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Championship Trivia Quiz

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Championship Trivia Quiz         (Data from whoscored.com)

1.      We have an impressive THREE players in the top 20 (out of 333 players) in the Championship ratings so far. Who are they? A bonus point if you get them in the correct order!


2.      How many more Rovers players make the top 100?


3.      We are doing well in the tackling stats so far. Who is our best tackler (3 successful tackles per game, on average).


4.      We also have the 5th best pass interceptor too. Who would that be?


5.      How about the Rover who rates 9th in the number of fouls given away (2.1 per game)?


6.      Which former Rover is the best defensive “blocker” of the ball in the Championship?


7.      You’ll like this one. Which Rover rates 5th in the number of times “dispossessed” per game (2.7). If you want a clue he is also rated 2nd in the “number of instances of bad control” per game (3.8)! Still not sure? OK, he's the only Rover to feature currently in the Championship team of the season.


8.      How about the amount of possession per game for Rovers – more or less than 50%?


9.      The last time Rovers were in the Championship, I remember this former Rover regularly rating in the top 2 best players overall. Today, he is still with the same high-flying club but is now rated 330th out of 333 players. Who is he?


10.  Rovers also has a new “worst player”. Who is it?



1.      9TH BD, 15TH CM, 17TH DL 2. None (Williams would be in there but he hasn’t yet played the number of games to qualify) 3. EB. 4. CE. 5. EB. 6. Hanley 7. BD 8. Less (48.7%) 9. Judge 10. AA 314th!



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