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 Alex Rover

MATT JANSEN - The Autobiography - What was, what is and what might have been

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Just now, rog of the rovers said:

Just bought this on Kindle.

Looking forward to reading it later.

Early reviews seem positive....

I got it yesterday afternoon and have avidly read several chapters already. I have read lots of autobiographies over the years and this is up there with the best so far (and I haven't even got to him playing for us yet).

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On 10/09/2019 at 12:24, Tom said:

Loved Matty one of my all time favourites but I have to confess I always believed he wasn’t wearing a helmet and perhaps even felt a little bitter towards him for it.

Remember after a midweek game at Anfield the world was at his feet, measured up for flight socks and then it all went horrifically wrong. 

Also remember him scoring in one of Hughes early games and we all thought he was back :(

It's been an enduring myth that Jansen never wore a crash helmet, even within non-Rovers circles.

Wonder how that got started?

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Halfway through the book now, and its a good read.

My friend and I went to Rome back in 2010 and after being there for about 2-3 minutes and seeing the road situation, I turned to him and said ''What the hell was Matt Jansen thinking?''

Italian roads, particularly in cities are something else!

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