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  2. bluebruce

    Academy & U21s

    Yes, and then, after a promising start with us, turned out to be pretty shit and never carved out a career in the top flight. Then you have players like Vardy and Wright who didn't pull up any trees until relatively late in their careers but went right to the top. It's incredibly hard to judge u23 players for their first team potential. But even harder if you never give them a chance/run in it.
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  4. Vinjay17

    The reputation of the club

    Might as well put this here (since the Brockhall thread I replied to was deleted) on the subject of covenants at Brockhall. There's been talk of course before about Brockhall being sold, etc. I remember saying that developer Gerald Hitman's son had clearly taken over from him at Brockhall Village, etc based on companies house info. Well he's been dead for a couple of years so it might be worth looking up who's in the key positions there now.
  5. Mercer

    Academy & U21s

    Chapman - got no service last night and looked p1ssed off by it all. However, I do think the lad has a spark and talent. In last ten minutes, twice beat a man in a crowded box and almost created something from nothing. With the right management, we might just have a player - needs a run in the first team and I don't just mean ten minutes here and ten minutes there. Give him 3 or 4 starts. IMO, the lad is far more talented than Armstrong - think it all boils down to who likes Mrs Mowbray's lemon drizzle cake. Davenport - other than one good forward run, IMO, offered virtually nothing. The lad is almost 21 and past the stage of a 'promising youngster'. IMO, if they aint showing at that age, it's very unlikely they will. Someone mentioned Jay McEveley in an ealier post who debuted in the PL for us at 17!!! IMO, JRC, Butterworth and Davenport, all turned 20, are not Championship material and never will be.
  6. Mercer

    Academy & U21s

    Think he was shocking last night - IMO, showed absolutely nothing.
  7. Husky

    Music Association Game

    Go on Tony, stop making me post shit!
  8. Husky


    I heard a rumour that *Prince Charming is playing Blackburn tonight. I didn't even know he was still alive. 😮 *No, not Jason Lowe.
  9. Husky

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I don't know what's worse, playing or not playing.
  10. JamieUK

    Academy & U21s

    First time at an U23s game but have been to the cup games (checkatrade?) when the young lads were involved. Seeing the line up there were 8 players I was aware of/seen before - Hilton, Barnes, JRC, Mols, Davenport, Chapman, Butterworth & Samuel. Keen eye on those but for me it was the right back who impressed most. He was talked through the first half a lot by the manager but I thought he did very well. Opposite sides but reminded me of Jay McEveley when he came into the first team at 17. No idea of his age (or name - Isaac something?) but looked full of promise. I thought Hilton looked decent - should have been given a chance in the league cup. Seemed to have good kicking ability. Harry Chapman. Sink or swim time. He clearly can't motivate himself at that level. He's got talent - give him a chance in the first team, if that fails I think it's best for all that he moves on. Shame because with the right management he'd be a multimillion pound player. Davenport - kept it simple, similar type of player to Evans - can we bin Evans and stick him on the bench please. Poor performance but saw enough ability in fits and bursts that some of them would do no worse than the regulars in the first XI. Shame they won't get a chance given the size of the bloated squad.
  11. We certainly didn't have paradise, only comparatively!
  12. Mattyblue

