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  2. K-Hod

    Music Association Game

    Jamiroquai- Deeper Underground
  3. Reedy You're A Star

    Music Association Game

    Deep Purple - ted the mechanic
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  5. 47er

    Brexit Thread

    Is it? Why? Its nothing to do with it. Post a photo od David Cameron---enough to make anyone vote Remain. Criminal incompetence.
  6. philipl

    Brexit Thread

    Peter Foster @pmdfoster Sir Ivan Rogers has just delivered another 11,000 word broadside. I have read. Some highlights. 1/thread Starts by warning that both Brexit 'reversers' and hard-break Brexiteers are killing the common ground for compromise. The result that May's 'my way or the highway' plan has not narrowed the gap, but widened it. /2 Then has a crack at the "bizarre" absolutism of brexiteers who once dreamt of an escape to Norway, but now lament it as BRINO /3 And then absolutely lashes the "canard" of a WTO-only brexit, as the basis for a new global trade strategy. I particularly like the second on these two paras /4 Then, near weeping at this point, ponders the mendacity of the snake oil salesmen who say that the UK flouncing out of the EU on WTO rules is the route to putting the EU in the back foot for a trade negotiation . /5 Next, he delves into the reality that the UK is sacrificing services access in order to curb Free Movement - and the costs that come from starting negotiation from the 'tabula rasa' of the current Political Declaration - in a sector where UK runs huge surpluses. /6 Notes that the compromise on customs/backstop is designed to avoid this on GOODS, but doesn't on services. Which will be painful. In this key section he spells out why the "SuperCanada" FTA Brexiteers dream of will be so costly. And why the coming trade talks will be ugly. /7 Then has a choice swipe at Boris Johnson and others who understand that UK commercial interest does not lie in leaving customs union, but don't care anyway because (politically) nostalgic sovereignty stuff sells. /8 And then "crass" idea that being in the EU prevents UK from being global trade power, and the "fatuous" narrative of the buccaneering upside of these mythical trade deals that @LiamFox can't even roll over to stand still. /9 mentions Then - for trade wonks - explains why Article 24 of WTO will NOT provide cover for trade negotiation if we crash out. And the Greg Hands suggestion that we ignore WTO anyway, that gets a kicking to. /10 mentions And one more kick to the shins for Boris and the mendacity of those who promise a world of 'no deal' mini-deals /11 mentions And then, after rehearsing the Irish 'trilemma' notes that Mrs May's pretence that the her 'deal' can still deliver both independent trade policy (outside CU) and invisible border is still "fantasy". (Tragic this still needs saying) /12
  7. philipl

    Brexit Thread

    British tourism in decline. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/jan/22/tourist-numbers-to-the-uk-down-while-global-figures-continue-to-rise?utm_term=RWRpdG9yaWFsX0d1YXJkaWFuVG9kYXlVS19XZWVrZGF5cy0xOTAxMjM%3D&utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=GuardianTodayUK&CMP=GTUK_email I bet that has not been factored into the damage Brexit is doing to the UK but is a measure of Britain's falling reputation. Tourism declined from 10.5% of British GDP in 2017 to 9.9% in 2018. It employs 3.1m people. Manufacturing (also in steep decline in the UK since the Brexit vote) employs 2.9 million in the UK.
  8. dingles staying down 4ever

    Rodwell signs

    I agree. We need to find a place for Brereton
  9. dingles staying down 4ever

    Rovers v Kingston upon Hull - Saturday 26th January 2019 3pm

    I'd say there is little chance of Rodwell in midfield.
  10. Norbert Rassragr

    Brexit Thread

    What's the story behind that image? Why now?
  11. Norbert Rassragr

    Premier League Stuff

    To go back to the top of the page (page 115 if I missed the boat), I am happy that Jose is gone. He is an irritating bore who has done nothing in the last 5 years and has basically believed his own hype and nonsense. The only pleasure you can get from such a man is schadenfreude as he drags everyone down to his pitiful level.
  12. JacknOry

    Premier League Stuff

    Awful news regarding Sala - I know nothing has been confirmed but the coldness of the water there makes any chance of survival extremely unlikely.
  13. @roverseas

