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An Assessment of Player Performance v Sheffield W

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An Assessment of Player Performance v Sheffield W


Each player was judged on the following criteria:

Instance of excellent play                                      *

Instance of decent/good play                               *

Instance of disappointing/poor play                   *

Instance of terrible play                                         *                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                E&OE


Raya                      ******                                                                                   

Nyambe               ***************                                 

Mulgrew              **************                     

Downing              ********************      

Williams               ***************                                 

Evans(85)               ********                                                 

Reed                     *********************                                               

Smallwood               **********************                                             

Conway                ************************                                                      

Dack(92)                 ****************                                             

Graham(92)                 *************


Travis(85)              *                                                                                 




Highlights and Lowlights

(A justification for the main ratings above)


5.        A dangerous Conway free kick from near the corner flag and Graham almost gets his head on it but the ball falls at his feet. He is falling forward and a defender kicks the ball into his body. Dack smashes the rebound in the net but the whistle’s gone. Danny is asking why! I think he’s told he pushed the defender in the back. Hmmmpf!


7.        The defence is sleeping and the ball comes straight through the middle to Matias on the edge of the box. Fortunately Williams is awake and slides in to prevent the shot. Raya collects.

            Eventually Conway gets the ball and puts in a beauty of a low ball across the 6 yard box to an unmarked Reed. His first time shot grazes the post. He did well to get there though.


10.      Exquisite skill from Conway as he plucks the ball from the air with his foot and wrongfoots his marker. He’s away and Dack is pointing……….Conway puts it on a plate for him in the box. Dack beats his man but the goalie saves his shot well; never fear Danny is there to ram home the rebound. Great stuff. Where have you been Craig?


23.      It’s good to see a centre back dominating in the air again! Well done Downing so far.

            Dack looks like he’s been on the David Dunn diet? The lad Bannan is causing a few problems.


25.      More lovely work by Conway as he teases a couple of defenders allowing Williams to make the run. Conway lays it in his path perfectly and Williams gets a decent cross in but the defender gets there before Reed……but at least Reed was thereabouts again!


32.      Reach drives into the box at pace and looks as if he’s left Williams trailing but Williams gets back and slides in and does well to concede the corner.


42.      After some good battling by Williams and Conway, Dack sends Conway away again and he squares a lovely ball across the box for Dack but he blasts it over! It just shows what we’ve been missing with these “part-time wingers”!


43.      Raya is quick off the mark to clear out a dangerous through ball just inside the box.


            HALF TIME


46.      A wicked corner close to the posts by Conway. Williams just gets there but his header from the edge of the 6 yard box is deflected and then headed off the line BY THE KEEPER!


47.      Another pinpoint ball from Conway, diagonally into the box and perfectly on to Evans’ head. He tries to cushion it down for Reed but the keeper collects. Evans was in the right place though.


49.      Bannan slides a nice ball through to Reach who loses Conway. Nyambe tries to put him off and Raya makes a good save at his near post.


51.      Unbelieveable this…..yet another good ball from Conway, this time to Reed in the D but his attempted shot hits Dack who was offside too!


52.      Conway, on the wing, changes the direction of play with a crossfield ball to Downing. He nudges the ball past a Wednesday player with his head and takes it on further before sliding a beautiful ball to the right edge of the box for Graham. He crosses into the 6 yard box perfectly for Dack to tap in. Great goal!


56.      Dack is enjoying himself. The only way Bannan can stop this run to the box was by dropping him for a yellow card.


58.      Good run down the wing by Nyambe, he has the beating of his man and crosses right to the penatlty spot, to Reed’s feet. Reed can’t get his feet moving fast enough and he’s closed down but, again, he was Johnny on the spot………….. again with his head in his hands!


61.      Thunderbolt from Joao!


65.      A couple of quick accurate passes from Smallwood and Conway puts Dack in position to run to the edge of the box. His shot hits the post and Graham taps the rebound into an empty net!


75.      Downing does well initially to win the ball at the edge of the box but his pass is horrendous, straight to an unmarked Nuhui in front of goal. Fortunately he’s useless and he hits it wide. Ritchie did his bit to put him off. That’s the first foot Paul’s put wrong all game. It’s good to see him back.


79.      Dack takes the ball on in our own half and runs midway into the Wednesday half with no one able to touch him. He lays a lovely ball through to Conway who unleashes a powerful shot from the edge of the box but it’s well saved. Corner.


81.      Another of Evans’ momentum killing backpasses that I hate so much! Then a needless mix up about who is going for the ball between Smallwood and Raya.


84.      Jaoa is too strong, holding off Downing and Reed; Bannan takes it on in the D and Mulgrew’s attempted challenge is not strong enough. Williams charges in with an attempted challenge but the ball bounces over Raya and hits the post. Raya tries to get there before Bannan but the ball hits the keeper and ends up in the net as an own goal. Disappointing!


88.      Some nice interplay between Travis and Dack, then Smallwood plays a neat ball into the box to Dack’s twinkling feet. He’s away from his marker and squares to Graham who has the easiest of tap-ins for his hat-trick!


92.      Standing ovation for Dack and Graham as they are substituted.


            FULL TIME. Normal service has been resumed! That’s it……if  Conway’s fit, I never want to see Armstrong on the wing again!


Edited by tonyoz

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Just now, JacknOry said:

Now this one i can stomach reading. Only two red - excellent.

Little harsh on Reed for his one though, was a good chance though admittedly.

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