Welbeck or Sturridge.
  25. World Cup 2018

    England team that were knocked out by Portugal in World Cup ‘06: Robinson, Neville, Terry, Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Hargreaves, Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, Joe Cole, Rooney Game of opinions and all that, but that side above didn’t compare to 1996, certainly not when it came to leaders.
  26. World Cup 2018

    🤣🤣 Yeah right

    They've lost 3 out of their last 4. Seems their bubble has burst. Even if the worse happens we'd still be the best team in the play-offs. 12 games to save our club get promoted...
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