    Rovers v Kingston upon Hull - Saturday 26th January 2019 3pm

    Difficult one this for Rovers, up against the form side in the division. Its not out of the question that we can get another win under our belts, but also a draw would not be a shabby result either. If we can come away with something, it would be a decent result. Bowen vs Dack will be interesting to see, curious as to what center backs get the nod now that Mulgrew is nearing match readiness. What about Nuttall? Scoring goals, must be considered as well. Thats why Tony get paid the big bucks. Meanwhile, I spoke with young Bobbi Hadgraft die hard Hull City supporter, about her love for the tigers as we countdown to kick off.
  14. old darwen blue

    Music Association Game

    Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever
  15. I do really really like Mowbray as a person and whenever I feel like slating him tactically etc. I think back to that era where I hated the owners, the manager, the players and after the way the likes of hunt, Agnew et al conducted themselves I hated the club as well. They damned nearly lost a fan forever there. Sadly few of my mates have been lost.
  16. old darwen blue

    Jacob Davenport

    He’s like that forgotten Christmas present which hasn’t been unwrapped yet! Hope he’s good when he plays again.
  17. old darwen blue

    Where Are They Now?

    Pascal is a legend, he scored a goal against b***ley
  18. old darwen blue


    The top two goals, I’m just speechless I could watch them both on loop all day. We were blessed by his presence. Just remembered Tugay day against West Brom and that coachload of Gala fans who had travelled all that way just to be present on his last game, that tells you all about the man......LEGEND As an afterthought when you watch all those goals you wonder why he didn’t score more? It’s almost like he knew that every one he scored would be special and he made us wait for the next.
  19. old darwen blue

    The best and worst individual display by a Rovers player

    I’d love to meet him in person😈 I used to work with a chap who went to school with him and he said he was a c***
  20. old darwen blue

    Your best 5 and worst 5 Rovers games!

    Apart from when we lost to b***ley for the first time in decades the worst game has to be at Selhurst Park in 89. Another candidate for worst was the next home game after we lost Sir Jack, Norwich City? No one would leave the Blackburn End after the game we were still singing Jacks name and it took Souness to come out to get us to leave the ground. The whole afternoon was just surreal. I know it wasn’t a proper game but anyone remember that night when the ground was opened up for free and we paraded the premier league trophy? I swear there must have been 35-36,000 on Ewood that night, there were a hell of a lot more people on than seats! I took my beers to my seat on the Riverside and got merrily pissed. Which was nice.
  21. ChrisPriceBaldSpot


    Well I am just getting a bit bored of waiting for a transfer, so thought let's try and get things moving ourselves.
  22. Wishful thinking. Williams will play for us again. Thought he was alright the season we went down, but been utter bobbins this year.
  23. Bells attacking nature 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣
  24. Yesterday
  25. bluebruce


    I can picture it now. Tony Mowbray on new signing Jacob Murphy "Well yes, we weren't going to sign anybody to be honest. But then, being as Twitter-savvy as I am, I saw a hashtag trending for this Jacob Murphy fella. I thought do you know what, I haven't heard of him, but I'll look into that. I watched a few videos, and it turns out he played against us for Newcastle in the cup recently, twice. Hadn't really noticed. So I got on the blower to Benitez, and here he is."
  26. ChrisPriceBaldSpot


    Let's get #MurphytoRovers trending. Get @Ebenno88 and @AdamArma9 involved.
  27. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Sunderland Netflix documentary

    Just finished the series. Thoroughly enjoyable. As a lifelong Rovers fan you can really feel the fans pain. Felt sorry for Coleman, thought that Chief executive was an absolute bell end and don't get me started on Ellis Short. Really hope they get promoted this year, and then next season us and them make it back to the Premier League. As long as they sell us Maja this week. Makes you realise it's not too bad having blue and white blood. Rovers til I die!!
  28. Sparks Rover

    Rovers v Kingston upon Hull - Saturday 26th January 2019 3pm

    I'm sorry you are just wrong to include Williams. He wont play for us again in my opinion. Total shyte at this level and I'd put benno there if bell is unavailable. Bells attacking nature puts wingers on the back foot , Williams is useless
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