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Championship Trivia Quiz

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Championship Trivia

(Data from whoscored.com)


1.     Who are our three best rated players so far (out of 320 Championship players overall)?

2.     And the 3 worst?

3.     Who is the only Rover to have 2 Man of the Match awards so far?

4.     Leeds has the highest pass success rate of 79%. Where do you think we stand?

5.     Who do you think our best passer is? (Hint 85.2% success.)

6.     We come first in the “number of long balls per game” ratings. How many on average?

7.     I remember doing one of these trivia things pre-Mowbray; we came bottom in the tackling department. Today we’re second! How many per game on average?

8.     Who is our only player in the Championship Team of the Season so far?



1.     18th Mulgrew 7.4, 22nd Lenihan 7.37, 73rd Bell. (Note Dack 7.03 hasn’t played enough games to be included).

2.     307th Nuttall 6.15, 292nd Armstrong 6.27, 225th Nyambe 6.53.

3.     Lenihan

4.     19th 67.9%

5.     Dack

6.     87………………good grief nearly one per minute!

7.     20.7

8.     Mulgrew

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