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  2. I presented the exact same team last week. Still think we need another tall striker to lead the line if we are going to just punt it up every time.
  3. Are you for real?! You are a good poster but jeeeez, the Burnley players would be protected under Common Law self defence never mind worrying about breaking any FA rules!
  4. Been to Ewood must admit that Burnley are a class above us and they have caught the Rovers at a low period in the quality of player available to the club and the gap between a premiership Burnley and a division one Rovers was there for all to see, looking back over the match Cannot understand why Mowbray has signed Antonsson a striker who looks on this performance to slight and easily knocked off the ball what we needed was a six foot plus player who can hold the ball up,I hope I am wrong but Whittingham reminds me of Danny Murphy and Gladwin looks a poor player things looked better when Conway,Bennett and Samuel came on anyway onto the mighty MK Dons.
  5. I honestly don't think it was down to a lack of commitment, just a lot of the players playing tonight simply not good enough in comparison to the level of the opposition. Found it a bit baffling Burnley took their foot off the gas in that second half when they could have really put us to the sword like West Ham did a few seasons back. Player watch: Raya, good shot-stopper needs to work on aspects of game. Whittingham, Gladwin and Antonsson all looked poor. Smallwood is a battler, Chapman and Samuel both lively. Feeney is still naff, Williams seems to be getting worse, Caddis is a trier but limited, Mulgrew is still a class above. Going forward I feel like our full-back problem is such that if we can get away with playing three at the back, and having Evans & Smallwood shielding them. It may very well be the way forward. For me these are clearly the best eleven players we have at moment, although I wouldn't be too quick to write off Graham but it does seem like he's been frozen out at the moment. --------------------- Raya ------------- --- Nyambe -- Lenihan --- Mulgrew --------Smallwood ---- Evans ---- Bennett --------------------------- Conway ---------- Dack -------- Chapman ---- ----------------- Samuel -----------------
  6. Gary Lewis and the Playboys - Green Grass Jerry's son and still touring.
  7. It wasn't as bad as the Doncaster game, no way. I think tonight's game was useful, in that there are a few players that have really wrecked their chances of getting in the first team. Should make team selection much easier this weekend. Caddis is def second choice to Nyambe, Williams better watch his back as there is no way Doyle is worse, bet Conway is a better left back than Williams,Whittingham better get comfy on the bench next to Antonsson and Gladwin. Chapman a must start, as is Bennett. Samuel is first choice no question. We need a centre half badly and if Joao is available get him in asap.
  8. @miggybrfc @Rovers If you need armed police for a football game for re assurance, time to give up!

  9. Not suggesting for a moment that Dyche is Clough reincarnated, merely that he had a good grounding at Forest. To be fair, he's picked up players..Arfield, Boyd, Barnes, Vokes etc very cheap, and moulded them into a decent outfit, adding in quality for which he's paid decent money, a la Clough... As ever, hope you get your Club back...Venky's Out !!
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  11. Where's John McNamee when we need. Worst ever place since he saved us. Do Venkys read? Probably not
  12. Nothing really to do with what Burnley have, what Dyche is, what business they do. The reason they are so far ahead of us is almost entirely because of the business Rovers have done over a period of 7 years. We have collapsed on and off the pitch, whilst they have slightly improved because of a good managerial appointment. If we had learnt lessons or were serious about putting right what has gone wrong then we could catch back up to Burnley quite quickly and there would be nothing they could do about it. Unfortunately we haven't learnt any lessons, nothing has changed except we're even more in debt and in a lower league. Just like how we're now in the shadow of PNE and Bolton and the way things are going also Wigan, Fleetwood and Bury. It isn't because all those clubs suddenly execute master plans or strike gold. Just they are all reasonably well structured clubs with some sort of aim/purpose and plan to achieve it whilst we drift into the abyss and will continue to do so.
  13. I think Mowbray rested the core of his best side tonight (Conway, Samuel, Evans, Bennett and Graham) and also had Dack injured. That's a massive chunk of our best 11 missing. We looked much more lively when the subs came on but we are seriously lacking fight, belief and intensity. I agree that we need a straight forward system. Play your best players in their best positions and forget about one lightweight or immobile front man.
