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The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

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5 minutes ago, DE. said:

I believe he was asking for something like £20k p/w which the club rightly refused to pay. I imagine if he'd been more realistic with his demands he would have been kept on. Forunate for us that he wanted far more than he was worth. 

Jesus christ. Just imagine, he'd be one of our top earners nowadays. 😳

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If the right manager had got hold of him at the right time he'd still have been a terrible footballer but they might have made something of his graft and fitness. Our academy experts should've made him into a right back but there's no money in that they saw £££ from marketing him as this all action midfielder then selling him.

Allardyce or Hughes might have done summat with him for a while but his emergence was with that conman so true to form everybody got conned for a while. Probably including the player himself into thinking he was better than he was, somebody should have had him watching endless vids of Savage and those types. Even harrassing in midfield and closing down is an artform any fit player can do the headless chicken routine.

Number of times teams walked straight through the great holes he left used to boil my blood.

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