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John (Joe) Leigh

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My Uncle John passed away yesterday - Friday 8th February 2013.

He was best known to everybody as Joe, but we in the family used his proper name, John.

Born & raised in Oswaldtwistle, with a few years spent in Baxenden, he will always be connected with Rovers.

As a child growing up my trips to Rovers home and away were always under the watchful eye of my Dad (Ian) & my Uncle John. The two were inseparable when it came to Rovers and I know that it will be a big wrench for my Dad.

Dad's said he'll still go to the Ipswich game today, it's what Uncle John would have wanted, but I know that that empty seat will be hard for him to take.

If you've been going to the Rovers long enough you'll probably have seen Joe. Big, lovable, bear of a man; Riverside regular. Always ready with an opinion on Rovers - whether good or bad - and always ready to talk over a pint.

With me living so far away these days it's been a while since I last saw him, although we've spoken quite recently. He'd been dealt some tough blows recently and seemed to be coming through. The world, and Ewood in particular, will be a sadder place for his passing.

We love and miss you Uncle John.

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