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Bradley Dack

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1 hour ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

I suppose that's the idea of the academy and under 23s 

At kid level, someone looking promising barely seems to mean anything. The amount of youngsters touted for great things at 13-18 who go on to achieve absolutely naff all is astonishing. You've also got to ensure they get senior game time to develop, which we are pretty bad at on the whole. When they're getting to the 18-21 range, it's still a risk but you have a clearer picture of the type of player they're becoming. If you're buying them for 500k to 1.5 million, it's likely to also be because they've had some of that game time and you don't have quite as much development work to do.

In fairness I'm not suggesting we have ignored that approach either. We've tried with Davenport for about 500k. That may have worked out but the injuries he got means we'll never know if it would have. Unless it still does, in time. Young yet. Chapman at some 300-500k I assume. Bit of an odd one because TM has no intention of starting him and has only brought him onto the bench due to injuries it seems. Rothwell at about 200-300k, which has been a mixed bag. IMO, one of the biggest reasons he hasn't pushed on is a recurring flaw of TM's, not playing players when they're clearly in form, nor dropping them when they're clearly out of form. So much of football is momentum. 

We also had a bash at it in League One with Samuel (again, injury means we'll never know quite how that could have turned out...even so, he currently seems a more useful player than Brereton, and should probably be getting some time off the bench at the moment, in his actual position...another thing for him, being played in the wrong position). Bell, who was borderline adequate in L1, but appears to be utter gash on toast at this level. Still made a lot more appearances than BB though. Then there was Dack at 750k who has been an absolute revelation.

Not sure if I'm forgetting anyone (there's Gladwin too, but again, injuries, and nobody quite knows what he cost). But that's six players (seven with Gladwin), combined cost of maybe 2.25 million. Some might still come good. Dack has been absolutely key and at least before the injury, was worth about £15 million. Samuel has contributed more goals than Brereton despite being almost constantly injured. Albeit at a lower level. We might get some money back on him this month. Bell has played 48 Championship games for us, to BB's 29 (which were mostly off the bench). He has been largely shite though of course. Rothwell has featured in 56 games and scored double what BB has for us, from midfield, and double the assists. He isn't doing great at the moment but I'm sure most would agree he is better than BB.

We also picked up Nuttall on a free and sold him for about 500k, funding a quarter of that expenditure. He contributed 2 Championship goals, double BB's total, in half the games, as well as his League One and cup contributions.

So yeh, I think that 2.25 million ish on a few players worked out a whole lot better than the 6-7 million on Brereton. Plus we got 500k back from Nuttall. Even if you take Dack out of the equation it's still better, for 1.5 million, though no major standouts.

I'd like to hold out some hope that Brereton might still come good, but it looks less and less likely.

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