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  2. Midfield generals

    Says an awful lot about how Mowbray has recruited and got us playing. This time last season one of Bennett's 25 yard hopeful strikes was the best we could hope for. I'd leave him sitting with Smallwood
  3. Don't want this guy! He has wavered too much and obviously isn't jumping at the chance to come to Rovers. We should do what City did to Sanchez and tell him we don't want him. Besides, Williams is playing well and Doyle is a back-up.
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  5. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Wouldn't you think he would be jumping at the chance to come to a team that has a great possibility of getting promoted? Strange. Maybe waiting to see if an offer comes in from a championship team? Is he that good?
  6. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Position with Bell seems clear. He can come if he wants to. He seems reluctant. If he doesn’t want to come, move on. Would rather not go into a game against Fleetwood Town looking like we are scrabbling for one of their players.
  7. Smart Meters

    In terms of you listing the Cons and stating a smart meter is for the energy companies benefit this isn't accurate at all. The smart meter roll-out is a government mandate and is costing every energy company a phenomenal amount of money. Hundreds of pounds per duel fuel install. If it were up to the energy companies themselves they simply wouldn't be installing the meters on this scale. It makes zero financial sense for them. In terms of switching if this is something you do often then yes getting a smart meter right now is not necessarily the smartest decision as you will be able to do so but upon switching suppliers your meter will still work but will lose its smart function. It will essentially still work but exactly the same as a "dumb" (non smart meter) where you will once again have to submit readings to your supplier. There will be an upgrade in smart this year (SMETS 2) which will counter this and you will then be able to instantaneously switch suppliers so if you switch often it may be worth waiting for this. The entire reason smart meters are being introduced is an effort of the uk government to comply with reducing carbon emissions. The idea being by educating customers in real time about their usage that customers will become increasingly savvy about saving electricity and gas, giving the customer cheaper bills, whilst also having a positive environmental impact. As already said the other benefits for customers include not having to submit your meter readings and always getting accurate bills. You will also get a smart energy tracker (a handheld device). You look back through your historic usage and analyse why you've seen peaks in usage. It can also be helpful for if you've been nagging the kids about turning off the lights or heating. However if you are concerned about your energy company obtaining too much information about you they cannot see anything but the readings which come through. They cannot obtain any other information from your property. You also have the option to specify how often your readings are sent through. You have the option of half-hourly, daily or monthly if you are concerned about how much data is being collected. In regards to regularly looking at switching tariffs or suppliers. Absolutely, go for it. Just like with anything shop around and you may be able to find a bargain. All the above is factual and not taken from comical websites talking about dying plants etc when they are near your meters (anyone use a mobile phone...They use the same signals).
  8. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    And making heavy weather of it
  9. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Well if he can't make his mind up by Saturday,he better be planning on scoring an own goal or something. We are involved in serious business and we don't need a future player attempting to stop us. Make your mind up
  10. VAR

    The game is already dying as a spectator sport due to cash. VAR will just make it even more distasteful.
  11. The January 2018 transfer thread

    No worries thought u were being serious
  12. Uwe Rosler tells me after the match that an agreement is in place between #ftfc & #rovers over Amari’i Bell. Rosler says it’s up to the player what he wants to do. @BBCLancsSport From Andy Bayes twitter
  13. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Losing now - good knock to their confidence!
  14. Songs at Ewood

    If no one tells me to stop, I won’t btw. HELP
  15. Songs at Ewood

    Jackie Payne - everybody wants one Jackie Payne - everybody needs one And oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god... Everybody wants him, everybody wants him, everybody wants him, everybody wants him... We’ve got a world class side, cos we have got us a Jackie Payne. (Pavement - Shady Lane)
  16. The January 2018 transfer thread

    With the signings brought in I doubt we will be seeing them get many minutes. I'd prefer Travis in the squad as well but it's not up to you or me and Mowbray has gone with Ward ahead of Wharton. With the return of Lenihan then Wharton will be further down the pecking order a loan move would be more beneficial to him imo
  17. VAR

    Depends how old you are. When I was growing up there was nothing worse than a ‘technical offside’. A player could be stood by the corner flag, injured or scratching his backside but with play going on around him as soon as a team mate was played through, it was offside. It was then that ‘not interfering with play’ was born (much to Brian Clough’s annoyance) and the slippery slope. The perfect game of football would only have stoppages for goals and to change ends. Anything else is a failure and a requirement to restart play from somewhere. Only checking for offences after a goal is scored, and where there is some genuine doubt, would be the better option. Pandora has been out of herself box since about 1992 and since then everyone has been trying to avoid eye contact.
  18. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Would like them in the squad tbh. If Downing picked up a knock in training - I’d rather Wharton over Ward. Been very impressed with Travis similarly, he’s got to be ahead of Evans. Perhaps Tomlinson...
  19. Williams, Bell and Hart. Doyle must be getting punted?
  20. Your right he did say. shame his mentality was the worst on the pitch at Leicester last week with a repeat of the same tonight. dont get a good feeling about this one.
  21. VAR

    Grey, complicated areas. I preferred it when the linesman put his flag up - and then it was offside tbh.
  22. VAR

    More chance of seeing a goal? Less chance of fakery? Less stoppages could be a good thing. Especially if they are incorrect. More honest players might mean more accurate referees. Allow play to continue and only stop play after the goal to review VAR if the referee feels he is not sure. The ‘phase of play’ rule that was brought in for offsides might need to be gotten used to. In other words a goal must be scored within a reasonable (and pretty damned short) time frame from the flag going up for it to be considered.
  23. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    extra time for Shrewsbury tonight 0-0 at West Ham hopefully tire them a bit before their next game
  24. Songs at Ewood

    We’ll make your defence go insane... Cos we’ve got Armstrong, Dack and Payne... We’ve got Jackie Payne... (RHCP - Aeroplane)
  25. Fleetwood

    Genuinely that's the first I've heard of it but maybe so.
  26. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Yeah I heard this on radio. Let's hope he doesn't risk it. Be really odd if he plays against us on Saturday.....surely not??
  27. VAR

    Yep a friend just pointed out to me that now any time a player is flagged off he's going to go and try and finish to make a case The old adage 'play to the whistle' may not ring true
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