  14. Tickets bought. I'm naming it :'The Rovers Ressaurection'. The tombstone couldn't be moved back tonight. Apart from the 1st 15 mins, we looked well below. We played some wretched stuff. We lacked, sharpness, spirit, devilment. All this against a bang average side, intent on hoofing the ball. They were playing a game of 'the pitch is Lava.' They will be relegated come May, so we can all rejoice in that. Mr Mowbray has plummeted from his pedistal. He chose not to play his strongest side tonight, again he didn't grasp it's importance to all of us. A couple of players shone, Bennett, Samuel, and Chapman. Smallwood will be brilliant with a decent partner. The rest of them, looked weak in every way. Raya deserved his Man of the match (even though his kicking lacks power and direction).
  15. Rhodes had Rudy, Cairney, King, etc....creating chances. He would be useless in this team. Crying out for a decent centre half
  16. Trouble is Parson, we weren't £150million+ in debt back then ! We may not even have a football club to support in the not too distant future.
  17. Do you think, from the evidence of the games played so far this season, that this is a squad capable of finishing in the top 2? For me, they'll be lucky to finish in the top half unless we start playing a straight forward system and stop hoofing it to players who aren't big strong target men.
  18. To be honest I don't think Burnley will have any trouble staying up. They have players who can create and take chances and in Dyche they have a manager who knows how to get the best from the players he has at his disposal. For me tonight just underlined how wide the gulf has become between the two clubs and continues to widen with each passing season. It will, at some point, change again - it always does - but I think it may be some time before we are competing on a level playing field. This is the second time I've seen Burnley lording it over us in the top flight whilst we languished in the Third Division. It's changed before and it will again - eventually.
  19. @paultheblue2 i think i do too much tbh. band. youtube. four hours commuting each day. work. im @#/? already

  20. So 3 of the 4 games have been poor performances yet we use the one good one as an indicator for what we're like??? Not sure on the stats for that one. Btw I do think we're better than we've done which makes the season start all the more galling and unnecessary. But let's call a spade a spade - we were poor tonight and have has a bad start to the season.
  21. I agree re. the 3 introductions. The thing is with the money we're shelling out we should be getting promoted this season, and whilst Burnley outperformed us tonight I'd be very surprised if they weren't in a long hard relegation scrap this season. If both those things came to pass then we'd be lining up against them next season in the same division with them albeit in a stronger financial state but that wouldn't last for long if they didn't bounce back immediately. Sadly I suspect that once again we will underachieve in relation to our expenditure as our manager appears to be confusing himself and his players with his selections and formations whilst their relatively meagre resources for the level they are at will be made to stretch due to competent management unlike the sham we have here.
  22. top 2 our aim, yeah i was at doncaster game that was bad but there was motivation and determination there at bradford lets use this as our marker for the season
  23. Just promoted from within like so many others. Very easy to manage matchday arrangements when nobody turns up but when there's a risk of trouble or a big gate they can't cope with it and we then see scenes like tonight. Like other areas of the club simply couldn't cope if we ever got 20,000 a week turning up again or got back to the Premier League as the infrastructure and staff has been hollowed out.
  24. They don't search up arses.
  25. Lost count, when walking back to the car, of the number of people saying they were now finished with the club until ownership and the manager changes. Some seriously p I s s e d off fans. There were six people sat round me who left the ground at half time.
  26. I thought Burnley looked a class apart for most of the match. We had little or no threat until Bennett, Conway and Samuels came on. Bennett may not be everyone's cup of tea but he puts in a shift every game, week in and week out. Just a pity a number of the others can't do the same. Raya kept us in the game with some outstanding saves but too many players looked very ordinary tonight even by Third Division standards. Whittingham looks a shadow of the player he was at Cardiff. Antonsson looks anything but suited to the rough and tumble of life in League One - if only we could find another Mike Hickman to play up front. Not sure what Gladwin's position is supposed to be but he is another new arrival who looks no better than those we released. Williams surely must be dropped to give Jack Doyle a chance and likewise Caddis if Nyambe is fit. We look weak in defence, lack creativity in midfield and carry no threat up front. I like Mowbray but to me he is overthinking everything at the moment. Our players are playing in the Third Division (sorry, League One) because they aren't good enough to play at a higher level at the moment. Keep the system simple and I'm sure we will get more out of them. Sadly, Burnley are now light years ahead of us and are likely to be so for the foreseeable future. MK Dons is, sadly, a far more important game as far as the Rovers are concerned.
  27. second half not that much in it
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