    Academy & U21s

    How old are you, 12?
  13. chaddyrovers


    Latest polls
  14. K-Hod

    Academy & U21s

    So, just so we are clear, so do you not rate Harry Chapman?
  15. Sparks Rover

    Academy & U21s

    Mols is probably captain because he’s the best. In my opinion
  16. SkipDonoghue

    Academy & U21s

    Chapman is showing he isn't happy by his body language but sulking in football will just get you pushed further down the pecking order I don't think there are any cliques as such more circumstance has led to splits, in the group in fact the U23s that contained Tomlinson, Hardcastle, Travis, Nuttall JRC, Platt, Butterworth, Mols, Grayson Fisher, Buckley etc was very much that way, if you didn't fit in it was made clear you knew your place and this makes sure there is a pecking order and everyone then knows there place, Hardcastle was captain and he wasn't afraid of bollicking the others when needed during or after games You will find the 1st team players that play down tend to stick together as do the lads who train with the 1st team and play, for the 23s, so basically at the minute there are 3 groups in the 23s changing room at any one time This leads to the U23s no longer being a settled team, players come down from the 1st team for game time, you then have players coming back from injury from the 1st team, you also have the players who train with the 1st team every day who are classed more as 23s/1st team squad who come into the side, pushing out lads who train day in day out with the 23s add to this different changing rooms during the week (which has only been implemented this season) you have half in one room and half in another, where as before when the players I mentioned above were there when they won the league they were all together, in one room during the week I also know there were arguments and even scraps during this time between them, there was a lot of big characters and that carried them through At the minute Mols is the captain and that is because he is the most experienced player at this level nothing more and due to injuries to Doyle and Grayson bar JRC, who is with the 1st team every day so he isn't considered for the arm band due to not being around these players day in day out, Mols isn't a Hardcastle far from it and the characters aren't there at the minute, add to this a change of coach with different ideas, a new batch of young players pushing on and is it any surprise performances and games have been disjointed Losing Grayson and Doyle from the heart of the defense hasn't helped as the players coming in aren't at that standard or experience yet Take the last 3 games for example Everton (LSC) 1st half unplayable 2nd half a considerable drop in levels nearly let Everton back in Middlesbrough (PLC) 1st half shocking lucky to go in 1-0 down, 2nd half back in it and a far better level of performance and win Hertha (PLIC) 1st half comfortable unlucky not to be ahead at half time 2nd half absolutely shocking ending in loss The contrast and inconsistency is there for all to see, the constant changing of players in and out it doesn't allow for the 23s to build momentum as a team, as was the case previously IMO we will see a lot more of these performances as the season wears on, sometimes the 23s are training with 5 players as there isn't enough 23s as such, that can't be good for moral or consistency within this group and this is why it's folly to judge any player on the odd game, Mowbray hit the nail on the head when he said he judges players more in training than playing for u23s and I can see why, don't get me wrong it's nice to see the 23s rip it up but a narrow defeat isn't the be all and end all when it comes to certain players especially as circumstances don't lend to providing that consistent environment which is sometimes needed
  17. Sparks Rover

    Cringiest moments in Rovers history?

    Anderson’s son got loads of grief a few times at the LFA.
  18. Stuart

    Academy & U21s

    There would be League One takers for Chapman and I reckon Brereton would have enough of a reputation from Forest for someone to say “it’s not worked out at Blackburn” but it would likely need to be as part of an exit strategy. I suspect that would be a difficult sell from Mowbray to the owners so we’ll likely persevere like now to keep him on the fringes while his contract runs down. Great way to earn living if you can get it!
  19. First game I attended. It wasn't that bad 2 of the goals were right at the end.
  20. When did anyone treat his son badly? OK Coyle's son got some abuse on Twitter but Kean's son was younger and also disabled. Kean might have claimed his kids were being taunted at school. Well that's not Rovers fans and that's on him for refusing to step down and gladly ruining people's lifes. At clubs like Man Utd, Leeds or Millwall his family probably would have had death threats. I tend not to judge people based on who their relatives are for obvious reasons.
  21. Parsonblue

    Academy & U21s

    Chapman has been poor all season. Not good enough for the Under-23s at the moment let alone the first team. I agree - but who'd take them on their present form?
  22. Stuart

    Academy & U21s

    “Dammit Karl!” (for those who get the reference) Wonder why he subbed Mols rather than Chapman...? Because Mowbray was there? Young Chappers needs to go on loan along with Brereton, the latter with otherwise probably spend most of his time with us having treatment for regular short term injuries
  23. Sparks Rover

    Academy & U21s

    Or he’s peeved off that he can’t get a sniff at the first team considering they are poor. Sounds like we have a little clique in the U23s too......is it jobs for the boys in there too. ?
  24. Swanson

    Academy & U21s

    Scott Wharton scored twice for Northampton today.
  25. MarkBRFC

    Academy & U21s

    At a guess, Chapman has realised he's dropped a bollock by coming here, and is probably trying to get shipped out in Jan.
  26. JoeH

    Academy & U21s

    I just think Harry Chapman is grinding a lot of people the wrong way. Both JRC and Butterworth could be heard shouting at him during the game, and Billy Barr kept turning around and rolling his eyes at Ben Benson when Chapman lost the ball. He clearly isn’t making many friends 🤷🏻‍♂️
  27. Tyrone Shoelaces


    We used to joke about that " Monty Python sketch were Transylvania played Treasure Island in a spoof World Cup game . For those who haven't seen it - 11 Dracula's versus 11 Long John Silver's. I think you can guess who won ! I'm expecting Transylvania to be fielding a team any day now.
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